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Look Up in the Sky! My Scouter Journal: 30 Dec 2017:
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
1) 3rd Weekend on the Lilac Fire Disaster Relief Service Project
2) Mentor scout on Eagle Scout Greenhouse Project Design
3) Hosting the LDS Poway Regional New Years Eve Dance (500+)

Studio C Super Comedy Sketch YouTube: Citizenship Video - What happens when the nations of the world meet at the local market. (30 Dec 2017)

LDS Order of the Arrow Scott’s Brotherhood Blog #23 - Building Brotherhood with Scouts of other faiths. (30 Dec 2017)

Best College for Eagle Scouts? - Why Eagle Scouts at this college get an automatic $20,000 scholarship (29 Dec 2017)

Latest news on Family Scouting - Scouting Newsroom: beginning in 2018, our Cub Scouts program will be open to boys and girls. (28 Dec 2017)

Urban Hiking for Scouts Scouting Blog - Grab your hiking boots and go trekking — in the city? (27 Dec 2017)

The Best Ever Christmas Present 10-year old homeless boy is adopted and enrolled in scouting, dramatically transforming his life. Today's San Diego Union-Tribune Feature story. (25 Dec 2017)

Lost Australian Sub found after 103 years - Mysterious disappearance in the early years of WWI. (22 Dec 2017)

LDS 11-Year-Old Scout Camporee - Stan's Blog with tips to planning summer day camp for LDS EYO Scouts. (20 Dec 2017)

Eagle Scouts in Action - Eagle Scout is first to respond at Amtrak Train accident today (18 Dec 2017)

LDS Eagle Scouts Perspective Scout-let Troop Blog #13 - (18 Dec 2017)

Look Up in the Sky! My Scouter Journal: 18 Dec 2017:
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Had a good sighting of ISS flyover right after sunset tonight.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor My Scouter Journal: 17 Dec 2017:
Tonight the Roadkill Patrol recognized three young men, Jason, Jerry and Carson, for reaching the highest rank in scouting.

Lilac Fire Cleanup! My Scouter Journal: 16 Dec 2017:
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Joined over 800 people today performing service to our neighbors in Bonsall. I worked on on property restoring a horse coral so that horses can return home from the emergency shelter. I got to wear one of those bright yellow Mormon Helping Hands vests.

LDS Church Makes Big Change in Youth Temple Work - Ordained priests may now perform ordinances in the Temple Baptistry. (16 Dec 2017)

Latest update from National about “Family Scouting” - (15 Dec 2017)

LDS MIA Scout History 1911-1913 LDS/BSA History - What did LDS Scouting look like before joining hands with the BSA? (15 Dec 2017)

Scientists Learn More Secrets from Jupiter’s Great Red Spot: STEM News - the iconic storm descends at least 200 miles beneath the clouds and possibly much deeper. But is it shrinking or growing? (14 Dec 2017)

No-Sew Fleece Blanket Challenge: Eagle Project - Scout Jeff McDougal leads troop to complete nearly 50 no-sew blankets for donation to My Brother’s Keeper in North Dartmouth. (13 Dec 2017)

Lego Eagle Project - Historic Hotel Model donated to local museum. But how does it qualify as an Eagle Service Project? (10 Dec 2017)

Mining on the Boundary Water Eagle Project - The adventure of Hayden Claesson and Troop 14 from La Grange. (10 Dec 2017)

FIRE ALARM! My Scouter Journal: 07 Dec 2017:
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Just past 10 in the evening we got a phone call from the local police department ordering a mandatory evacuation of our neighborhood. We obeyed promptly. A bit exciting, but we were on the far fringe of the alert area and not in much danger. A great test of our Emergency Preparedness skills. We had been following the fire closely on the radio and already packing bags just in case. We were able to return home less about 20 hours later. Over 80 homes destroyed and a great number of prized race horses killed as the fire burned through mostly equestrian neighborhoods: Lilac Fire Danger.

World’s Hardest Rubiks Cube - Can you solve it? (07 Dec 2017)

Help youth find their way without GPS devices - Let us celebrate the Magnetic North Pole. Mysterious and elusive (07 Dec 2017)

Lightning Storms over Australia: Time Lapse Video - very fascinating video to add to your Nature Channel today. (06-Dec-2017)

Walt Disney’s 116th Birthday - he was a Boy Scout and BSA Silver Buffalo Award recipient. (05-Dec-2017)

The Chair of Honor - Eagle Project - Project honors POW/MIAs of Lima Ohio. (04-Dec-2017)

LDS Church discontinues annual scouting leadership conference at Philmont - Instead wants to point all young men leaders to new website "" as "... part of an ongoing effort to reduce demands made upon leaders and simplify the programs of the church," (03-Dec-2017)

My Scouter Journal: 30-Nov-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but: Interviewed three perspective eagle scout candidates at the District Board of Review tonight who were all fine examples of scouting spirit:
Candidate #1: Built rock benches for a lagoon nature center
Candidate #2: Perspective police office already doing explorer training, he spent 3 months raising funds for his elementary school
Candidate #3: Constructed "LEGO Wall" for his church's playground area.

1913 Boy Scout Postcard:

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