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News Archive - July 2017

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In Memorium - Scoutmaster Jerry Lewis - Scoutmaster Comedy Sketch featuring Jerry Lewis, The Osmond Brothers and some bizarre sea creaters. (25-Aug-2017)

Cub Scouts in a Classroom? - Bringing Scouting back to the Outdoors - BSA/LDS Blog (10-Aug-2017)

Thoughts on the new Teacher-Priest Activity Program - Mac's Message - Blog #81 (10-Aug-2017)

Biggest Meteor Shower in Years? Aug 12th - Astronomers suppose that this will be the brightest meteor shower in recorded human history! (8-Aug-2017)

BSA Announces big changes for Eagle Palms - Earning Eagle Palms will be easier and funner now. (01-Aug-2017)

Scout Jamboree Day of Service - 40,000 Scouts, 220 work projects, 45 West Virginia Counties served. (29-Jul-2017)

Jamboree Service Project Finds Buried Treasure - 30 boy scouts from Colorado get more than they bargained for by finding a large wooden box in Guyandotte Park. (29-Jul-2017)

15th World Scout Moot - Iceland Jul 25 - Aug 2, 2017 - Now underway. It is an official event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), hosted and organized by the Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association. (29-Jul-2017)

Many LDS Scouting Exhibits at Jamboree - LDS News Article with complete rundown of gallery and exhibits and special visitors with visits to sub-camp sites where smaller LDS groups of Scouts gathered, having come from all across the country and other international areas. (29-Jul-2017)

Scout Breaks World Fishing Record at the Jamboree - by catching the largest grass carp with a fishing rod without a reel. The fish weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds and was 39 inches long. (28-Jul-2017)

Wimpy Kid's Guide to Outdoor Survival - BoysLife special feature. (27-Jul-2017)

Diver encounters Rare Megamouth Shark - looks like a space alien underwater. Records video. (27-Jul-2017)

Thank You Hank Ketcham - 25-Jul-2017

President Trump delivers MASSIVE speech to record breaking crowd of Boy Scouts - 2017 BSA National Jamboree

USS Constitution Sails Again! - Old Ironsides returns to the water.

Elder Holland Jamboree Interview - Gives new insights on the future direction of scouting and the LDS YM Programs in 2017.

Statue for Eagle Scout Rex Tillerson - current secretary of state, Distinguished Eagle Scout and past BSA national president, visited the 2017 National Jamboree on Friday for a statue unveiling in his honor. (23-Jul-2017)

Timelapse Video of America's newest Aircraft Carrier - USS Gerald R Ford (CVN-78) is set for delivery to the Navy today (23-Jul-2017) Watch it get built in 3 minutes!

US President to Visit Jamboree - In continuing a long standing tradition started in 1937, President Trump will visit the National Jamboree on Monday Evening. (22-Jul-2017)

Saturday Funnies from Boy Scout Johnny Hart

LDS Church Releases New YM Program Helps - Young Men general presidency offers suggestions to implement new activity program to replace Scouting for teachers and priests. (21-Jul-2017)

Daily Updates from the 2017 BSA National Jamboree - BoysLife has daily events updated here. (21-Jul-2017)

Wild Alaska Today - Watch a Mass congregation of Alaskan bears feasting on salmon. (21-Jul-2017)

Post Your Colors 2017 - Discover the Power of Scouting - Is your Troop listed yet? (21-Jul-2017)

59News National Boy Scout Jamboree Special Presentation - Bechtel Summit 7/19 - 7/28. Preview first arrivals at this year's national jamboree. Apostle Elder Jeffrey Holland to speak to large crowd of LDS Scouts on Sunday.(19-Jul-17)

LSA/BSA 2017 Jamboree Compass Award - Highlight includes meeting with Apostle Elder Jeffrey Holland on Sunday 7/23/17 at Bechtel Summit. (19-Jul-17)

Stanís EYO Blog #27: Eleven-year-old Scout Safety - Safety should be a consistent and constant way of thinking for leaders of eleven-year-old (EYO) Scouts. LDS/BSA (19-Jul-17)

Giant iceberg breaks off in Antartica - As big as Delaware? (12-Jul-17)

Wildfire burns 90% of BSA Camp Whittier - Fire this weekend caused significant damage to a scout camp near San Luis Obispo, CA. (11-Jul-17)

Kimball Scout Camp Evacuation - Las Vegas BSA Camp shutdown due to wildfire on Mount Potosi. (09-Jul-17)

21-Aug-2017 : Great America Solar Eclipse - The actual solar eclipse follows a narrow 90 mile wide band across the Continental USA. Here are the best places to watch. First time in 99 years! (08-Jul-17)

LDS Church announces new Activity Program from Young Men Ages 14-18 - Program guide available here with over 100 Aaronic Priesthood Quorum Activities - Spiritually / Socially / Physically / Intellectually (08-Jul-17)

BSA Discontinues Tour Permits - New Camping Safety Guidelines (07-Jul-17)

Elder Anthon H Lund - Only LDS Apostle born in Europe in the 19th Century. (Pioneer Tales / 07-Jul-17)

Elder Ezra T Clark - Only LDS Parent to have lost two sons serving in the mission field. Both sons led heroic lives. (Pioneer Tales / 07-Jul-17)

The Whitmers: A Family That Nourished the Church - LDS Ensign Aug 1979 (Pioneer Classic / 07-Jul-17)

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