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LDS Church discontinues annual scouting leadership conference at Philmont - Instead wants to point all young men leaders to new website "" as "... part of an ongoing effort to reduce demands made upon leaders and simplify the programs of the church," (03-Dec-2017)

My Scouter Journal: 30-Nov-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but: Interviewed three perspective eagle scout candidates at the District Board of Review tonight who were all fine examples of scouting spirit:
Candidate #1: Built rock benches for a lagoon nature center
Candidate #2: Perspective police office already doing explorer training, he spent 3 months raising funds for his elementary school
Candidate #3: Constructed "LEGO Wall" for his church's playground area.

Improve Your Chess Skills With These 9 Expert Tips : Chess Merit Badge - Chess grandmaster and Eagle Scout Kayden Troff share his nine tips to play better. (30-Nov-2017)

Winter Camping Blog - Scoutmaster CG Podcast #357 - with guest, Canada’s Happy Camper, our friend Kevin Callan, author of the new Complete Guide to Winter Camping. (29-Nov-2017)

Order of the Arrow for LDS Scouts - Scott's Brotherhood Blog #22 - Opportunities for Brotherhood, Service and Leadership (27-Nov-2017)

Liberty Eagle Scout Project Leaves no Veteran Behind - Sam Timmermans's Eagle Scout project has turned into a passion (27-Nov-2017)

A good Scout’s vision restores an old cemetery in Wellfleet Eagle Project - When Colin Curley was little, he and his family would go every Memorial Day to the South Wellfleet Cemetery, where generations of his ancestors are buried. (27-Nov-2017)

LDS Missionaries at Provo MTC Assemble 350,000 meals - Special Thanksgiving Day Service Project (24-Nov-2017)

Scouting Hero: Bill Micks Fredericksburg Today Feature - the kind of Scout we should all be (23-Nov-2017)

Six Activities You will Remember from Growing up in Scouts - From outdoor fun to Scout style, if you grew up in Scouting, your mind probably brims with nostalgia for some of your favorite adventures. (22-Nov-2017)

Simplicity in Scouting LDS/BSA Blog #12 - The Scout Led Troop Blog (20-Nov-2017)

The Rewards of Showing Kids the Wilderness - Scouting Magazine. (20-Nov-2017)

A Policeman’s Bear Hug Stops a Suicide Bomber From Killing More - Hero of the Month (MSNBC) - No one will ever know what went through the mind of Afghan Police Lt. Sayed Basam Pacha in those moments when he came face to face with a man he suspected of being a suicide bomber on Thursday afternoon, but whatever it was, he did not hesitate to act. (18-Nov-2017)

Scouter Mom Story - Alabama Backwoods Adventure (18-Nov-2017)

Maryland Buddy Bench - Eagle Project - Teen scout with autism finds unique way to stop bullying at school. (17-Nov-2017)

Stem Scout Named America’s Top Young Scientist - Meet 11-year-old innovator Gitanjali “Anjali” Rao. (16-Nov-2017)

The Rewards of Showing Kids the Wilderness - Scouting Magazine. (15-Nov-2017)

International Kindness Day : 13-Nov-2017

Mormon Missonary Nails Graffiti Art Festival - ST Louis Today - 19 year old makes unexpected entry. (12-Nov-2017)

My Scouter Journal: 11-Nov-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Chaparone last night for the LDS Regional Youth Dance. Up late.

Westy's Monster Truck Challenge Nov 2017 - Customize your own Monster Truck and race to victory. (11-Nov-2017)

My Scouter Journal: 09-Nov-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Presented the "Big Rock" at Buena Creek District Roundtable last night.

Priceless Stones - Scoutmaster Minute of the Month - What are you worth? (09-Nov-2017)

My Scouter Journal: 08-Nov-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Good Turn of the Day - Rescued fat lost purse of lady who was about to leave the country the next day. It had all of her money, credit cards, IDs and travel documents.

One Million lbs – Scouting For Food - Last year Boy Scouts of America collected over one million pounds of food for the needy. What is their next goal? (07-Nov-2017)

Eagle Project: Solar Ovens for Haiti - Families in need can safely use the ovens to cook their own food using the sun at no cost. (07-Nov-2017)

10 Crazy Boy Scout Campsites - Has your troop done even one of these. Roadkill Patrol has done a few

  • Beach parking lot (twice)
  • Unmarked cow pasteur (big surprise when the cattle arrived)
  • Secret military survival training base.
  • Antique Museum (district camporees)

    Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge - New MainTour Activity Guide for Patrol Leaders (05-Nov-2017)

    My Scouter Journal: 04-Nov-2017
    When my normal scout activities are anything but:
    Big day running a citizenship workshop at the Fallbrook Merit Badge Clinic - 55 scouts / 11 merit badges workshops
    TG brought out his big scouting memorabilia collection.
    Made contact with two special needs scouts at the clinic.

    British Princess visits Scout Camp - Former Brownie, Princess Kate Middleton, impresses with her cookery skills on Scout camp visit to the Lake District (4-Nov-2017)

    My Scouter Journal: 02-Nov-2017
    When my normal scout activities are anything but:
    BSA District/Commissioner Meeting Night - One of our Explorer Posts plans to build a working rail gun as their STEM project of the month.

    LDS/BSA Safety Blog -What do nuclear power plants, construction sites, aircraft carriers, and many hospitals have in common with Scouting? - All constantly look for ways to eliminate hazards that could be life altering or fatal. (02-Nov-2017)

    Kiosk with Metal Roof -David Helm, a member of Boy Scout Troop 5 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Spartanburg, SC...(02-Nov-2017)

    My Scouter Journal: 01-Nov-2017
    When my normal scout activities are anything but:
    Taught some Personal Mgmt tonight.
    Dressed up as pirate for Halloween the day before.

    1913 Boy Scout Postcard:

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