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Eagle Project at DT Fleming Arboretum -Julian Askov of Boy Scout Troop 100 in Kula has completed his Eagle project at the D.T. Fleming Arboretum in Ulupalakua (31-Oct-2017)

LDS Church alters general conference - equalizes women's and priesthood sessions to simply schedule to all one weekend. (29-Oct-2017)

Rare UFO Enters Solar System FoxNews Science Desk - Astronomers detect unusal object entering our Solar System. Possible first ever “intersteller comet”. (29-Oct-2017)

Lost At Sea for 5 Months CNN - Two women and their dogs rescued after 5 months adrift in the Pacific by US Navy (29-Oct-2017)

My Scouter Journal: 28-Oct-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Completed SDIC-BSA Commissioner College today with special guest speaker - BSA National Commissioner Charles Dahlquist. Learned a lot more scouting stuff.

Blind Triplets Make Eagle Scout History - FoxNews: - Leo, Nick and Steven Cantos were honored Wednesday in Alexandria for making Boy Scout History in front of family, friends, fellow Boy Scouts and even the Secretary of Labor. (27-Oct-2017)

62 Halloween Comics from Boys Life - Try not to laugh too loud. (27-Oct-2017)

My Scouter Journal: 26-Oct-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Sat on Board of Review to interview 3 fine Eagle Scout candidates. Two of them already had experience working as scout camp staffers.

Minimum 3 Campouts for LDS Eleven Year Old Scouts - Trail to First Class Requirements for Camping and Cooking. (26-Oct-2017)

More Arguments favor allowing girls into BSA - Another look at the BSA Separate But Equal Plan for Girls (26-Oct-2017)

My Scouter Journal: 25-Oct-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Near the end of the day I ran to the hospital in Encinitas to pray with some friends going thru a hard time. (A scout is loyal)

New Rule Change on Eagle Palms - current Eagle Scouts to receive Eagle Palms retroactively. (25-Oct-2017)

My Scouter Journal: 24-Oct-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Had meeting with a fine perspective Eagle Scout Candidate.
Came across a big old coyote during my morning run in the park.

LDS BSA Scout Led Troop Update - Be aware of rank advancement requirements for older boys still working towards their Eagle Rank. (24-Oct-2017)

Kids Free in October - Not much time left. Many attractions have free or deeply discounted kids admission in October. (24-Oct-2017)

BYU TV to Drop PBS and Classical Music - New National Strategy - When more Studio C is not enough? (23-Oct-2017)

My Scouter Journal: 22-Oct-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Participated in the Greater California Shakeout Emergency drill doing contacts yesterday and a follow up meeting today (23-Oct-2017)

How Scouting Became My Mission Plan New Feature: - Planning Ideas for LDS Ward Council and Bishoprics (22-Oct-2017)

Where Scout Leadership Begins - Scoutmaster CG Blog (21-Oct-2017)

More Changes Coming to LDS Missions - Every Missionary to become fluent in SmartPhonese? (21-Oct-2017)

World’s Longest Sea Bridge Almost Done STEM NEWS - 30 mile bridge from China to Hong Kong is technologically complex. (20-Oct-2017)

Azuki, the tiny Japanese hedgehog who goes on big adventures. His perky ears, button nose, and delightful roundness is just impossible to forget. (20-Oct-2017)

2020 – 100th Anniversary of Wood Badge - Centennial Update pilot courses let you experience the future (20-Oct-2017)

Christmas Miracle Eagle Project? Troop 321- Hutchinson KS - Life scout Michael Bower is planning a holiday celebration for 900 underpriveledged youth at First Call for Help. (19-Oct-2017)

Korea is already preparing the 25th Scout Jamboree for 2023 - Sneak peak here (19-Oct-2017)

Tufts Study Confirms – Scouting Builds Character in Six Key Areas - (19-Oct-2017)

My Scouter Journal: 18-Oct-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Holy Kit-Kat: I'm not entirely sure, but I thought I saw a small bobcat during my early morning hike in the park today.
Evening mentoring session with an important Life Scout.

Scientist Discover How to Make Gold [STEM NEWS] - Astronomers witness example when two massic neutron stars collide. (18-Oct-2017)

Tour LDS Temples Grand Opening House - Meridian ID (Oct 21 – Nov 11, 2017) and Cedar City UT. (Oct 27 – Nov 18, 2017)

My Scouter Journal: 14-Oct-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
>>It's Bosses Day today and my staff got me a gift card to ...Taco Bell! (they know me too well.)

Another Cool Eagle Project - Troop 433 (Coldwater MI) Life Scout Bryce Taber began the process of earning his Eagle Scout badge by volunteering his time and building talent building at BCCADV. (17-Oct-2017)

The Air-brushed Troop Trailer

My Scouter Journal: 15-Oct-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
Saw farewell sunday sermon of eagle scout Elder McBride, leaving for a two-year mormon mission to Santa Fe Argentina Mission.
He was folloed by homecoming sunday sermon of eagle scout Elder McDonald, returning from his two-year mormon mission to Buenas Aires Argentina West Mission.

BSA Leaders Explain Policy Change (Video) - This LiveStream Town Hall Meeting, BSA Leaders explain their reasoning for the major policy change this week. (15-Oct-2017)

My Scouter Journal: 14-Oct-2017
When my normal scout activities are anything but:
>> Early Morning 4 mile run at Guajome Park had close encounter with big wild coyote.
>> Helped boy scout Tyler on his Eagle Service Project installing two new flagpoles for the recently renovated Vista America Little League ballfields.
>> Our group encountered a fully grown rattlesnake adjacent to the worksite.

BSA Leaders Explain Policy Change (Video) - This LiveStream Town Hall Meeting, BSA Leaders explain their reasoning for the major policy change this week. (15-Oct-2017)

Meet the Eagle Scout who took down the Marathon Bomber - His crisis-negotation skills helped bring the Boston Marathon bomber to justice, but FBI agent Russ Houston says he’s most proud of being an Eagle Scout. In an exclusive interview with Eagles’ Call magazine, Houston offers the previously untold story of how he helped talk Dzhokhar Tsarnaev out of the boat and into police custody. (14-Oct-2017)

Large Ice Hole Opens in Antartica : Science News - Scientists don’t know what it means? (13-Oct-2017)

Scouting for Girls Historic Announcement from Scouting Newsroom Press Release: Research reinforces interest expressed by families and girls nationwide as organization looks to offer programs that meet the needs of today’s families. Girls can Start Cubs Effective Jan 2018. (12-Oct-2017)

Eagle Scout Creates Buddy Benches for Fellow Students With Autism - News Video - (11-Oct-2017)

1913 Boy Scout Postcard:

Inner-city Scout troop forms three Special Olympics basketball teams (10-Oct-2017)

Top 5 merit badge books to help you survive the zombie apocalypse (10-Oct-2017)

The Highest Level of Support in Scouting - Mac’s Blog #47 - What a makes an ordinary activity great? (10-Oct-2017)

The Problem is Always the Same - Elder Sterling W Sill - LDS/BSA Leadership Forum Classics (10-Oct-2017)

Earning the Trust of the Lord and Your Family - A Scout is Trustworthy - LDS General Conference Oct 2017 - talk by Elder Richard J Maynes. (9-Oct-2017)

Corn-hole Boards Project - Boy Scout, Chris Waugh of Troop 481, builds corn-hole boards and donates them to Virginia Beach recreation department. (9-Oct-2017)

Things I Did Because I Was A Scout - (08-Oct-2017)

BSA Troop Program Resources - Planning Scout Meetings that are Meaningful, Engaging, and Fun (08-Oct-2017)

BSA Leaders visit LDS General Conference - Stories from the three day LDS-BSA Relations Seminar. (07-Oct-2017)

World Space Week Oct 4-10 - help collectively inspire and stimulate interests in space, space sciences and education.

2017 LDS Light The World 25 Days of Service - Mormon.Org presentation (07-Oct-2017)

Boys Life: Eagle Projects Showcase - Browse the map for popular project ideas near your community. (07-Oct-2017)

Get a great job in Scouting - The World Scouting Movement has some great job opportunities in 169+ Countries (06-Oct-2017)

Eagle Scout XC Course Project - When thinking about what sort of contribution he’d like to make with his Eagle Scout project, Marshfield High School senior Michael Maglio, of Troop 101 Marshfield, looked to one of his passions: running cross country. (I did high school XC also! BRH) (06-Oct-2017)

Peters Town Park Pavilion Eagle Scout Project - Matt Grzyb, 14-year-old member of Troop 1320 decided to construct a pavilion as a place where parkgoers can take a break for the sun and perhaps enjoy lunch. (06-Oct-2017)

Another Las Vegas Hero - Unarmed Security Guard stops Las Vegas Sniper - But his actions forced sniper to stop shooting the helpless crowds below. Jesus Campos had no weapon except for his nightstick when he approached the attacker’s room on the 32rd floor of Mandalay Bay on Sunday night. (05-Oct-2017)

John Wayne and the Scout Law - BSA Los Angeles Area Council named the John Wayne Outpost Camp after The Duke, paying tribute to the actor only a few months before his death on June 11, 1979. It was at this dinner that Wayne shared his own interpretation of the Scout Law and what it means to him (05-Oct-2017)

Heroes of the Week: Las Vegas Metro P.D.

VenturingFest 2018 - Summit Bechtel Reserve – “a Scouting experience unlike any other before”. (4-Oct-2017)

Cub Pack October Recruiting Tips - (4-Oct-2017)

Scout Leadership Positions - Which positions of responsibility count toward Star, Life and Eagle Scout? See Bryan on Scouting. (4-Oct-2017)

Over $700K in Scholarships for Eagle Scouts - but the deadline is the end of this month. (3-Oct-2017)

The Ordeal for LDS Scouts - Church leaders in recent years have repeatedly called on youth to step up and do hard but worthwhile things. Scott’s Brotherhood Blog #20. (3-Oct-2017)

New Gateway for the Town - Taking Boy Scout gateway projects to the next level. (3-Oct-2017)

LDS General Conference Talks - My Favorites picks from Sunday sessons (1-Oct-2017):
- Bishop Waddell - Overcoming special challenges
- Elder Zwick (Emeritus 70) - Lion King Story
- President Eyring - To the Rescue - Teton Dam Story
- Elder Anderson gives the Elder Hales last message written shortly before his passing.

LDS General Conference Talks - My Favorites picks.
- Elder Dallen H Oaks - always a favorite
- Elder Jeffrey Holland - another favorite
- President Nelson - and the African Tribal King
- Elder James Pingree - our purpose in life
- Elder Gary Stevenson - Spiritual Eclipse and Pride
- Elder David Evans - Searching for Answers

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