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These guys must be in the Old Goat Patrol.

Scout popcorn sales tips - for when you’re no longer a little Cub Scout (30-Sept-2017)

LDS-BSA August Newsletter - Do You Want to Make a Difference? Let Them Lead! (30-Sept-2017)

Epic Movie Trailer for LDS General Conference Weekend - Pretty funny too! (29-Sept-2017)

Ooops - Some "Knotty" humor:

Eagle Scout solve traffic congestion - Commuters in the town of Lehi UT are much happier now. (28-Sept-2017)

October = Kids Free Admission - Many Museums and Zoos and Theme Parks offer free admission to kids for the whole month of October.

118 Mormon Missionaries evacuated from Puerto Rico Mission - Stories of surviving a direct hit by a Cat-5 Hurricane. (28-Sept-2017)

Why does this remind me of boy scouts?

Town of Bucyrus all help on Eagle Project - When the whole community helps on your eagle project : What did this scout do? (27-Sept-2017)

Importance of LDS Ward Troop Committee - Mac's Blog #46. When the ward members support your scouting program. (26-Sept-2017)

BSA Camp Fiesta Island 2018 Promo Video - Where will you camp next summer? (24-Sep-2017)

BSA Camp Minsi 2018 Promo Video - Where will you camp next summer? (24-Sep-2017)

American Heritage Merit Badge - Activity Program Redesigned for use by Patrol Leaders. (23-Sept-2017)

Tech Center of the Future - Microsoft and Facebook complete New Super Trans-Atlantic Cable from Virginia Beach to Bilboa, Spain. Both cities expect to become giant tech job hubs of the future. (23-Sept-2017)

Hammock Camping 101 - – I have some boys that camp 100% in a hammock on all scout outings. That is the “tent” that they pitch and it makes excellent knot practice. (22-Sept-2017)

2017 National Duty to God Recipients - More Heroes of Scouting! (22-Sept-2017)

Mexican Scouts Providing Quake Relief - For the past few days, Scouts from Veracruz, Xalapa, Coatzocoalcos and Minatitlán have been working tirelessly to support relief efforts after an 8.1-magnitude earthquake hit the southern coast of Mexico earlier this month. (22-Sept-2017)

Leadership Skills for Young Scouts - LDS/BSA Stan's EYO Blog #28 (21-Sept-2017)

Cooking MealPlan Checklist - New Feature on MainTour (21-Sept-2017)

Greatest Youth Movement in the World? - Huff Post has high praise for World Scouting Movement. (20-Sept-2017)

Studio C Interview - Meet Matt Meese from 'Studio C': The king of clean sketch comedy. (20-Sept-2017)

Free Museum Day - Find out when museums are open for Free in your city. (20-Sept-2017)

Oklahoma Trail Tours - Check out these cool Oklahoma State Parks – Robbers Cave, Beavers Bend, Horsethief Springs, Osage Hills and much more. (20-Sept-2017)

AFB Scout Eagle Project - Eagle Scout candidate Connor Meyer teams up with members of the 88th Force Support Squadron at Wright-Patterson AFB to refurbish their youth campground. (20-Sept-2017)

They're not saying arr! - they're just correcting each other's grammar! (20-Sept-2017)

Goat Patrol Eagle Project - Life scout Gavin Burseth, a 16-year-old from Bartlett, Ill.,recruits goats to work his eagle project in clearing Poison Ivy at a forest reserve. (19-Sept-2017)

FEMA takes over BSA Florida Sea Base - Scout facility becomes major search-and-rescue staging area for the Florida Keys after Hurricane Irma. (19-Sept-2017)

New myScouting app ready - Manage Training, Rosters and Commissioner Tools at your fingertip. Next big topic for Roundtable! (19-Sept-2017)

40,000 Meals for the Hungry - New Jersey Eagle Scout Candidate Jack Zimmerman wanted to fight childhood hunger in his home state for his Eagle Project. (18-Sept-2017)

Boy Mows Lawn at White House - 11-year-old Frank Giaccio fulfills dream service project, gets assist from the US President. (18-Sept-2017)

Wild Animals Living in Big Cities - More common sighting of wild animals in our neighborhoods. (I have a resident Bobcat at the local park less then a 1/2 mile away from my home.) (16-Sept-2017)

Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge How Cars Work
New update to MainTour's Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge page is this extensive digital library of learning resources for future mechanics created by the folks at It is worth checking out for the latest cool videos. (15-Sept-2017)

Hurricane Harvey Washes Up Sea Creature - Scientists have no idea what is this rare fanged monster? (15-Sept-2017)

LDS Church Gets Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara World Peace Prize at MIT World Peace University - LDS Apostle travels to India to receive award on behalf of The Church. Explains path to Peace. (14-Sept-2017)

BSA Florida Sea Base Survives Irma (Barely) - Sea Base narrowly avoids a direct hit from the monster hurricane. Find out what survived and what didn't. (14-Sep-2017)

LDS Church Launches New Religious Freedom Website - Check out 10 things every member should do. Did the 1st Amendment make LDS into lazy citizens?. (14-Sep-2017)

Summer Olympic Games Announced - 2020 Games @ Tokyo / 2024 Games @ Paris / 2028 Games @ Los Angeles. Are you going?. (14-Sep-2017)

Which Scout Camp has This?. (14-Sep-2017)

Hikers find ancient Viking Sword - Norwegian hikers find 1,000 year old relic. (13-Sept-2017)

Sun shoots surprise Solar Flares - What does that mean for Planet Earth?(13-Sept-2017)

An "Historic" Eagle Scout Project - Ogden Boy Scout has ambitious plan.(13-Sept-2017)

Lake Vermilion Underground State Park - New Campground opens at this unusual getaway.(13-Sept-2017)

Frogtown Museum - A very silly museum in Toledo Ohio is popular with Cub Scouts. (13-Sept-2017)

Freaks of Nature - In a rare phenomena of nature, Hurricane Irma's low preassure cell has sucked all of the water out of the Bahamas, leaving the island high and dry. Tsunami coming? (10-Sept-2017)

Petaluma Girl Scouts Hold Fundraiser to benefit other scout Troops aflicted by Hurricane Harvey - Girl Scout Troop 10977 wants to help fellow scouts in Texas. (9-Sept-2017)

The Secret History of FEMA - What is our federal disaster agency and how does it operate? It is prepared to deal with everything from Hurricanes to Earthquakes and even a Nuclear War. (9-Sept-2017)

Texas Bible Camp turns into Giant Evac Center for Harvey Refugees - Camp Pearl is hosting 54 people, including six children, and 10 pets. Other families sheltered nearby also visit daily for a fresh hot meal. (9-Sept-2017)

Grease Monkey Garage Relief Convoy Updates - Follow the progress of one community relief convoy making a difference in the wake of the big storm. (9-Sept-2017)

Florida Sea Scout Base Evacuated : Hurricane Irma Alert - Authorities warn that entire Florida Keys area is at risk. National Sea Scout Base shut down could last three weeks. (9-Sept-2017)

LDS Church udpate on YW Programs - Updates on changes to the activity program for older boys. (6-Sep-2017)

Paperpot Transplanter - Eliminates over 90% of the work in doing a backyard farm or garden project. (04-Sep-2017)

Closs Call Lightning Strike - YouTube Highlights - upclose view of lighning vs tall pine tree next to a Canadian hunting lodge. (04-Sep-2017)

Red Cross Blood Donations: Hurrican Harvey Relief - This website will help you find the nearest blood drive near you. Must be age 16 or older with parents consent. (04-Sep-2017)

Just Serve: Houston - Now and over the next several months there will be many, many opportunities to serve and help folks in East Texas to recover from Hurricane Harvey. This website will have the most complete list of ways to help, especially if you want to go direct in person. Also check their database for the neighboring hard hit cities of Beaumont, Port Arthur and Corpus Cristi. [] (03-Sep-2017)

The Amazing Folding Firebox Stove - Burn, Baby, Burn. (3-Sep-2017)

Eagle Scout Bowl Game 2017 - Today's football game between BYU and LSU features an Eagle Scout Quarterback leading each team. Which will win? (2-Sep-2017)

"Pale as a Piece of Paper" - Starbook's employee in Palm Springs use Boy Scout Training to save customer's life. (USA Today) (2-Sep-2017)

Woggle Practice

LDS Houston Temple Flooded - Update on storm damage from Hurricane Harvey. (29-Aug-2017)

3 Scouts Stop A Wildfire -A wildfire might not be a normal part of a hiking experience, but these young scouts on a multi-day hike through the Central Cascades saw one and took action. (26-Aug-2017)

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