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On 08-May-2018, the LDS Church announced that it will drop all scouting programs as of 31-Dec-2019. What does that mean for the LDS Young Man who still desires to Do His Best to Do His Duty to God and Country?

  1. The Journey Is Still Available - Many young people participate in both church and one or more extra-curricular activities during the week. You can join a non-LDS chartered Pack or Troop and pursue a fun-filled journey towards Arrow of Light and Eagle Rank. Not only LDS Young Men, but also LDS Young Women can now pursue this course.
  2. Greater Opportunity for Missionary Work - In Matt 5:14-16 We see the Lord's way of doing missionary work - by being a active part of the community, making friends, and building relationships. This is how you win over souls unto Christ. Scouting still gives LDS Youth a great chance to do this by associating with like-minded youth, not of our faith, but in a environment that can still be condusive to the Spirit. Missionary opportunities do not happen if we stay shut up at home or inside church. We have to boldly go out into the world.
  3. Scouting Experience - Now Adult LDS Scouters will have the freedom to stay with the scouting program totally independent of their church callings and not be moved about by their callings.
  4. What Happened to Church Ball? - When I was a youth, the LDS Church ran a big program of organized athletic practice and competition in Basketball and Softball for the young men, young women and even older men. It was a popular activity but it went away (to the consternation of many) because it had been fully replaced by organized sports leagues that delivered a quality program. Those people passionate about ball were then playing in two leagues. And sometimes the high schools disqualified those kids that played in the church league.
  5. Good Citizenship - In 2016, the LDS Church announced with great fanfare a new program for standing up for Religious Freedom. One of the centerpoints of that program was the importance of church members to be more actively engaged in civic organizations in your own community. "Lift Where You Stand." Many of us active in Scouting saw that we excelled in that category.
  6. Seek Ye Wisdom - D&C 88:118 instructs the youth of the church to gain wisdom and understanding about the world we live in from all of the best sources. BSA will forever remain of those great sources with suberb training in leadership, citizenship, preparedness, personal management and 135 important fields of study.
  7. Home School Option - Many LDS Families have been fleeing the public schools because of godlessness, immorality and the anti-religion attitudes that are being foisted upon our youth there. Typical High School day is one hour in seminary, 15 minutes of personal study and then six hours of enduring the opposition. Scouting is a very useful program to bolster a family's home school plan, and now it's available for both boys and girls.
  8. Wholesome Family Recreation - In 1995 the LDS Church issued its famous Proclamation on the Family. A notable clause in there cited this important clause. Some of our greatest family memories came about from outdoor scouting activities.
  9. Community Service - Scouting also included some advanced programs for older boys such as Order of the Arrow and NYLT. Youth that completed these courses were found to do exceptionally well in the mission field.
  10. Career Prep - Earning prestigious ranks and awards from scouting (ie: Eagle Rank, NYLT, Order of the Arrow, Hornaday, etc) will still be one of the best things a young person can do to help launch a successful career and that you can proudly post on your resume for the rest of your life. Employers love to hire a solid achiever.
  11. 13th Article of Faith - In the announcement the Church implied that the goals of the Scout Oath and Law are virtuous and praiseworthy and the BSA should be aided in a path of growth and success. Will you help? How many goals of the new LDS youth program will be more easily met through continued participation in scouting?

Some Concerns: Many LDS families that have already looked into non-LDS troops express the biggest concern that many of them do camping on Sundays and hold troop meetings on Monday evenings (family night). As LDS families become active in the Troop committee they can work together to find ways to modify the camping and meeting schedule.

Early Transition: - Some LDS Families are exploring "dual registration" as way to get an early start on participating with a community troop or pack.

Forming your own New Scout Troop or Pack
Since upto 98% of all Scout Troops or Packs in Utah (and Surrounding LDS Communities) were registered thru the church, it looks most likely that those families will to scramble to organize form their own community troop or pack. They should start that ASAP. Here are some tips:

  1. Most local Boys and Girls Clubs, Rotary Clubs and Lions Clubs will happily step forward to be your Charter Org Partner.
  2. Parents involved with local PTA, Sports Leagues and or Home School Clubs will have some previous experience running a Club Parents Committee.
  3. Seriously take ALL of the BSA training for "Committee Member Challenge".
  4. Attend one or more Parent Committee Meetings of another troop to see how they manage their unit.

Ward Leadership - Those wards that struggled with running a youth program beforehand will continue to struggle under the new worldwide program until they can find and place as leaders those who are willing to do the hard work to do the proper training and planning required to run a dynamic youth program that attracts and retains youth.

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It's Buzz - My Scouter Journal: 03-May-2018 - Today BSA announces the big name change for scouting and for the next 72 hours I have had many people ask about my opinion on scouting in the church. What a great missionary experience the last 72 hours have been!

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