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Rex Tillerson, A True Eagle Scout (The Denver Post) - “Never lose sight of your most valuable asset, … your personal integrity. …" (29 Mar 2018)

Constructive Discipline Scoutmaster CG Podcast #368 - Scouting discipline is constructive because it builds character through applying the Scout oath and law. (29 Mar 2018)

Eagle Scout races the Iditarod - dog sledding veteran posts best result yet. (29 Mar 2018)

J. Warren Young, who served 32 years as Boys’ Life publisher, dies at 79 - he showed young people that reading can be empowering, engaging and exciting. (27 Mar 2018)

Chinese Space Station to Fall to Earth Easter Weekend STEM News - Spacecraft has reached the end of its life cycle. (27 Mar 2018)

LDS Scout Gets Busy before 18th Birthday - Now Service Mission in Oregon. (26 Mar 2018)

Identical Twins earn Eagle :Both did project to help child abuse center. (26 Mar 2018)

160-foot Split Rail Fences Eagle Scout Project - Anyone know the name of a famous “Rail-Splitter” that later became president of the USA? This Eagle Scout is a member of both the Order of the Arrow and Fifth-Year Pipestone Holder from Seven Ranges Boy Scout Camp. (23 Mar 2018)

Dubois Family Honors 7th Eagle Scout - a special moment for the 25-year-old man who was born with Down syndrome, and it marked an overwhelming milestone for family and friends closest to him. (21 Mar 2018)

Misconceptions in Story about Utah Boy Scout: Scouting NewsRoom - MainTour asks - did his troop and district leaders get proper training on how to properly serve a special needs scout? (21 Mar 2018)

Developing Youth Leadership - ScoutMasterCG Potcast #367 - Why is Scouting designed around youth leadership? (21 Mar 2018)

LDS Church Changes Young Women Camp Guide LDS-BSA - Lessons for LDS Scouters. (20 Mar 2018)

Why Every Parent should Consider Scouting UK Independant - Children who participate in the organisations are likely to have better psychological health in middle age. (20 Mar 2018)

My Scouter Journal: 17-Mar-2018 - Spent today with Troop 747 at their Merit Badge University. Big turnout with scouts from as faraway as Anaheim CA.

History of LDS Prophets in the Boy Scouts - Which Mormon prophet was an Eagle scout? (16 Mar 2018)

Veterans Memorial Display Eagle Service Projects - Winchester scout builds display case for VFW to honor his grandfather and other military veterans. (14 Mar 2018)

My Scouter Journal: 10 Mar 2018 - Served lunch to nearly 200 youth at the LDS Carlsbad Regional Priest Laurel Conference. Looked to be a great event.

Hard is Good LDS-BSA Blog - Story from LDS General Primary Presidency on Scouting (10 Mar 2018)

Helping the Helen Woodward Center Eagle Project Stories - Pomerado Times (08 Mar 2018.)

The Green Bracelet Campaign - Eagle Scout Projects - Oceanside boy scout raises megabucks for local school library. (07 Mar 2018)

Cub Pack 4 marks 70 Years - Historic Blue & Gold Banquet: 10 Cubs receive Arrow of Light, advance to Boy Scouts (07 Mar 2018)

Scouting for Food / Mormon Helping Hands KUSI-TV - San Diego CA (05 Mar 2018)

Updated BSA Youth Protection Guidelines - Some significant changes have been posted to enhance a safe program for all youth in scouting. Contact your Unit Commissioner for more details: (02 Mar 2018)

  1. New Online YPG Training must be taken by all adult leaders by October 2018.
  2. All adults staying longer than 72 hours in a scout camping event must complete the new online YPG Training.
  3. Youth sharing a tent, cannot be more than two years difference in age (unless are siblings).

35 Incredibly Easy Dutch Oven Recipes - - "If you are a camping enthusiast, but are getting tired of having to eat the normal camp food, then you need to be well acquainted with the Dutch oven. " (28 Feb 2018)

21st Century Boy Scout Merit Badges - Recent Feature on the TV Game Show Jeopardy!. (27 Feb 2018)

5 Scout Traits that make Great Olympians - Voice of Scouting (27 Feb 2018)

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