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Roadkill Patrol to the Rescue!: #LightTheWorld Day #1 - When I just happened to park at Walmart for some early holiday gift shopping, this elderly lady in the next car space calls me over to help her jump start her car. We got is started right up! (I just love scoring major, but easy service project like that on just the right day / 01-Dec-2018)

Scientists baffled loud rumblings from the Ocean Deap.: STEM NEWS - Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why. (29-Nov-2018)

US Senator helps scout on his merit badges - Completes two major requirements and collects a US Capitol flag. (29-Nov-2018)

Chasing vanishing historic sites in your neighborhood - make your mark on local history. (29-Nov-2018)

Meet Shey Melton - young girl went on many scouting activities with her older brothers. Now she can start the trail to eagle herself. (29-Nov-2018)

Veterans group gives special honor to young man - Royal Oak American Legion Post 253 hosts special event for Chas. Why? (29-Nov-2018)

25-Nov-2018 Letter from LDS YM Presidency
Dear quorum presidencies and Young Men leaders,
We rejoice with you as we sustain our beloved prophet, President Russell M. Nelson, and move forward to strengthen gospel instruction in a home-centered and Church-supported environment. Recognizing that you will be guided by the Spirit as to adjustments for the coming year, we ask that you consider the following as you serve the young men of the Aaronic Priesthood:

  1. Remember the purposes of an Aaronic Priesthood quorum. Quorums are more than just classes on Sunday. “Quorums are to serve others, build unity and brotherhood, and instruct members in doctrines, principles and duties” (Handbook 2: Administering the Church [2010], 8.1.2).
  2. Use presidency meetings to plan the work of the quorum. With less frequent quorum meetings, effective planning of service, activities, and gospel instruction becomes even more important. Carefully consider how you will minister to and communicate with quorum members (see Handbook 2, 8.9.3).
  3. Work to strengthen relationships and build unity. Look for new ways to strengthen brotherhood and fellowship in the quorum outside of quorum meetings. Pay particular attention to young men who may not have strong support at home (see Handbook 2, 8.3.4).
  4. Keep quorum members informed about priesthood duties. In addition to quorum meetings, Aaronic Priesthood leaders will be given the opportunity in Sunday School classes to make brief announcements and follow up on assignments for the coming week. Be prepared to use the time well.

As we learn and grow together through this inspired direction, please let us know what you are learning and share your experiences.
Thank you for your devoted faith and service. We know you will be blessed as you reach out and touch the lives of each young Aaronic Priesthood brother. Together, we must prepare them in every way to follow the call of our prophet and join the Lord’s battalion.

Scout's Honor - A middle-aged man braves bugs, leaky tents, and a mess hall with 300 screaming kids to see if he finally has the makings of a Boy Scout. (Readers Digest Special Feature - Oct 2018)

Gesu Bambino: Hawaii Music Video - Two friends from my ward - Pianist Garth Smith teams with violinist Melinda Call for his new arrangement of the Christmas classic "Gesu Bambino". Videography by Andrea Marshall and filmed on the famous Pounders Beach in Oahu, Hawaii, the video reminds us of the wonderful gift of the Christ Child (Gesu Bambino). Merry Christmas to all!(21-Nov-2018)

Two LDS Brothers earn all 137 BSA Merit Badges - The boys' mother, Tina Seastrand, said that she thought it was important to involve all of her sons in the Boys Scouts of America program so they could learn life skills. (19-Nov-2018)

LDS Scout honors father by indexing cemetery graves for BillionGraves - “Learning the history of our ancestors can build resilience in us,” Bird said. “This knowledge helps us feels a part of something greater, a connection and a belonging.” (19-Nov-2018)

LDS Scout in Connecticut collecting winter clothing - In the Scouting tradition of “being prepared,” Clay decided to address the need in advance by leading an effort to provide warm clothing before Thanksgiving to the The Open Doors Shelter in Norwalk for his Eagle Scout project. (19-Nov-2018)

R.I.P. Roy Clark: Country Music Legend - (15-Nov-2018)

Scouts BSA Update - Response to recent GSUSA Lawsuit. What is in the best interest of kids? (15-Nov-2018)

LDS Chico Stake Fire Update - Here's what Church members are doing after losing their homes to Camp Fire (14-Nov-2018)

100 BSA Recruiting Methods - Everyone should be involved in recruiting and promoting positive youth programs. There are over different ways to do it. (12-Nov-2018)

Crimes of Grindelwald: Fantastic Merit Badges and Where to Find Them (09-Nov-2018)

Read what one major university said about Scouting in an acceptance letter - University of Oklahoma - (08-Nov-2018)

Youth sports in big decline - What happens when youth cannot travel to major competitions because of income inequality? (07-Nov-2018)

Sherman's Lagoon 29-Oct-2018 (I bet this episode will run all week.)

Boy I wish I had a gnarly scout leader name like "Rockbottom".

Classic boy scout teaching moment.

Alright...A Rugged Overnighter!

Why are tents here now?

LOL - Every good scout story includes a good lesson on knots. But why did his name change?

Krakatoa puts on incredible display of Volcanic Lightning : STEM News - How does it do that? (30-Oct-2018)

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