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"We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things."
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Sherman's Lagoon 29-Oct-2018 (I bet this episode will run all week.)

Boy I wish I had a gnarly scout leader name like "Rockbottom".

Classic boy scout teaching moment.

Alright...A Rugged Overnighter!

Why are tents here now?

LOL - Every good scout story includes a good lesson on knots. But why did his name change?

Krakatoa puts on incredible display of Volcanic Lightning : STEM News - How does it do that? (30-Oct-2018)

Pulitzer Prize Winner: Eagle Scout - Ryan Kelly, of Troop 1853 in Springfield VA, is the 2018 winner for the photojournalism category. (26-Oct-2018)

Tour Craftsmanship Museum : STEM News - We did a family tour today of The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum in Carlsbad. Very fascinating look at lots of STEM subjects. Also the live demonstration of their very tiny working machines was the best. (26-Oct-2018)

When God Answers the Prayer of an LDS Girl: Path Forward Video #3 - (26-Oct-2018)

Sleep Talking: New LDS Musical Artist of the Week - Anna Ord - (25-Oct-2018)

Sharing a Leader Message : Bryan on Scouting - Should you end your meeting on a fun note or a reflective one? (23-Oct-2018)

The Raid that Thwarted Hitler's Atomic Bomb Project - Joachim Ronneberg, Leader of Raid That Thwarted a Nazi Atomic Bomb, Dies at 99. (23-Oct-2018 / N.Y. Times)

Another Scouting Success Story - Just had a co-worker tell me their friends that had recently adopted a child from a troubled home and was acting out at school. These grandparents started cubscouts with this young boy and his experience with loving adults and a fun activity program totally changed his attitude. All problems at school quickly disappeared. (22-Oct-2018)

World’s Longest Sea Bridge set to Open :STEM News - 34.3 mile long Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge: World's longest sea bridge in pictures. (22-Oct-2018)

Headless Chicken Monster found : STEM News - just in time for a Halloween, researchers find a real monster in the ocean depths. (22-Oct-2018)

BSA Today Video Series Update - a new series of short videos featuring information and updates on timely topics in Scouting. (18-Oct-2018)

Be Involved and Engaged - A timely message for LDS Scouting Mothers from Sister Service. (17-Oct-2018)

New Philmont program for LDS Families – Vision 2020. Enjoy the trademark family events of Philmont: spouse activities, children age-groups, youth mountain trek, family hiking, western night, children’s parade, family dancing, campfires, and so much more! A memorable family vacation that will jumpstart a new Scouting legacy in 2020. (16-Oct-2018)

Two Mighty Church Schisms Underway - Because of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian War, the Eastern Orthodox Church in the Ukraine wants independence from the Russian Branch of the Church. The head Patriarch in Constantinople grants this request and now the Moscow church is breaking away from the main church. (15-Oct-2018)

Astronomers Find New Stars Where?? - STEM News: - Stars are found shooting through the galaxy. (14-Oct-2018)

2018 District Camporee - We all got back from camporee safe and sound. Saw lots of wildlife, 200 boy scouts (and their mascots) training to become brave viking warriors. I helped to run some fun camp activities - the zip line and tug-o-war. (13-Oct-2018)

* * * Camporee Lightning Storm Alert! - Lightning is very rare here in Southern California, but we have a full blown storm roaring thru here now. We won't be able to do the mountaintop astronomy lesson, but all of this lightning will certainly be a lot more entertaining. But will it rain too? (12-Oct-2018)

11th Nov 2018 = 100th Anniversay of End of First World War - How will you celebrate this historic moment in human history? (12-Oct-2018)

Aerosmith in 1930s Casablanca - 'Dream On': Music Mashup of the Week - I'm fascinated with upcoming artists taking pop hits of the radio into a whole new music genre. (Music Cover= Remake.) Publ by PostModern Jukebox.(12-Oct-2018)

Escape from Rocket Ship Disasater : STEM NEW - US, Russian astronauts land safely in escape pod after rocket failure. First time experience in history of Space Exploration. (11-Oct-2018)

Scout Popcorn Mystery House - At 5:40PM a 1st year cub scout rang my doorbell to sell us some scout popcorn. What is special about that is we are one of several dozen "Mystery Houses" in the council. Each house has a clue (my clue is that I live on a street named for a very famous scouting hero.) Chip Aiden of Pack-752 just won a cool patch and a golden ticket. My wife donated our purchase to the deserving soldiers in the military serving oversees. Scouts have until Oct 22nd to find more mystery houses. (09-Oct-2018)

Conclusions from Conference - Yes, we gained some more insight on the direction of the youth program of the church.

How Can I Minister Like Christ - This was a question posed by Elder Stevenson in the Sunday afternoon session of GC. For me the answer was fast. Scouting gave me an opportunity to minister just immediately after the final conference benediction. I put the story next to my notes on Elder Eyring's talk on Ministering to others. (07-Oct-2018)

When Jehovah's Witnessed Knock my Door during General Conference - And I Opened the door to say hello. We had really awesome lesson about the importance of modern day prophets and ... (06-Oct-2018)

Church Moves FHE to Sunday so that Families can Attend Family Scouting on Monday - I totally didn't think that the church would adopt a two-hour block despite all of the rumers. But surprize #1, they did. And surprise #2, its purpose is to free up the family to more effectively pursue a family centric agenda to help parents to better teach the importance to Do Their Duty to God. And then it was followed by multiple Family Scouting stories including...

Japanese Rocket Lands on Asteroid - Photos from Japanese space rovers show asteroid is ... rocky. (03-Oct-2018)

Cool Eagle Scout Projects - For his Eagle project, this Scout and Fire Explorer restored a 1956 Chevrolet fire truck. (03-Oct-2018)

Say NO to Booze and Drugs Scouts Hiking on Long Island Hit by Drunk Driver (01-Oct-2018)

Emergency Preparedness Grab Kit - Activity Journal - We assembled new 72-hour kits at the church tonight. Everyone is advising the food portion of the kit should be high-protein and not require any cooking since in emergency those facilities may be non-existent. Hence, we're packing many of the ingredients of boy scout trail mix to store for 6-12 months. (29-Sept-2018)

Sweet Child O' Mine: Music Cover of the Week - I'm fascinated with upcoming artists taking pop hits of the radio into a whole new music genre. (Music Cover= Remake.) Here I like how Thunder and Rain do both vocals and instrumentation. You would think this song is a natural Bluegrass classic. (29-Sept-2018)

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