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50 Miler Trek Award
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    BSA 50 Miler Award
    Afoot or Afloat

    The 50-Miler Award is presented to each qualifying individual for satisfactory participation in an approved trip. In order to qualify for the award the group of which the individual is a member must fulfill all of the following requirements.

    50 Miler Requirements

      1. Make complete and satisfactory plans for the trip, including the possibilities of advancement.
      2. Cover the trail or canoe or boat route of not less than 50 consecutive miles; take a minimum of five consecutive days to complete the trip without the aid of motors. (In some areas pack animals may be used.)
      3. During the time on the trail or waterway, complete a minimum of 10 hours each of group work on projects to improve the trail, springs, campsite, portage, or area. If, after checking with recognized authorities, it is not possible to complete 10 hours each of group work on the trail, a similar project may be done in the unit's home area. (There should be no unauthorized cutting of brush or timber.)
      4. Unit or tour leader must then file a 50-Miler Award application with the local council service center. This application gives additional details about planning the trip.

    50 Miler Preparation

    50 Miler Trek Adventures

    Trek Detour #1
    Historic Trails Award

    Many councils feature local Historic Trail Awards which can easily be earned in conjunction this award. To earn this award, members of your unit must plan and participate in a historic activity.


    Trek Detour #2
    Coastline Trail Route

    For easy 50 mile route you may want to consider an oceanfront or lakefront route. Many would have fewer obstacles, height changes and more camping opportunities. Also many abandoned raillines are now being converted into long distance hiking trails.


    Trek Detour #3
    Trail Service Project

    Currently a popular Eagle Service Project is the construction of a trailhead information kiosk. Park rangers love this type of project as they need a station to properly inform trail visitors as to trail conditions, publish park/trail rules & policies. A kiosk is needed at nearly every trail entry point.


    Trek Detour #4
    Trash Station Service Project

    Here is an Eagle Service Project desperately needed for remote campsites along the nation's waterways. Many boaters and campers have dump their waste along the shoreline. Many shoreline campsites are turning into filthy dumps.

    The way to remedy this is provide a trash station, bolted to the ground. Add a sign to explain Leave No Trace. Leave a batch of trash liners in the bottom of each can and challenge every visitor to haul out a trash bag. Future scout troops can drop off a new supply of trash liners.

BSA Fieldbook
BSA Fieldbook
Outdoor Trek Guide

Based on experiences of millions of Scouts and leaders, this book holds essential information for every outdoor enthusiast. A comprehensive reference, this handbook includes sections on trek, preparation and adventures, appreciating our environment, and more.

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