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Mormon Battalion Trail Award
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    Excellent activity for LDS Boy Scouts, Young Womens and YSA Groups.

    Mormon Battalion Trail Award
    BSA / LDS High Adventure Tour

    The Mormon Battalion Trail Award is a BSA High Adventure Award. It was the only religiously based unit in US Army history passed through southern Arizona blazing new roads for future generations while securing the new territory for a growing county. Earn this patch by finding lingering trace evidence of this Historic American Trail.

    The Battalion served from July 1846 to July 1847 during the Mexican-American War (although some members re-enlisted for another year). The battalion was a volunteer unit of about 550 Latter-day Saints men led by Mormon company officers, commanded by regular US army officers.

    Award Requirements
    To earn the award, members of your unit must plan and participate in a historic activity. A unit historic activity requires members to:
    1. Battalion History: Have a historical presentation of the trail and discuss with your Scout Leaders.
    2. Museum Visit: Visit a historical museum that has an exhibit about the history of the Mormon Battalion.
    3. Battalion Rations Meal: Prepare and serve a typical Mormon Battalion trail meal.
    4. Trail Hike: - Hike 15 miles (or 7.5 hours) of a route that closely approximates the oritinal trail.

    Mormon Battalion Trail Preparation

    BSA Troop 560
    Mormon Battalion Trail Adventure

    Trek Detour #1
    BSA 50 Miler Award

    Most historic trail routes also provide an opportunity to earn this coveted high adventure award. This journey can be done hiking or kayaking must cover 50 miles in 5 consecutive days.


    Trek Detour #2
    Trail Service Project

    Currently a popular Eagle Service Project is the construction of a trailhead information kiosk. Park rangers love this type of project as they need a station to properly inform trail visitors as to trail conditions, publish park/trail rules & policies. A kiosk is needed at nearly every trail entry point.


    BSA Historic Trails Award
    Trek Detour #3

    The Historic Trails Award provides an opportunity to learn about our country's important history. Each scout council has a list of historic trails in their area, many with their own customized patch.

    This activity emphasize cooperation between historic societies and Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, and Venturer units. A unit should establish a close relationship a local society as soon as possible when planning a historic activity - most communities have such societies.

    Mormon Battalion Visitors Center
    Trek Detour #4 / Camp & Tour

    Camp overnight at the BSA Camp Balboa or Fiesta Island Youth Aquatic Center and then plot a five mile hike across Old Town San Diego to this museum operated by the LDS Church. There are a lot of fun exhibits here specific to the Mormon Battalion. Old Town has other museums that feature exhibits from this time period.

      Mormon Battalion Festival - Held last saturday in January at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. Feature cannon firing, military parade and camp life living history exhibits.

    Trek Detour #5
    Mormon Battalion Association

    This group would relish an opportunity to make a special presentation to your Scout Troop about the history of the Mormon Battalion.

    Mormon Battalion Historic Sites

    • Mormon Battalion Mountain - a low-lying mountain within San Bernardino County's Glen Helen Regional Park at the mouth of Cajon Canyon, where in April 1847 a detachment of the Mormon Battalion arrived from Los Angeles with the assignment to set up camp, build a fort or redoubt and guard the pass from any Indian raids. A historic marker within the park commemorates this event.
    • Mormon Rocks - northwest of San Bernardino, California in the Cajon Pass, just west of Interstate 15 on State Route 138. Near Mormon Rocks, the first wagon road was blazed through the Cajon Pass in 1848 by 25 veteran Battalion soldiers, with the wagon of Captain Daniel C. Davis, wife Susan and son Danny in their journey to the Salt Lake Valley.

    Trek Detour #6
    Battalion History Project

    Did you have a relative that served in the Mormon Battalion? Volunteers are needed to document the history of each member for posterity. Visit Familypedia: Soldiers of the Mormon Battalion and submit a historical biography for one or more soldiers today.

    Trek Detour #7
    Local Battalion Trail Awards

    Various Other Councils have a modified version of this trail award that is specific to their area:

BSA Fieldbook
BSA Fieldbook
Outdoor Trek Guide

Based on experiences of millions of Scouts and leaders, this book holds essential information for every outdoor enthusiast. A comprehensive reference, this handbook includes sections on trek, preparation and adventures, appreciating our environment, and more.

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