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Pacific Crest Trail Award
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BSA Pacific Crest Trail Award
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BSA Pacific Crest Trail Award
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BSA Pacific Crest Trail Award
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    Pacific Crest Trail Awards
    2600 Miles : Canada to Mexico

    Contact your local Council High Adventure Team Coordinator for the latest awards available

    Officially designated as the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, this long-distance hiking and equestrian trail closely aligned with the highest portion of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges east of the U.S. Pacific coast. The trail stretches over 2600 miles from Mexico to Canada, passing through the states of California, Oregon and Washington. Elevation change ranges from just above sea level at the Oregon-Washington border to 13,153 feet at Forester Pass in the Sierra Nevada. The route passes through 25 national forests and 7 national parks. Its midpoint is in Chester, California (near Mt. Lassen), where the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges meet.

    It was designated a National Scenic Trail in 1968, although it was not officially completed until 1993. The PCT was conceived by Clinton C. Clarke in 1932. It received official status under the National Trails System Act of 1968.

    PCT Major Landmarks

    PCT Backpacking Award Requirements

    Each Participant must:

    1. PCT Backpacking: Take a Backpack along the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. Do not count any access, feeder or temporary trail
    2. 15 Miles: It shall be an overnight backpack of 15 miles or 7.5 hours time in 2 consecutive days, camping at least 2 hours from either end of the trail.
    3. 4 Hours Service: Each participant, as part of a group project, performs 4 hours of trail construction, maintenance or repair within 6 months of the backpack under the direction of a Trail Foreman, Ranger or approved Trail Boss. (Trail and campsite clean-up does not count.)
    4. General Requirements: - mandatory basic rules for all BSA High Adventure Treks.
    5. HAT Award Application Form - ask your local council for the High Adventure Award Application Form.
    6. Tour Plan Application - a council approved tour plan is required.

    Who would backpack all 2600 miles of the PCT?

    Trek Detour #1
    BSA 50 Miler Award

    Most historic trail routes also provide an opportunity to earn this coveted high adventure award. This journey can be done hiking or kayaking must cover 50 miles in 5 consecutive days.


    Trek Detour #2
    Trail Service Project

    Currently a popular Eagle Service Project is the construction of a trailhead information kiosk. Park rangers love this type of project as they need a station to properly inform trail visitors as to trail conditions, publish park/trail rules & policies. A kiosk is needed at nearly every trail entry point.


BSA Fieldbook
BSA Fieldbook
Outdoor Trek Guide

Based on experiences of millions of Scouts and leaders, this book holds essential information for every outdoor enthusiast. A comprehensive reference, this handbook includes sections on trek, preparation and adventures, appreciating our environment, and more.

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