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Space Camp Alabama
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U.S. Space & Rocket Center

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    Space Camp Alabama Tour - Tour Huntsville Alabama
    - Aviation Challenge
    - Engineer Challenge
    - Scientist Challenge
    - Robotics Challenge
    - Outdoor X-Camp Adventure
    - Space Flight Simulators
    - SpaceDome IMAX Theater


    U.S. Space Camp is owned and operated by the Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission in Huntsville, Alabama. "Space Camp" refers to both the actual encampment and a family of related camp programs offered year-round by the facility.

    Space camp provides residential and day camp educational programs for adults and children. These programs include space oriented camp programs, aircraft themed Aviation Challenge camps, and outdoor oriented X-Camp programs, with the intent to promote science, engineering, aviation and exploration.

    Space Camp additionally uses onsite space rides and attractions as instructional tools. While these are not true simulators, the use of these rides enables the rider to experience in a simulated fashion or better understand some aspect of space travel.

    Space Camp Programs:

    The camp offers numerous programs for various ages and durations of visit. The majority of attendees visit during the summer, though spring and fall often see many school group visits, parent and child bonding camps, and adult or corporate programs.

      Space Camp: ages 9 and 11 years old, and typically runs from three to six days. Children enrolling in Space Camp have the option to choose from one of three tracks, each with its own unique activities and areas of study: space, aviation and robotics.
      Space Academy: -program intended for ages 12–14, offered in six-day sessions.
      Advanced Space Academy: designed for 15–18 year olds.
      Parent / Child Space Camp: this 3-4 day programs allows parents or guardians the opportunity to attend Space Camp with their child aged 7–12 years.
      SCI-VIS: In cooperation with teachers of visually impaired students, Space Camp facilitates a week long Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students. It is a fully participatory program intended to immerse students in an environment not limited by sight.
      X-Camp: Space Camp also started a new camp called X-Camp, an outdoor leadership camp.
      Aviation Challenge: It consists of three main programs for children from ages 9–18. As an aviation oriented camp the fundamental teaching aid are computer based flight simulators, which are used in training attendees to fly, act, and think like United States Air Force, Navy or Marine fighter pilots.
      Multi-axis Trainer: The MAT (Multi-axis trainer) – Simulates disorientation, similar to the Multiple Axis Space Test Inertia Facility (MASTIF) developed for Project Mercury
      1/6 Chair: Simulates walking on the Moon
      5DF Chair: Simulates the frictionless environment of space in five degrees of freedom
      Manned Maneuvering Unit: Simulates working untethered in a frictionless environment, such as during Extravehicular Activity (also known as an EVA or Spacewalk).

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    Rocket Center Museum:

    Located in Huntsville, this museum showcases rockets, achievements, and artifacts of the U.S. space program. Sometimes billed as "Earth's largest space museum", astronaut Owen Garriott described the place as, "a great way to learn about space in a town that has embraced the space program from the very beginning."

    Opened in 1970, just after the second manned mission to the lunar surface, the center not only showcases Apollo Program hardware but also houses interactive science exhibits, Space Shuttle and Army rocketry and aircraft.

    With more than 1,500 permanent rocketry and space exploration artifacts, as well as many rotating rocketry and space-related exhibits, the center occupies land carved out of Redstone Arsenal adjacent to Huntsville Botanical Garden at exit 15 on Interstate 565. The center offers bus tours of nearby Marshall Space Flight Center.

    Marshall Space Flight Center:

    The George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) is the U.S. government's civilian rocketry and spacecraft propulsion research center. The largest NASA center, MSFC's first mission was developing the Saturn launch vehicles for the Apollo moon program.

    Marshall has been the agency's lead center for Space Shuttle propulsion and its external tank; payloads and related crew training; International Space Station (ISS) design and assembly; and computers, networks, and information management. Located on the Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama, MSFC is named in honor of General of the Army George Marshall.

    The center also contains the Huntsville Operations Support Center (HOSC), a facility that supports ISS launch, payload and experiment activities at the Kennedy Space Center. The HOSC also monitors rocket launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station when a Marshall Center payload is on board.

    Aviation Challenge:

    An alternative to Space Camp located at the Space Camp Facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Aviation challenge is more closely related to fighter aircraft than it is to space. The camp is a military based one that teaches many basic flying skills with in-depth simulators.

    The Mach I trainees use the simplest and easiest to control simulators. They also have a less challenging SEAL OPS mission and a simple Escape & Evasion. The Mach II and Mach III trainees use more advanced simulators that are very similar to those of the Mach I sims but with more difficult missions. The SEAL OPS mission is more challenging with an even more difficult Escape & Evasion.

    There are more complex simulators that include pull down glass canopies when flying, as well as the traditional pilot and RIO/WSO two person cockpit seating. Mach III also features scored missions with Theater Ops military style briefings where trainees are meticulously inspected before being allowed to enter briefing rooms.

    The Mach III program also has the opportunity to be the longest which can span up to 12 days. There are many other activities that are done in the camp such as rafting, g force simulators, wilderness survival skills, and flight equipment lectures.

    Spacedome IMAX Theater:

    This venue is for presenting some of the space and science oriented films produced through the IMAX camera/projection system. The theater is part of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center museum complex.

    Habitat 1 Accommodations:

    If a Space Camp program takes more than one day, "campers" stay at the space camp's Habitat 1 or Habitat 2. Habitat 1 is a large building designed to house young people. It is constantly manned by staff and has full CCTV. Male and female campers are usually assigned to separate floors.

    Aviation Challenge trainees stay in Habitat 3 where they are required to maintain military standards to their bays and racks. There are two floors to Hab 3. Males live on half of the ground floor and all of the second floor. Female trainees stay on one hall of the Hab. The bays are named after legendary fliers and military aces.

    The encampment has a cafeteria facility where "campers" receive meals with pre-provided daily meal vouchers and have the option to purchase additional food items.

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    U.S. Space Camp:
    : 1 Tranquility Base, Huntsville, Alabama 35808
    256-837-3400; Open Daily: 9AM-5PM; - Camp Website - An unofficial community site for Space Camp and Aviation Challenge.
    U.S. Space & Rocket Center
    Marshall Space Flight Center - NASA website
    Aviation Challenge - Sample Mach I Mission Preview

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Tour Space Camp Alabama

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