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Superstition Mtn
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    Arizona Boy Scout High Adventure Tour - 200+ Awesome Arizona Treks
    - Regional Summer Scout Camps
    - Best Arizona Rugged Overniters
    - Popular Scout Attractions
    - Arizona Boy Scouts Heroes
    - Young Men Sports & Recreation


    What's New in MainTour Arizona

    Search for Missing Hiker
    Manzanita Campground - Dec 2013

    22-year old Thomas Lang was last seen Dec 18, when family dropped him off with very few possessions. Search & Rescue scoured the area fruitlessly over Christmas Day week and have since discontinued their search. He was probably using a white tarp as a shelter in a snow covered landscape and could be anywhere in the local canyons and trails.

    Stopping Saguaro Thieves
    New Cacti features GPS Tracking Chips

    Implanted radio chips help park rangers protect precious cactus from Wild West poachers. Arizona's rarest plant is being stolen straight from National Park lands.

    A young saguaro with no arms sprouted could sell in Arizona for about $1,000 but can fetch much more when shipped elsewhere. The value increases as a saguaro ages and grows more arms. Saguaro thieves can face serious jail time.

    Arizona Schools License Plate New Arizona License Plate
    Support Our Schools

    The Arizona D.O.T. is now selling a new license plate design with 68% of proceeds used to to provide mini-grant financial assistance for teachers and student projects. You can order your own Extraordinary Educators license plate for $25 from

    Best of Arizona Scouting

    Arizona Grand Canyon Scouts Grand Canyon Tour
    U.S. National Park

    Probably the single most amazing geological wonder in the world - over 3 million people come each year to view the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. An abyss more than one mile deep, from four to eighteen miles wide and over 150 miles long in bright desert colors. Visitors are not disappointed by its immense beauty.


    Lake Pleasant
    Aquatics High Adventure Base

    What better way to escape the Arizona heat than in the water. Stay at Scout camp facilities. Discount daily rental rates nearby for jet skis, wakeboats, pontoon boats. Have fun working those watersports merit badges and beltloops.


    Arizona Caverns Kartchner Caverns
    Arizona State Park

    Follow an underground trail, 1.2 miles long, to an exciting display of stalactites and stalagmites in a bright rainbow of colors. The Crown jewel of the Arizona State Park System, it was only discovered in 1974 and opened to the public in 1999.


    The Maricopa Trail
    Maricopa County Parks & Recreation

    A giant loop trail surrounding the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area that connects a great number of the best wilderness regional parks. Many opportunities for a multi-day high-adventure backpacking survival trek.

    When The Summer Is Over - What Memory Will You Keep?
    1 or 2 Week Full Adventure Treks or Junior Adventure Treks
    for Scouts, Troops, Families & Youth Groups.

    Arizona Mormon Battalion
    BSA/LDS Trail Award

    The only religiously based unit in US Army history passed through southern Arizona blazing new roads for future generations while securing the new territory for a growing county. Earn this patch by finding lingering trace evidence of this Historic American Trail.


    Arizona Butterfield Stage Trail
    High Adventure Trail Award

    The Overland Mail made two trips a week over a period of 2-1/2 years from 1857-1861. Each Monday and Thursday morning the stagecoach would leave Tipton and San Francisco on their cross continent, carrying passengers, freight and up to 12,000 letters. This hard driving stage ride took 22 days to cross from Missouri to California and crossed through much of Arizona.


    The Arizona Trail
    800 Mile Walk Across Arizona

    The Arizona Trail is an 800+ mile recreation trail from Mexico to Utah that connects mountain ranges, canyons, deserts, forests, wilderness areas, historic sites, trail systems, points of interest, communities, and people. It serves dayhikers, backpackers, equestrians, mountain bicyclists, trail runners, nature enthusiasts, cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and mule and llama packers.

    Arizona Petrified Forest Adventure Tour Petrified Forest
    U.S. National Park

    a curious location where once stood 200 ft tall trees with lush vegetation and animal life is today a very arid desert. This science park has a wilderness area open to backpacking treks. See how many oddities you can discover on this adventure tour.


    Saguaro Desert Park
    U.S. National Park

    Preserving fine tracts of the Sonoran Desert and Saguaro Cactus that are open to Backpacking Wilderness overnight treks. The park is home to two endangered animals, the Lesser Long-nosed Bat and the Mexican Spotted Owl.

    The park lies in two sections, east and west of Tucson. Each section has a visitors center and hosts abundant desert flora and fauna.

    Arizona Agua Fria Adventure Tour Agua Fria
    U.S. National Monument

    This desert preserve if found just 40 miles north of Phoenix. It is home to an interesting mix of native american sites and big desert wildlife.The area is located on a high mesa semi-desert grassland, cut by the canyon of the Agua Fria River and other ribbons of valuable riparian forest, contributing to an outstanding biological resource. The diversity of vegetative communities, topographic features, and a dormant volcano decorates the landscape.

    Arizona Route 66 Bicycle Trail Adventure Tour Route 66 Bike Trail

    The first all-weather road linking Chicago to Los Angeles, this highway has been often romanticized in both print and film over the many years since 1926 before getting swallowed by the modern interstate. But today it is finding a new life as a transnational bike trail Many states have posted "Historic Route 66" signs to help you find it.

    When The Summer Is Over - What Memory Will You Keep?
    1 or 2 Week Full Adventure Treks or Junior Adventure Treks
    for Scouts, Troops, Families & Youth Groups.

    Arizona Zip Line Course Arizona Scout Camps
    Mountain Camps, Wilderness Camps, Aquatic Camps, Popular Out-of-State Expeditions, Make Your Own Summer Camp, Webeloes Day Camps and more. COPE Zipline Course and more.


    Arizona Lake Balloon Launch Arizona Church Youth Camps
    A number of religious groups in the area operate some interest outdoor facilities especially for youth. If you are looking for something different, try this list.


    Bass Pro Shops - Your Adventure Starts Here
    Outdoor Adventure Gear Supplier

    Colorado Rocky Mountain Trek BSA Colorado 14er Club
    Big Mountain High Adventure

    The Colorado Rockies have 54 mountain peaks of over 14,000 foot elevation. As the trail gets steeper, the landscape changes from thick forests to barren moonscape. Frequently you can experience all four seasons in a single day's climb. And your reward is a wide variety of the best mountain top views in the USA.

    But Climbing any mountain that extends over 14,000 feet above sea level is not easy. Your legs ache and your lungs scream for air. It is the ultimate test of physical endurance and mental stamina.

    volcom clothing ::
    Boy Scout Camping Gear

    Arizona Tall Peaks Tour
    Can you conquer the biggest challenge course in the state?How many Arizona tall peak have you made it to the top of?

    Arizona Bike-packing Tours
    As featured in Boys Life (May 2012) the newest fad for exploring wilderness terrain - overnight adventures riding your mountain bikes.

    Arizona Exotic Wildlife
    Where to go to see some of Arizona's more famous inhabitants in their natural setting.

    Hobby Tron - Awesome Toys

    Arizona Lake Mead Boat Tour Lake Mead
    U.S. Recreation Area

    Largest man made lake in the US (247 sq mi) imbounded by the Hoover Dam (completed 1936) on the Colorado River and covering parts of Nevada and Arizona. This lake is the chief feature of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and has 550 miles of shoreline and is upto 589 ft deep. It is an excellent fishing destination with a plentiful supply of bass, catfish and bluegill. Visitors can check in at a number of regional recreation centers.

    Arizona Lake Powell Tour
Lake Powell
    U.S. Recreation Area

    Lake Powell is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and it is the second largest man-made lake in the western hemisphere. Great opportunities in fishing, hiking, boating, water-skiing, camping. Lake Powell feature four marinas.

    This 186-mile long lake passes gorgeous red cliffs and reaches into many sandy inlets and hidden canyons. Many marinas, campsites, and houseboat rentals are available.

    Arizona Lake Havasu Bridge Boat Tour Lake Havasu

    Over 400 miles of lakeshore and lots of room for fishing, boating and other watersports. Over 25 hotels, 12 RV resorts and campgrounds, five marinas, five mobile home parks, and over 70 restaurants. Other opportunities include lake and desert tours, golfing, tennis, parasailing, fishing tournaments, boat regattas, jet-ski races, etc.

    It was made famous in 1963 when industrialist Robert P. McCulloch purchased the legendary London Bridge and had it shipped brick by brick to here.

    Lake Mojave

    Lake Mohave, located below Hoover Dam, is also an excellent Fishing destination. Plentiful bass, catfish and bluegill are found in both Lake Mead and Mohave. The best prize is trophy bass that can be upwards of 50 pounds. Many opportunities available for Colorado River adventure excursions.

    Arizona Boy Scout Councils

    BSA Councils oversee implementation of scouting facilities, programs and leadership training in each local area. They depend on your generous donations.

    BSA Grand Canyon Council
    Phoenix Metro & Northern Arizona

    Regional Headquarters, Service Center, Scout Shop and Training Facility for Boy Scouts of America. This council covers a large section of Arizona and New Mexico.

    BSA Catalina Council
    Southern Arizona Region

    Regional Headquarters, Service Center, Scout Shop and Training Facility for Boy Scouts of America. Catalina Council serves the southeastern portion of Arizona, from Ajo, Arizona to the Mexican Border in the south, and all the way east to the New Mexico boarder. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, they have four Districts and two camps.

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More Arizona Region Boy Scouts
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