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Maricopa Trail Tour
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    Arizona Maricopa Trail Tour
    Maricopa Trail is a great loop trail system currently under development. When completed it will link 9 of the area's regional parks into a great 240 mile trail that circles the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Many opportunities for a multi-day high-adventure backpacking or bikepacking wilderness treks.

    Approximately 1/3 of the proposed trail plan is complete at this time. The completed portions include parts of the Sun Circle Trail, pathways following the McMicken corridor in Surprise and many existing canal embankments. Natural waterways will also be a prominent part of the route, with segments paralleling the Agua Fria, the Gila and the Salt Rivers. The trail will also pass through or connect to local mountain areas including the White Tank Mountains, South Mountains, Sierra Estrella and the McDowell Mountains. Portions of the trail also pass through the Tonto National Forest.

    Portions of the trail will be available use for these recreational activities:

    • Hiking
    • Equestrian
    • Mountain Biking
    • Inline Staking
    • Running

    Lake Pleasant
    Aquatics High Adventure Base

    What better way to escape the Arizona heat than in the water. Stay at Scout camp facilities. Discount daily rental rates nearby for jet skis, wakeboats, pontoon boats. Have fun working those watersports merit badges and beltloops.

    Estrella Mountain Park
    A pristine desert wilderness, located near the meeting of the Gila and Agua Fria Rivers. This park includes a large wetland, or riparian, area. Site of 4,500 foot Hayes Peak and many wilderness trails.
    white tank mountains arizona White Tank Mountain Park

    Several trailheads lead to waterfalls, campgrounds, and Native American archaeological sites. Bicycling and horseback riding are permitted on many of the trails.
    The Maricopa Trail

    Maricopa County Parks & Recreation,
    234 N. Central Ave, Suite 6400, Phoenix, AZ 85004; 602-506-2930;

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Maricopa Trail Map Arizona

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Maricopa Parks - Park Ranger
Maricopa Trail - Official Trail Plan

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