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White Tank Mountain Park
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Park Overview
white tank mountains arizona

    At 29,270 acres, White Tank Mountain Regional Park is the largest county regional park in Maricopa County. It is located west of Phoenix / Glendale area.

    Park facilities include picnic ramadas, campgrounds, restrooms and public showers.

    A popular feature of this park is its 26 mile network of winding hiking trails. Bicycling and horseback riding are permitted on many of the trails. In addition to the network of hiking trails there is a 10 miles (16 km) competitive track designed for "high speeds, challenging one's skills, and racing".

    Several native american archaeological sites are preserved within the park. These include remnants of 7 Hohokam villages and many rock petroglyphs. Park visitors are encouraged to photograph petroglyphs or other archaeological remains but otherwise do not disturb them.

    • Waterfall Trail - The most commonly used of the part trails, this one mile trail runs to a narrow canyon and seasonal waterfall.
    • Black Rock Trail - leads to several ancient Native American archealogical sites and petroglyphs.

    The Maricopa Trail
    Maricopa County Parks & Recreation

    A giant loop trail surrounding the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area that connects a great number of the best wilderness regional parks. Many opportunities for a multi-day high-adventure backpacking survival trek.
    White Tank Mountain Regional Park
    Maricopa County Parks & Recreation

    20304 W. White Tank Mountain Road, Waddell, AZ 85355;
    623-935-2505; Park Website;
    Park Open Daily: 6AM-8PM;

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