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    NOTE: Most youth camps are available year around to all youth groups and family activities regardless of affiliation. In fact many want your business to support their core operations.

    #1) Camp Howard Wall [NCAC]
    U.S. Virgin Islands

    Bioluminescent nightime kayak tours, see exotic Caribbean wildlife, Buck Island Reef Tour, Hike to isolated beaches,

    Camp Howard Wall is located on the south coast of St. Croix, the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands and just a two and a half hour plane ride from Miami. The camp is your stepping stone to untold island adventures.

    #2) Camp Goshen
    Virginia's Lake Merriweather

    Goshen Scout Reservation is a collection of three boy scout camps, two webelos camps and one high-adventure base located on 450-acre Lake Merriweather in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. It is also base camp for the Lenhok'sin High Adventure program with access to trails across 40,000 acres of protected Virginia wilderness.

    Goshen borders portions of the George Washington National Forest and other state parks. Another popular treat here are the military fly-overs by Air Force or Navy aircraft conducting practice bomb-runs on the Goshen Dam.

    #3) Camp Saunders [HOVC]
    Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation

    This boy scout summer camp has several very unique features found nowhere else. Highlights include giant 100-foot waterslide, giant climbing iceberg, the Civil War Experience Tour for older scouts, Cub Adventure Camp and a full Winter Scout Camp program.

    Since 1963 Brady Saunders Scout Camp has been providing high quality outdoor programs for scouts, families and other youth groups. This camp has amazing facilites and a very diverse program offering geared toward all levels of Scouting.

    #4) Camp Mataguay [SDIC]
    Glider Aviation Program

    This wilderness boy scout camp in Southern California has partnered with a couple of unique neighbors to provide an awesome summer camp experience for boy scouts and their families.

      Glider Flight Program: The Aviation merit badge program here puts scouts onboard a genuine glider flight.
      Palomar Observatory: Another unique camp neighbor is this world famous facility. Working the Astronomy merit badge here includes a tour narrated by a professional astronomer.
      Pacific Crest Trail: Hiking enthusiasts may enjoy this place as a jump off point to experience a portion of this famous west coast trail that runs from the Mexican border to Canada.

    #5) Salmon River Idaho
    Whitewater Adventure Base.

    Come experience a truly lifelong memory, exciting and challenging camp experience, accept our invitation to join us at the Salmon River High Adventure Base (SRHAB). The SRHAB is located on the Salmon River near Riggins, Idaho. The SRHAB welcomes youth of Varsity and Exploring age who are ready for a challenging high adventure of river running, hiking and rappelling. The motto and guiding principal at the SRHAB is ”Striving for Personal Excellence.” Sponsored by the BSA OREIDA Council.

    The facilities at the SRHAB are purposely a more primitive camping experience. Groups are required to participate and use “leave no trace camping” techniques.

    #6) Atchafalaya BSA Swamp Base
    Louisiana Bayou - Rugged Overniters

    A Wilderness far too intimidating for the casual outdoorsman, The Atchafalaya Swamp remains shrouded in mystery. But for the adventurous and the prepared, the swamp offers challenges to conquer and wonders to behold." - Swamp Base BSA.

    Atchafalaya Swamp, is the largest wetland and swamp in the United States. Located in south central Louisiana, it is a combination of wetlands and river delta area where the Atchafalaya River and the Gulf of Mexico converge.

    Scout Ranger
    BSA NPS Park Service Patch

    Boy Scouts can earn special recognition for service performed at any one of our National Parks. Scouts are also encouraged to submit a short narrative to the BSA Good Turn for America website describing their participation and lessons learned. 5 hours service for the certificate, 10 hours for their cool patch.
    Scout Ranger - See the NPS Website here for program details.

    #7) Camp Emerald Bay [WLAC]
    Catalina Island Getaway

    This remote Pacific Island found offshore from Southern California is counted as one of the top ten tourism destinations of the U.S. West Coast because of its outdoor scenery and high adventure amenities. Not one, but two of California's most sought after boy scout camps are located here.

    Noteworthy attractions include roaming the island, kayaking to offshore sea caves, watching for bison and island foxes, a first rate marine science center and the camp's big environmental station.

    #8) Possum Kingdom Lake
    Texas Lakefront Scouting Retreat

    AKA: Camp Constantin / Furst Aquatic Base.
    This camp has over 385 acres and covers six miles of shoreline that look towards the majestic Castle Cliff on Possum Kingdom Lake. Activities include hiking, rifle, shotgun, archery, canoeing and swimming in one of the clearest lakes in Texas.

    Summer camp programs include one of Scouting's largest waterfront areas with sailboats, water skiing, canoeing, swimming, motor boating, snorkeling, and blobbing.

    #9) Camp Buffalo Bill
    Yellowstone National Park

    Camp Buffalo Bill lies seven miles east of Yellowstone National Park in the Shoshone National Forest and has provided a quality summer camp experience for scouts from across the country since 1949.

    The camp is ideal for troops wishing to have both a Scout camp experience and tour the nation's first national park. Camp Buffalo Bill is also the home of the Yellowstone High Adventure Outpost, a high adventure program where scouts can participate in one of four core areas: Trek, Climbing, Paddlesports, and Winter.

    NOTE: Most youth camps are available year around to all youth groups and family activities regardless of affiliation. In fact many want your business to support their core operations.

    #10) Camp Peaveful Valley
    Colorado Rockies @ 7,000 Foot Elevation

    Three great camps in one at 7,000 feet elevation in Central Colorado:

    1. Camp Cris Dobbins - Traditional Scout Summer Camp Program - Over 40 outdoor merit badge programs
    2. Camp Cortlandt Dietler - Hardcore Style of Camping for independent troops who want to do it all themselves.
    3. Magness Adventure Camp - Resident Cub Scout Camp for the younger boys - forestry, canoeing, fishing & BB Guns.

    #11) Camp Melakwa
    Volcanic Lava Tube Maze

    This BSA High Adventure Base (Oregan Trail Council) is located at the crest of the Cascade mountains near McKenzie Bridge. Camp Melawka offers a rugged and fun High Adventure for your Troop's Summer. There is a trail around Lake Melakwa, and from Council Bluffs you can see the Three Sisters Mountains.

    Rugged adventure includes rappeling down and crawling out of narrow volcanic lava tubes.

    #12) Camp Baldwin
    60-Horse Corral / Mount Hood NF

    Camp Baldwin, located next to scenic Mount Hood National Forest, hosts several activity programs for older scouts.

    • Deschutes River Rafting - Single day rafting trip with experienced river guides. Extra fee required to cover boat rental and lunch on the river.
    • Rock Climbing - physically demanding activity that is a real cliffhanger.
    • Hood River Windsurfing - Single day trip to the professional Hood River Windsurfing school.
    • 60 Horse Corral - large boy scout horse herd
    • Mountain Bike Rugged Overnighter - day trips also avialable.

    #13) Camp Parsons
    Olympic Peninsula

    Olympic Peninsula is a scenic wilderness area in the secluded northwest corner of Washington State. Camp Parsons can launch your group on the following high adventures.

    • Olympic Peninsula Backpacking Treks: Camp Parsons is located near some of the best hiking trails on the Olympic Peninsula. There will be opportunities for day hikes, fishing and off trail hikes from an established base camp, depending on the skill of the group.
    • Kayak Treks: Camp Parsons is one of only a handful of Boy Scout camps operating a saltwater aquatics program. Your trek begins and ends at camp and will cover roughly 50 miles, but this can be increased depending on the skill of the group.

    #14) Camp Jack Wright
    Confederate Iron Works

    Camp Jack Wright features traditional scout camping and is located in the Roupes Valley, adjacent to Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park. A beautiful nature area with great hiking trails, plentiful wildlife, professional orienteering course, horseback trailrides. Civil War museum and pioneer farm is located next door. Lots to do for both older and younger boy scouts. It is located on the border between Tuscaloosa and Jefferson Counties,

    #15) Camp Buffalo Trails
    Texas Trail Rides

    9,320 acre Buffalo Trails is located in premier West Texas Wilderness. The camp features western trail rides, shooting sports, many rock climbing formations, and several specialty programs.

    Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Davis Mountains, this facility is one of America’s premier High-Adventure council camps. In operation since 1947, this beautiful ranch has met the needs of Scouts, Scouters, and their families for over 50 years.

    Boy Scout Summer Camp Scoutmaster Troop Snoopy's Super Troop
    No Scout Should Miss Summer Camp

    No Scout should miss out on the fun and excitement of summer camp because he can’t participate with his own troop. Ask your local council about the Summer Camp Provisional Troop. It is also available for scouts who want to attend an additional week an opportunity to not miss out on the fun.

    This unique program groups Scouts from many different troops into a single patrol, thus offering them a similar experience as Scouts who attend summer camp with their traditional troop.

    #16) Camp Loll
    Between Yellowstone and The Tetons

    Generations rave about Camp Loll, the camp tucked in middle of the brooding, old growth forest, nestled around the "Lake of the Woods". Not only do they run a popular traditional boy scout summer camp with many merit badges, but they also host three amazing backcountry hi-adventure treks directly into either one of these two awesome national parks, Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons.

    Rock climbing, beautiful lakes, majestic waterfalls, endless forest and a great variety of wildlife add to the magic of Camp Loll, operated by the Trapper Council of BSA.

    #17) Camp Steiner
    Between Yellowstone and The Tetons

    Highest Boy Scout Camp in America

    That's right! At 10,400 ft elevation in the majestic Uinta Mountain wilderness east of Kamas UT, (or just south of Evanston WY). Camp Steiner is ranked as the highest elevation boy scout camp in the USA and second highest camp in the world. Besides a full summer scout camp program, it is an excellent base for high adventure trekking into the surrounding wilderness. It is the flagship camp program of the Great Salt Lake Council.

    Founded in 1930, Camp Steiner is known for its many traditions including Mountain Man competitions and the Steiner Yell. The reenactment of the siege of Mafeking, followed by the Honor Trail, a dawn hike and the Polar Bear Plunge are all a part of Steiner's program.

    #18) Camp Horseshoe Bend
    Old West Style Scout Camp

    Horseshoe Bend at El Rancho Cima (Texas) is one of the best Old West Style Scout Camps in the Country. With over 40 horses and one of the few summer scout camps that features a complete Horsemanship and Animal Science Merit Badge programs. It is also home 8 rifle ranges and 2 shotgun ranges. The stockade offers room for horseshoe playing and branding demonstrations. Scoutmasters regularly square off for a major Cook-Off featuring an exceptional array of unique dutch oven desserts. You will encounter many genuine cowboys here.

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    Camp Fee Waiver / Credits

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