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Topic Overview

The island of Navassa is U.S. Territory and lies 40 miles east of Haiti. This rocky promintory is uninhabited and lacks fresh water. Surrounding sea-cliffs forces visitors to land by helicopter or to use a ladder from shore to make landfall. Holes made by guano miners (see history) make it difficult to walk around the island.

The offshore coral reefs and deep waters are the most pristine and unspoiled in all of the caribbean - largely due to their remote inaccessibility. Efforts are underway to safeguard this area as marine wildlife preserve.

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This deserted island was the site of guano mining operations in the mid to late 1800's by a crew of upto 140 workers from Baltimore. Mining was interrupted in 1889 when a rebellion caused the death of five supervisors and some crew were sent to Baltimore for murder charges.

Mining operations ceased in 1898 when the Spanish-American War forced the evacuation of all workers. The company went bankrupt and no mining has been attempted since.


Recent expeditions have discovered over 15 species of previously unknown plants, insects, lichens and reptiles unique to the island. Scientists are confident of finding yet more.

Scientific exploration of the local coral reefs have revealed healthy populations of organisms that are in serious decline elsewhere in the Caribbean. This includes black spiny sea urchins. Nearby deep waters have not yet been explored.

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