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Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch

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    Peaceful Valley Boy Scout Camp Horse Ranch Three great camps make up Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch, which is located at 7,000 feet in elevation near the town of Elbert, CO.

    This camp facility is a one hour drive from downtown Denver.

    Camp Cris Dobbins
    Traditional Scout Camp

    This camp includes a traditional dining hall camping experience with Scouts enjoying high quality meals in the William R. Kephart Dining Hall while work on their choice of over 40 merit badges and participating in programs designed around the weekly theme.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it; will be to climb, shoot, swim, and outpost as 3,316 acres of Colorado forest turns into your personal playground for the week. Experience programs and features not available to most campers in one of the most extreme weeks of your life.

    Camp fun does not stop at night! During evening program, enjoy a number of fun activities and experience parts of camp that only come alive after dark. Make a customized music video in front our green screen, play volleyball, brand personal items with cool designs, work on your Totin' Chip, or touch a live tarantula.

    Peaceful Valley Boy Scout Camp Horse Ranch Camp Cortlandt Dietler
    Hardcore Scouting

    Come find the “hardcore” style of camping, filling the camp with bold and exciting character. Scouts will pitch their own tents, cook food as a patrol and learn how to work as a team to make their week successful. Not sure your troop has enough experience for something like this? Don’t worry; our staff is here to help! All activities are done under the watchful eye of our trained staff, who will be on hand all week to assist you and your Scouts.

    Rugged, lean, and mean; Camp Dietler is Peaceful Valley's “patrol cooking camp.” Here, troops will participate in a back-to-basics style of camping that gives Camp Dietler its bold and exciting character. Scouts will pitch their own tents, cook food as a patrol and learn how to work as a team to make their week successful.

    As the afternoon starts winding down, Scouts will spend time as patrols working on pioneering projects or running an orienteering course. Evening is greeted with a wonderful dinner prepared by the Scouts, along with participate in various evening activities, ranging from side-splitting campfires to a camp-wide outpost, during which everyone sleeps out under the stars for a night at one of our themed sites.

    Camp Dietler will take your Scouts in and show them the true meaning of "hardcore" camping, spitting them out ready to take on any challenge nature can throw their way.

    Peaceful Valley Denver Cub SCout Day Camp Camp Magness Adventure
    Cub Scout Camp

    The resident Cub Scout camp, introducing young boys to the adventure of Scouting in the outdoors. Scouts and their families will spend their days hiking through Ponderosa Pines in the Black Forest, canoeing and fishing on the lake, and shooting BB guns.

    With a beautiful lake, archery, tomahawk, and BB Gun ranges, rock climbing site, canoes, paddle boats, and outstanding facilities, Magness provides the Cub Scout camping adventure for Scouts of all ages!

    Panning Pete's Super Boy Scout Adventure Troop Colorado Panning Pete's Super Troop

    No Scout should miss out on the fun and excitement of summer camp because he can’t participate with his own troop.

    This provisional troop that provides Scouts unable to attend summer camp with their own troop or Scouts who want to attend an additional week an opportunity to not miss out on the fun. This unique program groups Scouts from many different troops into a single patrol, thus offering them a similar experience as Scouts who attend summer camp with their traditional troop.

    Boy Scout Summer Camp Scoutmaster Troop Over the course of the week, Scouts will take part in all the exciting programs Camp Cortlandt Dietler has to offer. From earning merit badges to shooting rifles to attending an outpost at Adventure Valley or Colorado History, participants will have the adventure of their lives! Participants will also learn more about essential scouting principals like the patrol method and team work as they cook their own food together, build a pioneering project and overcome challenges throughout the week as one cohesive unit.

    Video Tour - Cris Dobbins Camp

    Cris Dobbins and Cortlandt Dietler are for registered Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts who are 11-17 years old and their adult leaders. Magness Adventure Camp is for registered Cub Scouts who are 6-10 years old, their parents, and their siblings.

    All camp participants, including adults, must have a medical exam prior to attending camp and present a completed National BSA Health Form and Colorado Supplement upon arrival at camp. Download these forms in English and Spanish.

    Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch
    22799 N Elbert Rd, Elbert CO 80106; 303-455-5522; Camp Website;

    Camp Fee Waiver / Credits

    Many BSA Camp Facilities will waiver the camping fee for each participant in the group that completes a four-hour service project for the camp. [Need Ideas: Trail Repair / Camp Signage / Info Kiosk / Tent Repair / Painting and Maintenance / Weed Control / Road Repair / Donate Supplies]

BSA Fieldbook
BSA Fieldbook
Outdoor Trek Guide

Based on experiences of millions of Scouts and leaders, this book holds essential information for every outdoor enthusiast. A comprehensive reference, this handbook includes sections on trek, preparation and adventures, appreciating our environment, and more.

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