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Comic Adventure Links
Scouting - Boy Scouts of America
Boys Life - BSA Youth Magazine - National Camp Association

California Resort Life
Exciting resort accommodations in beautiful California USA. Come see what's new.

    Family Comics - New Feature on!
    While the daily papers are fast shrinking and their daily funnies page is disappearing, our funny page is rapidly growing with archives of past issues. Also they are now in big, crisp easy to ready color - no more squinting at tiny B&W funnies.

    Today's Comic Strips - The Classics
    B.C. by Hart Studios - prehistoric life at its zaniest. [ More B.C. ]
    Baby Blues Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott - When the little Tykes have you outnumbered! [ More Baby Blues ]
    Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker - An army private that is the center of attention [ More Beetle ]
    Blondie by Dean Young - the new adventures of Dagwood Bumstead [ More Blondie ]
    Cathy by Cathy Guisewite - Come visit Cathy's World. [ More Cathy ]
    Crankshaft - Batiuk & Ayers - Ed Crankshaft - Expert School Bus Driver [ More Crankshaft ]
    Dennis the Menace by Bil Keane - more family adventure humor [ More DM ]
    Dilbert by Scott Adams - a mild, mannered software engineer stuck in a nutty world. [ More Dilbert ]
    Doonesbury by Gary Trudeau - bent liberal politcal humor [ More Doonesbury ]
    Family Circus by Bil Keane - more family adventure humor [ More FC ]
    For Better or Worse by Lynn Johnston - the Adventures of Elly Patterson raising her Canadian family in the far north. [ More FBOW ]
    Foxtrot - by Bill Amend - where family humor and pop culture collide headon. [ Sundays Only / More Foxtrot ]
    Garfield - by Jim Davis - this funny lazy fat cat is the most widely syndiated cartoon in the world today. [ More Garfield ]
    Hagar the Horrible - by Chris Browne - a working middle class Viking here. [ More Hagar ]
    Hi and Lois - by Brian Walker - More family humor [ More Hi ]
    Luann - by Greg Evans - Luann DeGroot learns to manage school, her love interests, family and friends. [ More Luann ]
    Marmaduke - by Brad Anderson - A really big dog with a nose for trouble. [ More Marmaduke ]
    Shermans Lagoon - by Jim Toomey - A bumbling shark and some wierd friends. [ More Sherman ]
    Tank McNamara - Miller & Hinds - A sports jock with a knack for making the news. [ More Tank ]
    Wizard of Id by Hart Studios - a midevil despot and his incompetant realm. [ More Id ]
    Zits - Scott & Borgman - more teenage angst [ More Zits ]

    Today's Comic Strips - Rising Stars
    Baldo - Cantu & Castellanos - A Latino family hacks life. [ More Baldo ]
    The Born Loser by the Samsons. - The Thornapple Family has a hard time keeping up with everyone else. [ More Born Loser ]

    Today's Comic Strips - New Discoveries

    Sunday Serials
    Prince Valiant by Schultz and Gianni. - a combination of narrative adventure and sometimes humorous family drama. [ Sunday Serial : More Prince Valiant ]

    YouTube Classics
    SUSAN BOYLE - Britain Got Talent Celebrity - Simon Cowell didn't see this one coming.
    The Mom Song - funniest musical tribute to Moms (with script)

    Have I Done Any Good?
    2015 Big Video

    Have You Done Your Good Turn Today?
    YouTube Superstar, Alex Boye, has produced an awesome music video that will jump start your next group service project - Have I Done Any Good In The World Today?.

    Special Event Tours
    MainTour can get you discount rates to attend a number of exciting special events includeing the following:
    Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC Studio Audience - Burbank CA
    Football Bowl Game Vacation Package - Accommodations, Tickets, Meals, Souvenir and Transportation

    Comics - Special Sections
    Page 6 - Religious Funnies - humor in the church pews. - Every Event, Every Venue

    Funniest Blogs
    Sense of Humor Blog - How to put a smile on someone's face.

    Quote of the Week
    If Con is the opposite of Pro, then what is the opposite of Progress?

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