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    Poway LDS Stake Young Women

    This music video is performed by the talented Young Women of the Poway California Stake of the LDS church. This video was made in response to a video made by the Poway Young Men who made a video that was shown at the Young Women's camp in June. The return the gift was this music video.

    It was shot at the Old Poway Park in Poway California. The song actually entitled "Holding Out for a Hero" sung by the cast of Glee pays tribute to the young men in the church who are striving to be good examples to the world. The video involves multiple scenes where these excitable young sisters sing their hearts out about their search for a hero. The video was shown on July 9, 2013 at the Boy Scouts Zions Camp in Mataguay in front of 1400+ LDS young men. (I was there! MainTour Editor: Bryce Hall)

    Music Soundtrack: "Holding Out For A Hero (Glee Cast Version)" by Glee Cast (Google Play iTunes AmazonMP3) / Artist Glee

    I Need A Hero
    Poway Stake Young Women

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