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Be Happy Through Wholesome Recreation

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    What Is The MainTour Adventure Fieldbook:
    Do You Want To Live Happily Everafter?
    Do You Want To Avoid Common Mistakes?
    Do You Want To Feel Good About Yourself?

    The MainTour Adventure Fieldbook is a collection of simple but profound principles that promote great living through wholesome recreation. Each one is certain to dramatically improve the quality of happiness in your daily living.

    Recreation Builds Character
    Wholesome recreation is a primary method of building important skills and talents. It also encourages the development of imporant personal attributes such as patience, work, self-esteem and other practical social skills.

    Recreation Builds Happy Families
    Wholesome recreational activities provides opportunities for families to work together in the pursuit of fun and worthwhile goals. It also creates opportunities to increase love in the home.

    Recreation Builds Strong Communities
    Recreational programs provide opportunities for people with shared interests to meet and interact.

    Recreation Is Educational
    In many instances, a recreational adventure presents you with the challenge to discover how to transform a simple subject into something fun and exciting. Education happens as you explore, experiment and interact with your challenge.

    Recreation Promotes Environmental Awareness
    Almost any activity that gets you to look beyond the confines of the four walls of your home is making you aware of the environment that surrounds you. Examples include gardening, camping, and visits to the local zoo, museum or park.

    Recreation Improves Physical Fitness
    Many wholesome recreational adventures encourage at least a simple walking tour while more greater exercise can be provided by more strenous sports related endeavors.

    Recreation Helps the Economy
    Wholesome recreational ventures provide job opportunities and promotes tourism which attracts cash from outside the community.

    Recreation Deters Vice, Crimes & Gangs
    Being involved in positive recreational programs discourages boredom and wasting your time and resources in gambling, harmful substances, obscene literature and other dangerous and illegal practices.

    Many people through either ignorance or stubbornness miss out on a lot of the fun and beauty that exists all around them. Here we will share many quick and easy tips to that will increase both the quantity and quality of your adventure experiences.

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    Come back each day to gain a new tip on how to:
    Live Happily Everafter -
    Make Quality Life Choices -
    Be Your Best Every Day -
    Eliminate Negative Influences In Your Life -
    Shortcuts to Great Wisdom -

Adventure Links The Search for Wholesome Recreation

    Characteristics of Wholesome Recreation
    Scientific research has discovered that people across cultures find pleasure in similar experience. These experiences find the optimal balance of skill, control, structure, challenge, goal setting and feedback, concentration, merging action with environment, and transformation of time.

    Successful Adventures in Wholesome Recreation
    What makes and adventure exciting is their a degree of risk involved. Success in that adventure is a factor of the effort of preparation, concentration and skill that are applied to conquering that challenge. Great adventurers know how to manage the risk in order to maximize their success.

    Preparing for Success
    Preparation involves planning, study, research, practice.

    The Virtue of Patience
    Great leaders are people who are patient enough to learn from their mistakes, by learning options work and what doesn't.

    Living Well Is the Process of Making Great Life Choices
    There are three simple steps to gaining Wisdom:
    Understand Truth - Knowledge is Power - To follow a correct principle, you must first understand how it works.
    Accept Truth - When a principle is presented to you need to make a determination of whether its value to you is relevant. Is that principle true or false.
    Commit to Follow Truth - Motivation Follows Action - Wisdom includes making the commitment to not only learn about true principles but to make them a intergral part of your life.

    Motivation Follows Action

    The first attempt to implement a true principle in your life is an act of faith. But always after you start living the principle you reap the benefits and your life is better because of it. Then your faith is transformed into knowledge.

    Reduce Negative Influences In Your Life

    To follow correct principles, you will need to actively and courageously remove from your environment those factors that will cause you to fail. In some cases you may need to ask for outside help. For your benefit we have added free links to useful resources in this fieldbook.

    Living Well Is The Power To Be Your Best

    Each day we are faced with many choices. We challenge you to make the best choice every time. Resolve ahead of time what kind of life you want for yourself.

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