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    Hawaii Boy Scout High Adventure Tour - 200+ Awesome Hawaii Treks
    - Regional Summer Scout Camps
    - Best Hawaii Rugged Overniters
    - Popular Scout Attractions
    - Hawaii Boy Scouts Heroes
    - Young Men Sports & Recreation


    What's New in MainTour Hawaii

    Volcano Ocean Volcano Lavaflow Hits Ocean:
    03-Dec-2012 : Hawaii

    Come watch an ongoing Dramatic Nature Show on Hawaii's Big Island as A volcano is spilling lava 7 miles downhill into the ocean, creating a rare and spectacular fusion of steam and waves that officials said could attract thrill-seeking visitors if it continues.

    Lava from a vent in Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii began flowing into the ocean 7 miles (11 km) away on Saturday. The volcano has been erupting continuously from its Pu'u O'o vent since 1983.

    Even as Hawaii tourism officials awaited an increase in visitors drawn by the explosive natural show, officials warned of potentially deadly risks and urged visitors to stay a safe distance away and respect barriers placed around the lava flow.

    When the lava reaches the ocean, it cools, darkens and hardens into a lava delta amid an outpouring of steam. The lava delta is newly created land that is unstable and can collapse without warning.

    Best of Hawaii Scouting

    Tour Oahu Vacation Adventure Guide
    The Island of Oahu hosts over a million visitors annually. The capital of Hawaii, Honolulu is the commercial and economic center of the islands and along with its world famous Waikiki Beach is the heart of the island. The 597 square mile island of Oahu consists primarily two parallel mountain ranges, the Waianae on the west and the Koolau along the east. Between the two you'll find the deep water Pearl Harbor which is both an important commercial and military anchorage.

    Major Vacation Destinations
    Big Island

    Major Vacation Attractions
    Oahu North Shore
    Pearl Harbor
    Waikiki Beach

    Tour Polynesian Cultural Center
    Learn about South Seas peoples and see an exciting evening pageant, located in Laie, north shore of Oahu.

    Tour Pearl Harbor
    Tour Pearl Harbor and historic landmark attractions including the USS Arizona Memorial.

    When The Summer Is Over - What Memory Will You Keep?
    1 or 2 Week Full Adventure Treks or Junior Adventure Treks
    for Scouts, Troops, Families & Youth Groups.

    Hawaii Zip Line Course Hawaii Scout Camps
    Mountain Camps, Wilderness Camps, Aquatic Camps, Popular Out-of-State Expeditions, Make Your Own Summer Camp, Webeloes Day Camps and more. COPE Zipline Course and more.


    Hawaii Lake Balloon Launch Hawaii Church Youth Camps
    A number of religious groups in the area operate some interest outdoor facilities especially for youth. If you are looking for something different, try this list.


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    Outdoor Adventure Gear Supplier

    Colorado Rocky Mountain Trek BSA Colorado 14er Club
    Big Mountain High Adventure

    The Colorado Rockies have 54 mountain peaks of over 14,000 foot elevation. As the trail gets steeper, the landscape changes from thick forests to barren moonscape. Frequently you can experience all four seasons in a single day's climb. And your reward is a wide variety of the best mountain top views in the USA.

    But Climbing any mountain that extends over 14,000 feet above sea level is not easy. Your legs ache and your lungs scream for air. It is the ultimate test of physical endurance and mental stamina.

    volcom clothing ::
    Boy Scout Camping Gear

    Hawaii Tall Peaks Tour
    How many Hawaii tall peaks have you reached the top of?

    Hawaii Bike-packing Tours
    As featured in Boys Life (May 2012) the newest fad for exploring wilderness terrain - overnight adventures riding your mountain bikes.

    Hawaii Exotic Wildlife
    Where to go to see some of Hawaii's more famous inhabitants in their natural setting.

    Hobby Tron - Awesome Toys

    Hawaii Boy Scout Councils

    BSA Councils oversee implementation of scouting facilities, programs and leadership training in each local area. They depend on your generous donations.

Living Social Hawaii Adventures
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With new and diverse offerings each day, we encourage our members to discover everything from family aquarium outings to weekend excursions to exclusive gourmet dinners and more.

  • Boating Tours
  • Museums & Aquariums
  • Historic Landmarks
  • Nostalgic Resorts

Hawaii Sports Events
Check Calendar and Order Tickets Easily Online Here!

    Baseball -
    Football -
    Basketball -
    Soccer -
    Tournaments -
    NASCAR -

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Hawaii Church Camps
200+ Awesome Hawaii Treks
Regional Summer Scout Camps
Best Hawaii Rugged Overniters
Popular Scout Attractions
Hawaii Eagles Nest Heroes
Young Men Sports & Recreation
More Hawaii Scouting

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