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"We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things."
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Camping for Youth in 2020 - Several announcements from church leaders today. Camping is to be an important part of the new youth program. Where will your ward/stake go camping in Summer 2020? (21-Sep-2018)

  • Camping and outdoor activities will be emphasized
  • Activities will be based on needs, rather on requirements.
  • "For the Strength of Youth Conferences" mentioned - FSY conferences are multistake youth activities held under the direction of Area Presidencies.
  • LDS Apostle Elder Rasband posted on his Facebook page about his youth experience of earning his Eagle Scout Rank and looks forward to a strong camping element in the 2020 initiative.
  • LDS Young Women general president, Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, also posted on her Facebook page that the new program will have many fun activities.
  • Church releases a statement from President Ballard, "We have been considering for many years how we can best meet the needs of a worldwide church..."

Why More LDS Families Say Yes to Scouting After 2019. - Thousands of families have reached out to our local Boy Scouts of America offices to find out if their children can continue in Scouting after December 2019. The answer is ‘YES!’ (20-Sep-2018)

Delaware County Eagle Scout Completes 9/11 Memorial Project - Includes a Brick for Every Victim (15-Sep-2018)

75-Year VETERAN Scouting Award : My Scouting Journal - Excellent Duty to God Story: Tonight I had the extremely rare honor to help recognize Dr. Richard Preece for 75 years of active participation in the scouting program. Scoutmaster in three different cities, COR, COH, Unit Commissioner, Roundtable Commissioner, two major Jamborees and it all began when he started as a 8-year old cubscout in 1940. His only break was when he served a two year mission for the LDS Church in Canada. (13-Sep-2018).

For Youth: Saints Volume I - The First Presidency of the LDS Church has sent out a letter asking that all youth of the church read the new volume of Church History: Saints. All 46 chapters of Volume I are available on the Gospel Library app as of today and at this URL Link. (I'm upto Chapter 8 and enjoying it now.) (09-Sep-2018)

Duty to God Completed My Scouter Journal - I've just completed a significant non-sectarian article about teaching youth all faith's their Duty to God on the ScoutWiki. (09-Sept-2018)

New Pack Startup My Scouter Journal
Visit today to the local Elk's Lodge to the first committee meeting of a brand new Cub Scout Pack that will serve a bilingual inter-city population near me. It's great to see people ready to jump to the chance to serve our youth. (08-Sep-18)

Commissioner Corps Meeting My Scouter Journal
Monthly meetings of the District Commissioner Corps and District Committee. Always a great experience to share some great ideas with some great people of different faiths who all care about the youth in our community. (06-Sep-2018)

BSA to make Scoutbook Free in 2019 - Change effective 01-Jan-2019! Yes - Free!

New Tarantula Species named for Eagle Scout - Real-life Spider-Man - Check out what Eagle Scout Bill Steele, a world-renowned speleologist, found inside the caves in Mexico...(03-Sep-2018)

Teen create K-9 officer memorial for Eagle Project - "K-9s are one of the biggest officers and the most heroic officer out there." - ( - 03-Sep-2018)

Free National Park Pass for 4th Graders - "Every Kid in a Park". Get the Pass, Plan a Trip. Hit the Road. (02-Sep-2018)

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