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Louisiana Youth Hi-Adventure Trek

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    Tour Atchafalaya Basin Louisiana - Bayou Rugged Overniter
    - 30x Remote Campsites
    - Boat Access Only
    - Kayak River Trek
    - Primitive Camping
    - SwampBase BSA
    - Kayak Fishing
    - Alligator Territory
    - Biggest Swampland in USA

    "A Wilderness far too intimidating for the casual outdoorsman, The Atchafalaya Swamp remains shrouded in mystery. But for the adventurous and the prepared, the swamp offers challenges to conquer and wonders to behold." - Swamp Base BSA.

    New as of 2014 - Atchafalaya Basin in Central Louisiana now offers 30 remote bayou campsites on public lands. Most campsites are accessible only by watercraft. Although much of the land in this area is privately owned and does not permit trespassing, this camping program has detailed online maps and coordinates to help you reach these sites.

    The Basin Camping Program has meticulously prepared these 30 campsites and the travel instructions. Each campsite has installed a marker post and fire ring.

    Evangeline Area Council Boy Scouts has been one of the organizations active in this program with the intent toward helping scouts experience new areas of the vast swamp.

    The Atchafalaya is home to over 250 bird species, many animals and fish - and no doubt - you will want to explore this beautiful landscape while enjoying the great outdoors!

    We invite you to "get away from it all" and do some communicating with nature. Be bold, free, wild, adventurous, carefree at any one of the campsites identified with a metal post marked PC #

    Atchafalaya Camp Site List - List of all 30 campsites with GPR Coordinates and locations.
    DNR DoTheWildThing - Louisiana Dept of Nature Resources Website - Camping News and Restrictions
    BSA Swamp Base - Scouting Adventures in the Atchafalaya.
    Pack & Paddle - Atchafalaya Tour Outfitter - Kayaks / Canoes / Boats / Swamp Survival Gear. - National Heritage Area


    The Atchafalaya Swamp

    Atchafalaya Swamp, is the largest wetland and swamp in the United States. Located in south central Louisiana, it is a combination of wetlands and river delta area where the Atchafalaya River and the Gulf of Mexico converge. The river stretches from near Simmesport in the north through parts of eight parishes to the Morgan City area in the south.

    The Atchafalaya is unique among Louisiana basins because it has a growing delta system with nearly stable wetlands. The basin contains about 70% forest habitat and about 30% marsh and open water. It contains the largest contiguous block of forested wetlands remaining (about 35%) in the lower Mississippi River valley and the largest block of floodplain forest in the United States. Best known for its iconic cypress-tupelo swamps, this block of forest represents the largest remaining contiguous tract of coastal cypress in the US.

    The Atchafalaya gets its name from the Choctaw phrase for “Long River.” An unmatched American wilderness, the Atchafalaya Swamp encompasses 1.4 million acres—an area bigger than the state of Rhode Island—between Lafayette and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    The Atchafalaya is as diverse as it is large. The northern Atchafalaya is comprised of bottomland hardwood forests with a multitude of plant and animal species, the central area of the Atchafalaya features Louisiana’s iconic cypress-tupelo swamps, and the southern area blends fresh water with the brackish and salt marshes of the Gulf of Mexico. The Atchafalaya’s size and diversity make it the most dynamic swamp environment in the United States.

    This diversity includes large populations of wetland wildlife. The Atchafalaya supports half of America’s migratory fowl—more than 270 bird species, including wood storks, spoonbills, osprey, and the highest nesting concentration of bald eagles in the south central United States. Its waterways are home to nearly 100 species of fish and 65 species of reptiles and amphibians, including thousands of American alligators.

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    Hi Adventure Treks - Camp Atchafalaya Basin

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    Louisiana has many spectacular natural landmarks and attractions. Some are pretty popular well known, but there are many hidden treasures to explore. This is the extreme guide to fun for families and older youth groups.

    BSA Evangeline Council [EAC]
    Southern Louisiana Boy Scouts

    The BSA Council oversees implementation of scouting facilities, programs and leadership training in each local area. Follow this link for info about more scouting programs and recreational activities in this area. They depend on your generous donations in both time and resources. Go here first for help to get started in scouting.

    Hobby Tron - Awesome Toys

    Camp Fee Waiver / Credits

    Many BSA Camp Facilities will waive the camping fee for each participant in the group that completes a four-hour service project for the camp. [Need Ideas: Trail Repair / Camp Signage / Info Kiosk / Tent Repair / Painting and Maintenance / Weed Control / Road Repair / Donate Supplies]

    Secrets of the BSA Outdoor Essentials
    What You Really Need to Know!

    Pack Lean / Pack Smart! - Important tips on how to prepare scouting in the wild outdoors. The BSA Outdoor Essentials lists ten important items to always have on every wilderness adventure beginning with a with useful daypack. What will you bring?

Scouter Curtis Alleman leads another video mini-tour (#5) of the Atchafalaya River Basin Swamp, the largest inland river-fed swamp in the USA.
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Tour Camp Atchafalaya Basin Louisiana

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