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    USS Intrepid Naval Museum Tour

    Features aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, submarine USS Growler, space shuttle Enterprise and over 25 aircraft.

    The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is a military and maritime history museum with a collection of museum ships in New York City. It is located at Pier 86 at 46th Street in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood on the West Side of Manhattan.

    Ship History

    U.S.S. Intrepid (CV-11)
    The Fighting "I"

    One of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the United States Navy. Commissioned in August 1943, Intrepid participated in several campaigns in the Pacific Theater of Operations, most notably the Battle of Leyte Gulf, surviving five kamikaze attacks and one torpedo strike. Decommissioned shortly after the end of the war, she was modernized and recommissioned in the early 1950s as an attack carrier (CVA), and then eventually became an antisubmarine carrier (CVS). In her second career, she served mainly in the Atlantic, but also participated in the Vietnam War. Her notable achievements include being the recovery ship for a Mercury and a Gemini space mission.

    Decommissioned in 1974, in 1982 Intrepid became the foundation of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City.

    USS Intrepid U.S.S. Growler (SS-577)
    Growler is an early cruise missile submarine of the Grayback class, was the fourth ship of the United States Navy to be named after the growler, a large-mouth black bass.

    Growler first opened at the Intrepid Museum in 1989 and is the only American guided missile submarine open to the public. Growler offers visitors a firsthand look at life aboard a submarine and a close-up inspection of the once "top-secret" missile command center.

    USS Intrepid Space Shuttle Pavilion
    The Space Shuttle Pavilion showcases the space shuttle Enterprise, the prototype NASA orbiter that paved the way for America’s successful space shuttle program. Seventeen dynamic exhibit zones feature original artifacts, photographs, audio, and films that immerse visitors in the science and history of Enterprise and the space shuttle era.

    The first Space Shuttle. It was built for NASA as part of the Space Shuttle program to perform test flights in the atmosphere, aided by a modified Boeing 747.[1] It was constructed without engines or a functional heat shield, and was therefore not capable of spaceflight. It was unveiled on September 17, 1976.

    USS Intrepid British Airways Concorde
    The fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing by any Concorde occurred on February 7, 1996 and took only 2 hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds. This record-breaking plane—the Concorde Alpha Delta G-BOAD—is on display at the Intrepid Museum’s Pier 86.

    A total of 20 aircraft were built in France and the United Kingdom; six of these were prototypes and development aircraft. Seven each were delivered to Air France and British Airways.

    USS Intrepid Exhibits & Activities

    Admission includes a guided tour to the many aviation exhibits throughout the historic aircraft carrier and a number of restored historic aircraft.

    Pacific War Tour

    "Pacific War," a 100-minute Guided Tour, tells the story of USS Intrepid and the ship’s men during World War II. From 1943 to 1945 Intrepid participated in the greatest naval campaign in world history. Armed with state-of-the-art planes and crewed by more than 3,000 sailors, the "Fighting I" won hard fought victories against Imperial Japan in the Pacific theater. From the raid at Truk Atoll, to the Battle of Leyte Gulf, to the invasion of Okinawa, Intrepid’s men helped transform the names of little known Pacific islands into symbols of American courage and sacrifice.

    USS Intrepid Youth Programs

    Check out our exciting camp program, run by the Intrepid Museum’s Education Department. Registration is NOW OPEN for Winter/Spring and Summer sessions!

    • Exploreum Hall - Exploreum Interactive Hall offers 13,000 square feet of interactive exhibition space, designed for kids of all ages.
    • Simulators - Experience the virtual flight zone with three exciting simulators: G-Force Encounter, XD Theater, and the Transporter FX.
    • Intrepid LEGO Model - Artist Ed Diment assembled an amazing 22-foot, 550-pound model of Intrepid out of LEGO® bricks. The model Intrepid was crafted out of 250,000 LEGO® bricks, and is nearly 4.5 feet high and 4.5 feet wide. Free with Museum admission.

    USS Intrepid Overnight Program
    Families / Youth Groups

    Imagine spending the night on the longest-serving aircraft carrier in Navy history! Organized youth groups have that opportunity! Deployment aboard the Intrepid includes:

    • Dinner and breakfast on the mess deck; once used by the enlisted crew;
    • Sleeping in enlisted crew berths (supervised);
    • Unique Shipboard Flag Ceremony and Bugle Calls
    • A taste of Navy life and Navy order; and loads of fun!

    Aviation Merit Badge BSA Aviation Merit Badge
    Scouting / Home Schools

    One of the coolest study programs available in scouting. Learn the principals of aircraft operations and aviation careers with this ready make study guide for youth.

    Fleet Week Festival Fleet Week Naval Festival
    Third Week in May

    Festivities kick off on Wednesday, with the parade of U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard ships on the Hudson River, including four U.S. Naval Academy Yard Patrol craft that will dock at the Intrepid Museum’s Pier 86. In addition to our annual screening of Top Gun on the flight deck and activities on the pier, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet distinguished aviators and sailors.

    USS Intrepid Museum
    Address: Pier 86 West 46th Street, New York City NY 10036;
    Contact: 212-245-0072; Museum Website;
    Open Daily: 10AM-5PM (Exc: Thanksgiving & Christmas)
    RSVP: All groups of 8 or more.

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