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Wheeler Wildlife Refuge
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    This 18-acre site is located at the entrance to the York Harbor. An artificial salt marsh had been created when leavings from an early 1960s harbor dredging were dumped on existing clam flats.

    The project will enhance the vitality of marsh plants by improving tidal flow and constructing channels and pools. Fish, bird and shellfish habitat will be improved. The York Conservation Commission is sponsoring the project in collaboration with the York Rivers Association.

    New Osprey Nesting Station
    2013 Eagle Scout Service Project

    The new nesting platform in Wheeler Marsh in York was designed and built by Eagle Scout Candidate Matt Webber (scout troop unknown?), a York resident who grew up next to the marsh. While attending a local meeting, a neighbor made an offhand comment about the number of ospreys sighted in the area and how nice it would be for them to have a nesting platform. In the fall of 2013 Matt took this on as his Eagle Scout project.

    Studies show that artificial platforms increase both breeding populations and survival of offspring. Artificial platforms are attractive to osprey because there is a shortage of suitable natural nesting sites, a result of coastal development and deforestation and the subsequent loss of large, dead trees (snags) the preferred nesting sites for osprey.

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