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Stunning panoramic vistas, mountain biking, rafting, and snowboarding.


    Brandon * Portage la Prairie * Selkirk * Steinbach * Thompson * Winnipeg *

    Manitoba is a prairie province in Central Canada and it also has a saltwater coastline on Hudson's Bay at Churchill. Manitoba is also a very sunny province; according to Environment Canada, Manitoba ranked first for clearest skies year round.

    Extensive agriculture is only found in the southern half of the province, although there is some grain farming found in the Carrot Valley Region (near the The Pas). The eastern, southeastern, and northern reaches of the province range through boreal coniferous forests, muskeg, Canadian Shield and a small section of tundra bordering Hudson Bay.

    The northern sections of the province (including the city of Thompson) falls in the subarctic climate zone. This region features long and extremely cold winters with brief, warm summers with relatively little precipitation.

    Tour Winnipeg
    Capital City and largest settlement for Manitoba. The Forks, where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet, brings locals and visitors alike to its shops, river walkways and festivals. It is home to the Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Winnipeg International Children's Festival, the Manitoba Children's Museum, a 30,000 square foot skate plaza, bowl complex, and the Esplanade Riel bridge.

    Riding Mountain National Park
    Situated amidst a sea of agricultural land, Riding Mountain rises dramatically from the prairie landscape. The park has numerous hiking trails, and Agassiz Tower overlooks a panoramic view of prairies stretching out to the north.

    Wapusk National Park
    The park is located in the Hudson Plains ecozone, on the shores of Hudson Bay. The Park is also home to Cape Churchill, which is renowned as the best location in the world to view and photograph wild polar bears.

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