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C) Prerequisites - Scouts
Work to be done prior to program start. Quite a few fun topics and a map exercise that scouts should research in advance:
    Citizenship in the WorldMerit Badge
    Print Merit Badge Workbook - One for each scout.
    Req #3a: World Event Report - Pick a current world event. In relation to this current event, discuss with your counselor how a country's national interest and its relationship with other countries might affect areas such as its security, its economy, its values, and the health of its citizens.
    Req #3b: Foreign County Report - Select a foreign country and discuss with your counselor how its geography, natural resources, and climate influence its economy and its global partnerships with other countries.
    Req #4c: World Organization Report - Select TWO of the following organizations and describe their role in the world.

      1. The United Nations
      2. The World Court
      3. World Organization of the Scout Movement
      4. The World Health Organization
      5. Amnesty International
      6. The International Committee of the Red Cross
      7. CARE

Citizenship in the WorldMerit Badge D) Study Hall

The purpose of this section is to facilitate an opportunity for scouts to research and learn about key concepts relevant to this subject. They need to be prepared to explain these to the counselor.

While some scouts may be adept at self-study, others may do better in a small group setting and taking notes on worksheets. You can facilitate discussion by asking them why each of the principles intruduced here would be relevant.

    Req #1: Citizenship:
    Discussion Group question - ask each participant to what they think it means to be a Good World Citizen.

    Req #2: Duties Citizenship:
    Explain how one becomes a citizen in the United States, and explain the rights, duties, and obligations of U.S. citizenship. Discuss the similarities and differences between the rights, duties, and obligations of U.S. citizens and the citizens of two other countries.

    Citizenship in the WorldMerit Badge Req #3 & 4c: World Action Reports
    From the prerequisites, scouts should come prepared to give the following four reports. Information for all of these is readily available in Wikipedia. When scouts report on similar subjects, it could be done as a group discussion.

      #3a: World Event
      #3b: Country Overview
      #4c: World Organization #1
      #4c: World Organization #2


    Citizenship in the WorldMerit Badge Req #4a: International Law
    Explain international law and how it differs from national law. Explain the role of international law and how international law can be used as a tool for conflict resolution.

    Req #5: World Map Exercise

      Constitutional Government - The people control the country.
      Non-Constitutional Government - Tyrany controls the country.
      Map of the World - Big interactive map with all world government types listed.
      Passport Display - Picture of Passport book with VISA stamps. Which country stamps do you see on there?

    Citizenship in the WorldMerit Badge Req #6: Diplomatic Relations
    Group discussion on Ambassadors, Embassies and Foreign Ministers.

      Req #6c: Passport Display - Picture of Passport book with VISA stamps. Which country stamps do you see on there?

    Req #7: World News Tour
    If you have a computer and wi-fi access to your classroom, you can visit the two websites with the scouts. Alternatively, they check to see if they have completed one or more of the field trip options.

    E) Patrol Activity
    None required for this program.

    F) Field Trip

    Req #7: World Tour
    Do TWO of the following and share with your counselor what you have learned: (See also Req 7a and 7b above.)

      Citizenship in the WorldMerit Badge
      Req #7c. Visit with a student or Scout from another country - Discuss the typical values, holidays, ethnic foods, and traditions practiced or enjoyed there.
      Req #7d. Attend a world Scout jamboree - Note some BSA Council's have arranged for international scouts to attend their annual Scout Fair to interact with local scouts.
      Req #7e. International Festival - Participate in or attend an international event in your area, such as an ethnic festival, concert, or play.

    Citizenship in the World Merit Badge G) Program Debriefing

    After completion of the above activities you may need a work session to finish completion of the merit badge worksheet to document the results.

    Extra Credit:

    Merit Badge BSA World Conservation Award

    Citizenship in the World is one of just three merit badges needed to earn this unique and prestigious scouting award.

    An important opportunity for individual Scouts to 'think globally' and 'act locally' to preserve and improve our environment.


    I) Citizenship in the World Famous Quotes:

      My mother early on taught us to respect all animals, and I mean all animals - not just cats and dogs but rats and snakes and spiders and fish and wildlife, so I really grew up believing they are just like us and just as deserving of consideration. - Joanna Lumley

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Citizenship in the World Merit Badge
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