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    Fredericton (pop: 50,500) is the Provincial Capital of New Brunswick.

    An important cultural, artistic, and educational centre for the province (and for Eastern Canada at large), Fredericton is home to three universities, as well as cultural institutions such as the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the York-Sunbury Museum, and The Playhouse—a performing arts venue.

    The city hosts the annual Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, attracting regional and international jazz, blues, rock, and world artists. Fredericton is also widely known for its indie rock scene, featuring jamband-reminiscent artists like Grand Theft Bus, and the record label Forward Music Group.

    Kings Landing
    This Historical Settlement (located in Prince William) - historical recreation of 19th century village. Consists of houses and buildings that were moved to this location to avoid permanent flooding upon construction of the Mactaquac Hydro-electric dam.

    Old Government House
    The building was constructed between 1826 and 1828 initially for the Lieutenant-Governor and Governor of New Brunswick. The building is made from quarried sandstone and is located along the St. John River in Fredericton. It is the official residence of the Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick.

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    The first major expansion of the city occurred on July 1, 1945 when it amalgamated with the town of Devon. Today the city of Fredericton comprises Fredericton proper, and the boroughs of Silverwood, Nashwaaksis, Barker's Point and Marysville, which were incorporated into the city in 1973.

    Fredericton contains numerous public parks featuring preserved forest lands - such as O'dell Park - along with a botanical garden, and areas for picnics and family recreation. Furthermore, Fredericton features tree lined streets and elm trees in particular which have earned the city its nickname "The City of Stately Elms."

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