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Pinnacles Park Tour
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    Funtimes on the California Riviera!

    California Pinnacles Caverns Tour California Pinnacles
    U.S. National Park
    Salinas Valley

    California's Newest national parkland, Pinnacles National Park is a protected mountainous area located east of central California's Salinas Valley. The National Park's namesakes are the eroded leftovers of half of an extinct volcano.

    It is divided by the rock formations into East and West Divisions, connected by foot trails; there is no through road that connects the east and west entrances to the park.

    The National Park is most often visited in spring or fall because of the intense heat during the summer months.

    The park is located near the San Andreas Fault, which had a hand in creating the unique formations the park protects. The Pinnacles are part of the Neenach Volcano which erupted 23 million years ago near present-day Lancaster, California.. The movement of the Pacific Plate along the San Andreas Fault split a section of rock off from the main body of the volcano and moved it 195 miles (314 km) to the northwest. It is believed that the pinnacles came from this particular volcano due to the unique breccias that are only found elsewhere in the Neenach Volcano formations. Differential erosion and weathering of the exposed rock created the Pinnacles that are seen today. The rock formations are andesite and rhyolite, forming a dropped fault block embedded in the Gabilan Range.

    The rock formations provide for spectacular "pinnacles" that attract rock climbers. It is popular with advanced rock climbers due to the many difficult and challenging climbs. The east side has shade and water, the west has high walls.

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