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    Camp Morrison Idaho Boy Scouts Camp Morrison

    A premiere camp in the Idaho Central Rocky Mountains. Camp Morrison is located adjacent to the beautiful Payette Lake in the Payette National Forest just 100 miles north of Boise, Idaho and three miles east of McCall, Idaho.

    A full program of Waterfront activities and merit badges are available on the shores of the beautiful Payette Lake. Activities include early morning swimming and Scouts can take full advantage of the beautiful waters of Payette Lake by earning merit badges in swimming and lifesaving.

    Morrison Boy Scout Camp Forest

    The 1/4 mile nature trail connecting the waterfront activities to the main camp site of Camp Morrison winds through the dense forested Payette National Forest. A mature beautiful forest of Ponderosa Pine, Tamarack Pine, Douglas Fir, White Pine and Yellow Pine trees. There are frequent encounters with deer, fox and other forest going animals which are very common sites along the trails throughout the campground.

    In addition to Scout rank advancement activities, there are more than 30 merit badges offered at Camp Morrison including: astronomy, basketry, bird study, camping, climbing, cooking, emergency preparedness, environmental science, first-aid, fish and wildlife, pioneering, soil and water conservation, wilderness survival, and woodcarving. The waterfront offers opportunities for small boat sailing, snorkeling, canoeing, fishing and swimming.

    A first class, small caliber shooting range is available for use of all campers. A very popular activity is the shotgun shooting. Shooting classes and recreational trap shoots are available in a safe and well supervised facility. Gun skills are learned in a safe and well supervised facility allowing campers to shoot clay targets and practice their shooting skills. The archery range is available for obtaining the archery merit badge and recreational archery shooting for all campers.

    Camp Cullimore High Adventure Base Cullimore High Adventure Base

    Cullimore is Camp Morrison's full time older youth high adventure opportunity. This program is designed to allow the older youth in your unit an opportunity to experience a Scouting adventure specifically designed for their age group. Combining the great programming of Morrison with various high adventure elements and an exclusive staff dedicated to Cullimore, we are able to deliver an exciting program older youth are starving for.

    Cullimore provides your unit the chance to excite your older youth by giving them what they want. Older youth are tired of teaching younger boys basic skills. They want more than what they have received at Morrison the past 3 years.

    Cullimore will give them a high adventure experience you would be hard pressed to duplicate anywhere. The participants gain leadership, advanced skills, teamwork, and excitement unique to this program.

    If you want your youth to come back to your unit stronger leaders, motivated to continue Scouting and excited about what lays down the road for them, then you need to have them in Cullimore.

    Cullimore is designed to allow your youth to participate in the open program offerings of Morrison in the morning session. They can take merit badges, learn skills, help younger Scouts, or just be young and have fun; whatever they want. In the afternoon and evening, they take part in exciting high adventure activities such as: muzzle loading with hawks and knives, climbing and rappelling, hiking and fishing outpost, and an Adventure Race!.

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    BSA Troop 195

    Morrison Scout Ranch
    Ore-Ida Council, Boise ID ; 208-376-4411;
    Cullimore High Adventure Base;
    Cullimore High Adventure Base;


    Camping Merit Badge BSA Merit Badge Program

    This facility features resources for a great number of Boy Scout Merit Badge outdoor activity programs and high adventure campouts. A quality merit badge program is important for building character and valuable life skills.

    Off-Season Availability: - Families, scout troops and other youth groups may inquire about openings to camp during the off-season and use these facilities.

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    Camp Fee Waiver / Credits

    Many BSA Camp Facilities will waiver the camping fee for each participant in the group that completes a four-hour service project for the camp. [Need Ideas: Trail Repair / Camp Signage / Info Kiosk / Tent Repair / Painting and Maintenance / Weed Control / Road Repair / Donate Supplies]

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