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    California Adventure - Grand Opening 08-FEB-2001
    Spend a whole day here on more thrill rides, screaming roller-coasters, street shows 3D-Animation movies and the very unique Animation Station which is quickly becoming the most popular center in the park.
    A Bugs Land - New section opened Oct-2002 with several kiddie and rides and the scarry bugs life- 3D animation movie.

    This all new 55-acre theme park is now open adjacent to Disneyland. The $1.4 billion facility is a huge expansion to Disneyland Resort - the new title for Disney's Anaheim complex.

    This park follows after same Disney recipe for the other famous theme parks with a lot of colorful decorations, sound, characters, and attractions for all age groups. To this it mixes in a good friendly dose of California culture and style. Looking around you can see that they still have a lot of space to expand into.

    For The Youngsters:
    For parents with little children, we recommend A Bug's Land and the playground areas(2). Also be sure to head over to Hollywood Back Log to see Goofy's beach party and the Animation Station. Also see the Muppets 3D-movie.
    A Bugs Land - Meet Flik, Atta and other characters from It's A Bugs Life
    Reedwood Creek - Meet Koda, Kenai and other characters from Brother Bear
    Hollywood Backlot - Frequent encounters can happen here with major Disney characters.

    For The Big Kids:
    An absolute must is California Screamer - which is probably the best roller-coaster Disney has ever set up. There are several other big kid scream rides nearby in the Paradise Pier area of the park. You will also enjoy both of the 3D animation movies. Finally, go lose yourself in the big games arcade area.
    FastPass Thrill Rides - Fastpass service available for California Screamin', Grizzly River Run, Mulholland Madness, Soarin' Over California and The Tower of Terror.

    For The Mature Kids:
    Definitely goto Animation Station and then Golden Dreams movie. There are several nice restaurants to choose from. Finally take a romantic ride on the Carousel.

    Sunshine Plaza

    Main entryway with visiting entertainers and gift shops selling toys and candy. That trademark golden gate bridge is an actual bridge for the Disneyland Monorail passing overhead.

      Burr-bank Ice Cream Parlor - Deserts
      Baker's Fiels Bakery - Deserts
      Engine-Ear Toys - Giftshop
      Greetings from California - Giftshop

    A Bug's Land

    Newly opened section (Oct-2002) that is especially great for little kids including mini thrill rides and the scarry bugs life- 3D animation movie. Here children and parents can experience the world from the perspective of a tiny sized bug.

    It's Tough to be a Bug - 3D Animated Movie
    This is one of the best features in the park! Be forewarned, even though its intended for youngsters and very funny, the 3D special effects are a bit scarry.

    Children's Mini-Thrill Rides
    Ugly Bug Ball - Outdoor stage show for youngsters - Learn a whole bunch of bug dance steps and hip-hop songs.
    Flik's Flyers - Mini-thrill ride for youngsters - If ants could fly this miniaturized hot-air balloon is how they would do it.
    Francis Ladybug Boogie - Mini-thrill ride for youngsters - Ever wonder what it is like to spin around and dance with a ladybug?
    Heimlech's Chew Chew Train - Mini-thrill ride for youngsters - especially for those who like to ride trains. However this one train is really a very hungry caterpillar.
    Tuck and Roll's Drivem Buggies - Bumber car ride for youngsters -
    Princess Dot Puddle Park - Interactive water playground - Get wet and cool off on a hot summer's day.
    Bountiful Valley Farm - A live tribute to the California heartland includes the Irrigation Station splash zone.

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    Paradise Pier

    Located at the far opposite end of the park and more to their best selection of major thrill rides.

      California Screamin' - The Big Coaster
      On our first visit here, my oldest son and his friend had to ride this six times. It shoots off fast, climbs fast, drops fast, loops and spins fast and comes to hard braking stop at the end. All older kids will tell you that this is the best attraction in this park. [FastPass]

      Mulholland Madness - Mini Coaster
      This mini-coaster with ultra sharp turns takes a cruise along L.A.'s famous Mulholland Drive. [FastPass]

      Sun Wheel - Mega Ferris Wheel
      This is not your ordinary ferris wheel. Some of the cars spin around on their own crazy loop with the big wheel.

      Orange Stinger - Major Thrill Ride - Fast flying swingset runs inside a giant orange.
      Maliboomer - Major Thrill Ride - Launch 180 feet straight up and then drop free fall back down.

      Children's Mini-Thrill Rides
      Golden Zephyr - Thrill ride for youngsters - Giant airships gently fly thru the air.
      Games Arcade - Large Boardwalk style arcade area
      Jumpin Jellyfish - Mini thrill ride for youngsters - it looks like a parachute ride.
      King Triton's Carousel - traditional carousel.
      SS Rustworthy - Children's Playground area on a old 1920's type steam ship.

      Ariel's Grotto - Downstairs Restaurant with great homestyle cooking.
      Cove Deck - Bayside eatery
      Burger Invasion - McDonalds lunch exhibit and restaurant
      Pizza Oom Mow Mow - Add outrageous toppings to your pizza entree.

      Hollywood Pictures Backlot

      Disney's Animation Station
      This place is my wife's top choice for best attraction in California Adventure. This collection of interaction workstations and special exhibits gives you the insiders scoop on all the special workings that go in to make a Disney Animation movie classic. (Did you know that Buzz Lightyear was originally going to be called Lunar Larry?) My favorite was to use my voice into one of the parts of a famous movie classic. Look for each of these special workstations:

    • Animation Screening Room
    • Drawn to Animation
    • Sorcerer's Workshop
    • The Art of Animation

      Tower of Terror - The Twilight Zone
      Drop in if you dare and take the elevator ride of your life. This looks like a nine-story drop straight down.

      Jim Henson's Muppet Vision 3D
      This time you get to sit right inside Muppet Theater. Terrific movie experience for the youngsters and all other Muppet fans.

      Other Attractions
      Hyperion Theater -
      Superstar Limo - Mini Thrill Ride
      ABC Soap Opera Bistro - Have lunch on the set of ABC TV's daytime soap dramas. The staff run through a couple of scenes while you enjoy your meal.

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    Golden State

    Soarin' Over California
    One of the best family theater attractions ever made, every seat is elevated upto a giant movie screen for a front row wide-screen movie experience that seems very real. [FastPass]

      Golden Dreams - Whoopy Goldberg narrates this documentary short about the people and culture of California.
      Condor Flats - Thrill Ride takes you soaring over California
      Golden Vine Winery - Miniature working California grape winery and restaurant. Robert Mondavi gives a special presentation about the seasons of the vine. The restaurant offers a elegant dining setting and fine cuisine.
      Grizzley River Run - Water Flume Thrill Ride - Guaranteed to get all riders very wet.
      Redwood Creek Challenge Trail - Large children's playground area and outdoor recreation challenges. Keep your eyes open for the wondering Indian storyteller.
      Mission Tortilla Factory - Working factory and eatery located on Pacific Wharf
      The Boudin Bakery - Working bakery and eatery located on Pacific Wharf
      Pacific Wharf Eateries - Features a cafe, Mexican grill and Chinese fast food.

    Shows, Parades and Street Theater

      Pacific Wharf Stage
      Look for a major live musical performances here later in the day - especially on weekends.

      Disney's Electrical Parade
      This famous production happens every evening at 8:45. Dozens of beautifully lighted floats, performers and famous Disney characters dance down the center of the park a brilliant display of glitter.

      Aladdin - Musical Spectacular
      Hyperion Theater - Hollywood Pictures Backlot
      This thrilling stage show lets you experience the mystery and magic of Disney's animation classic Aladdin.

      Disney Playhouse - Live on Stage
      Playhouse Disney Stage - Hollywood Pictures Backlot
      Great for little kids - This interactive stage show features Bear in the Big Blue House, JoJo, Stanley and other Playhouse Disney characters.

      Drawn to Animation
      Disney Animation - Hollywood Pictures Backlot
      In this fun education feature - Disney Animators take you the various steps of how to create an animated feature.

      D.U.H. - Department of Untapped Hilarity
      Street Show - Hollywood Backlot Stage
      Improve comedy group create comic mayhem daily on the streets of Hollywood.

      The Magic of Brother Bear - Totem Ceremony
      Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
      Meet the stars of Disney's Brother Bear for a fun magical ceremony in the Redwood Creek playground area.

      The Ugly Bug Ball
      A Bug's Land Stage
      A great opportunity for the little kids to learn the latest bug dances from the starring characters of It's a Bugs Life.

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