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Tour Sea World San Diego
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    Adventure Tour Sea World San Diego Three Ways to Adventure:
    Tour Attractions & Thrill Rides -
    Tour Animal Interaction Programs & Shows -
    Tour Educational Exhibits & Aquariums

    Sea World is one of the premier theme park attractions of Southern California. This 166-acre marine zoological park was founded in 1964 and is located on beautiful Mission Bay. It is home to dolphins, sharks, penquins, polar bears, manatees, otters, seals, sea lions, walruses, flamingoes, and much more. This park also operates a major marine life rescue and research program.

    During the summer season Sea World offers special evening entertainment venues.

    Sea World 7-day Pass Online Discount Sea World 7-Day Pass
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    Length of Stay Pass

    Valid for up to seven (7) consecutive days from the first date of use. Order online to lock in this low rate! Valid for general admission and access to all standard shows, attractions and exhibits.

    Sea World San Diego Hotlinks

    Sea World San Diego
    1720 South Shores Rd, San Diego, CA 92109; 619-226-3901; Park Website;
    Open: Daily 10AM-6PM / Summer 9AM-8PM;

    Off Seasons Bonus

    Best times to visit - try for Sept-Nov when the school year starts, the crowds are thin and there are next to no lines for most features and thrill rides.

    To get a head start on the crowds Buy Tickets Online and then show up early. There is no any waiting in lines for your favorite ride when you're the first person thru the gate.


    Sea World charges a $10 fee ($14 for RV's) for parking but there are alternatives which include using public transportation or parking a half-mile away at public beach lots along South Shores Rd. (avoid long lines during peak tourism season). Buses and Bicycles enter free. See above for Discount Ticket with Hotel Shuttle.

    Public Transportation

    The following offer public transportation to Sea World:

    • San Diego Transit - 619-233-3004
    • North County Transit - 760-722-6283
    • Metrolink - 800-371-5465
    • Amtrak - 800-USA-RAIL
    • Hotel Shuttle

    Tour San Diego

    San Diego is filled with hundreds of great opportunities for adventurers of all ages. Thrill rides, ocean dives, speed boats, sports and recreation. The local environment goes from the ocean depths over mountain tops to wild desert wilderness beyond. Adventure activities for all age groups!


    Camp Fiesta Island Camp Fiesta Island
    San Diego Youth Aquatic Center

    This Boy Scout Camping Facility is located right behind Sea World on Fiesta Island in the heart of Mission Bay. Facilities include many watersports equipment such as sailboats, kayaks, as well as an opportunity to pitch a tent adjacent to the waters edge.


    California High Adventure & Beyond
    Best Outdoor Activities in the Region

    Venturers Crews, Varsity Teams, Outdoorsmen - Find here our big list of exciting destinations and activities that you've been dreaming of.

Sea World San Diego Online Promo Code

Sea World Animal Rescue

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Attractions & Thrill Rides

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    Sea World Madagascar Live Show Madagascar Live: Operation Vacation

    Opening June 2013, celebrate at SeaWorld San Diego with the newest attraction - Madagascar Live: Operation Vacation, an original live musical show. The 20-minute musical features the characters from the Madagascar movie franchise, including Alex the Lion, Gloria the Hippo, King Julien, Mort and the Penguins as they embark on a fun-filled vacation adventure. The show features music performed by a live band and includes both classic and original songs. The characters will also conduct meet and greets with park guests.


    Big thrill ride roller coaster. This all-new breed of coaster immerses you in the beautiful and mysterious world of rays then takes you on a roller coaster thrill ride aboard the biggest ray of them all, the Manta.

    Journey to Atlantis

    Climb aboard Journey to Atlantis, a water ride that combines soaking flume fun, thrilling coaster action and amazing special effects as you journey to a lost civilization.

    Shipwreck Rapids

    In 1999, Sea World add the first of several aquatic thrill rides to their adventure park. Guests ride a 9-passenger water raft through a dark tunnel, raging rapids and over a roaring waterfall that takes them pass sunbathing sea turtles and shipwreck castaways. Two huge Archimede screws (40 feet long and 10 feet in diameter) will propel the water in the 600,000 gallon pool from the bottom to the top.

    Other Attractions include:

    Wild Arctic
    Exciting similuted helicopter ride through polar terrain. Disembark into the polar exhibit including beluga whales, polar bears and harbor seals.

    Very prominent landmark feature takes you 265 feet into the air for an inspiring view of the San Diego skyline.

    Shamu's Happy Harbour
    Tropical themed childrens playground with over 20 interactive play elements. Treat your kids to two-acres of childhood magic with their favorite characters from Sesame Street®.

Animal Interaction & Shows

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Weird Arizona

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    An absolute must (!) is to see the various shows performing throughout the day. This is a great opportunity to see famous creatures perform their best stunts. Fair warning - in some of these shows the spectators can get quite wet.

      Shamu the Killer Whale
      The most famous attraction of Sea World - Housed in gigantic pool (and its big!) this terror of the high seas puts on amazing show that displays many of its abilities. See also the "Shamu's House of Douse" - a whale of a pool party promises to get the audience soaked. Summer evenings only.

      Sea Lion and Otter Show - Must See Feature.
      This is the most comical and entertaining animal show I have ever seen. Second show "Sea Lions Tonite" is a spoof of favorite TV shows - premiers only on summer evenings. Sometimes the walrus makes a special guest appearance.

      Pirates 4-D - New Show 2000!
      Join Captain Lucky and his hapless crew in a funny, interactive 4-D experience.

      Dolphin Discovery Show

      Watch these amazing animals perform aquatic acrobatics.

      Wings of the World
      Displays some amazing birds from around the world. Flight demonstrations.

      World Rhythms on Ice
      Summer evenings special of gymnastics and dynamic ice skating.

      Intensity Games
      Thrilling Gen-X sports games on, over and around the water. Daily at the Sports Lagoon.

      Band Jam 2000
      Summer evening dance party inside the main gate.

      Dolphin Interaction Program
      Now you can get in the water with the dolphins and help with their training. Reservations required - for more info call (877) 436-5746.

      Behind-the-Scenes Guided Tour
      90-minute guided tour shows you what it takes to keep Sea World running. Inquire at the maingate reservation center.

      Forbidden Reef
      See closeup Eels and Manta Rays. Special petting pool lets you interact with the Manta Rays.

      Rocky Point Preserve
      Feed and interact with bottlenose dolphins. Sea Otter viewing.

      Tide Pool
      See and touch sea stars, sea snails and other creatures from the California coastal shallows.

      Shipwreck Reef Cafe
      1,000 seat sit down diner is the centerpiece of the new Shipwreck Rapids recreating the atmosphere of marooned castaways on a South Seas Island. Island fare includes salmon fillets, jambalaya, chicken, ribs and tropical fruits.

Education Exhibits & Aquariums

Arizona Highways

Outdoor Culture
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    Sea World also has excellent exhibits of flamingoes, eco-garden, tide pools, beached marine animals, ocean and freshwater aquariums.

    Wild Arctic
    Exciting similuted helicopter ride through polar terrain. Disembark into the polar exhibit including beluga whales, polar bears and harbor seals.

    Penquin Encounter
    polar exhibit with 300 antarctic penguins and arctic alcids. Regular feeding.

    Shark Encounter
    World's largest aquarium display of its kind.

    Sea Turtles
    Special enclosure adjacent to Shipwreck Cafe.

    Manatee Rescue
    Recently open is the only U.S. location outside of Florida that houses a group of Manatees in a 200,000 freshwater tank. It includes displays about the endangered manatee, a slow-moving gentle sea cow.

    Freshwater Aquarium
    Includes rare species such as four-eyed fish, blind fish, and piranhas (ask about feeding time).

    World of the Sea Aquarium
    Undersea communities such as coral reefs, kelp beds, schooling fish and gamefish.

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