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    Valencia Six Flags Magic Mountain California Magic Mountain is a 260 acre theme park and entertainment complex located a short distance north of Los Angeles. There are over 100 rides (including 16 super-scream roller coasters), shows and attractions.

    Six Flags Magic Mountain - The Xtreme Park
    26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355; (661) 255-4100; Website;
    March-Oct (and winter break): Open Daily at 10AM-8PM;
    Rest of Year: Open weekends and holidays at 10AM-6PM;
    Admission: $44.99 Adult / Child $29.99 (Under 48") / Senior $29.99 / 2& Under Free / $8 Parking;


      X :
      Cutting edge one-of-a-kind roller coaster designed to break all the rules! X is the world's first 4th dimensional thrill. For the first time, riders race in prototype vehicles that can now spin independently 360-degrees forwards or backwards on a separate axis -- creating an unprecedented "don't know what to expect next" sensation.

      Scream :
      - Scream is a unique coaster with a floorless train design. You're strapped into a "flying chair" racing at 65 miles-per-hour with your feet dangling in the air!

      Deja Vu :
      - Next generation suspended looping boomerang rollercoaster - Deja Vu is the world's tallest and fastest of it's kind. Strapped into sleek ski-lift style chairs suspended from the track above, Deja Vu sends riders dangling face-down out of the station and up the first striking blue tower to then simply drop into a complete vertical 20-story free-fall reaching speeds of 65 miles-per-hour before racing head-over-heels on the outside of a 102 foot-tall vertical loop followed by an enormous 110-foot-tall butterfly turn before rocketing up the second 200-foot-tall tower - only this time riders are on their back with nothing but the sky above.

      Superman the Escape -
      "Fastest, tallest thrill ride on the Planet!"
      Accelerate from Zero to 100 MPH in just seven seconds to the top of a 41 story tower. Then freefall backdown the same way.

      Tidal Wave
      Thrill ride takes you over a 50 foot waterfall

      Ninja -
      Fast roller coaster suspended from an overhead track

      Freefall -
      Lets you experience a 10 story drop

      Viper -
      Roller coaster with 186 foot drop, vertical loops, corkscrew and boomerang turns

      Psyclone -
      Classic wooden roller coaster

      Colossus -
      Another giant wooden roller coaster

      Sky Tower -
      Stands 384 feet high

      Cyclone 500 -
      Drivers wanted for this high-speed road race. Drive solo or with a friend! Ride requires an additional fee.

      Goldrusher -
      Ride the Park's first roller coaster.

      Goliath -
      Looming 255 feet in the air the blazing orange track sits high above the Six Flags Magic Mountain skyline.

      Grand Carousel -
      Enjoy a nostalgic ride on this restored 1912 classic.

      Grinder Gearworks -
      Gears of this wild ride twirl you high into the air, plastered to the wall at a 45-degree angle.

      Kids Thrill Rides

      Goliath JR
      The "Giant Among Kids Coasters!" - is a miniature version of one of the hottest rides in America - GOLIATH - and provides the perfect launching pad for young thrill seekers in training.

      Daffy's Adventure Tours -
      A fun ride on an out-of-control tour bus. Beware, Daffy Duck's driving this crazy bus!

      The Canyon Blaster -
      A thrilling coaster in typical Six Flags style but designed for the little ones. Gentle hills and pint-sized thrills on this coaster that kids AND parents can ride together.

    Gotham City Backlot

    Six acre dark urban setting recreate the world of that fictional crimefighter Batman.


      Batman The Ride -
      High speed roller coaster

      Batman Forever Stunt Show -
      performances daily at the Monterey Bay Theater

    High Sierra Territory

    Adventure area for younger crowds:

      Arrowhead Splashdown -
      A scenic adventure with a splashy 57-foot plunge finale.

      Buccaneer -
      This wacky pirate ship has run amok.

      Bugs Bunny World

      A six-acre, interactive wonderland featuring 17 rides and attractions that will provide a real thrill for kids and adults alike.

      The Looney Tunes Lodge -
      Fun zone filled with thousands of foam balls for throwing, catapulting and blasting, multiple slides,

      Taz's Lumber Co. -
      Pick out your tot-sized wheels and take them for a spin,

      Yosemite Sam's Flight School -
      Take a lesson in high-flying fun from the master of the air,

      Tweety's Escape -
      Jump in a Tweety cage and watch out for Sylvester!

    Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

    Aquatic park with 22 slides is a separate area of Magic Mountain -
    Requires either separate or combo admission tickets

    • Black Snake Summit - 75 foot speed slide
    • Bamboo Racer - racing slides
    • Reptile Ridge - open flumes
    • recreational pool
    • volleyball courts

Tour Six Flags Magic Mountain California

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