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Bryce Canyon NP
National Park
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    08-Jan-2014: 214 Night Slept Outdoors - In Minnesota?
    Rudy Hummel, a 17-year old Life Scout from northern Minnesota is over halfway to his quest to sleeping outside for 365 nights straight. Most boy scouts are used to sleeping outdoors in the summer, but Rudy lives in Hermantown, a suburb of Duluth, located in the extreme northern end of Minnesota. And right now, it is really cold out.

    29-Nov-2013: Trek Adventures of the 2014 Olympic Torch Relay
    The Russians are having a lot of fun with some innovative adventures for the Torch as it makes its traditional journey from Mount Olympus to Sochi, Russia. Some of these adventures include a polar bear swim across freezing cold rivers and ascending tall mountain summits with alpine groups.

    26-NOV-2013: Prince Harry in Antartica
    England's Prince Harry is in Antartica, gearing up with two teams of trekkers to race to the South Pole. So far, bad weather has been blighting the trekkers’ attempts to gear up for their race to the South Pole. What Snow Sports should he do to pass the time?

    Klondike Derby Tour
    Challenge other patrols to combat and racing in the snow. See plans on how to build your own klondike snow sled. Many of these ideas and resources are available at various boy scout adventure camps that see abundant winter snow fall.

    Ski Resort Scout Discounts

    Most all ski resorts have some sort of group discount program. Some even have a special rate and event dates for Boy Scout Troops and similar youth groups.

    Bear Mountain Scout Day 08-Mar-2014
    Snow Sports Merit Badge

    A great opportunity for Southern California Boy Scouts to earn their Snow Sports Merit Badge. Bear Mountain Resort features low group rates just for Scouts and their Families. Discounted lift tickets, lessons, and rentals will give your Scouts the opportunity to join in. There is not a minimum requirement of participants to qualify.

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