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    Compass & Maps BSA Tour - Compass & Maps BSA
    - GPS Equipment
    - GeoCaching
    - Phone App GPS
    - Giant Wall Maps
    - Boy Scout Adventure
    - Bonus Features

    Trail maps and compass are probably the most important tools one can carry in case of getting lost, but they won't be of any use to someone who does not know how to use them. In knowledgeable hands, they can be used to determine one's location and the best route to reach another location.

    Put that is so last century! Nowadays serious adventurers are GPS Equipped. Will show you several options right here.

    Compass & Maps BSA Tour Suunto A-10 Field Compass
    Buy At Amazon for $14.95 or Less

    Boy Scout Basic Compass with Lanyard - Lightweight recreational compass made of durable, clear, scratch-resistant acrylic. Employs Suunto's two-zone system for reliable readings in northern hemisphere. Fixed declination correction scale, jewel bearing, and dual scales. Ergonomically designed to fit in palm; includes lanyard with detachable snap-lock.


    Compass & Maps BSA Tour Military Pismatic Compass
    Buy At Amazon for $15.95 or Less

    Military Grade Compass - Standard quality survival gear for the military. Get the ultimate direction finder, a lensatic compass. It has a 2-1/8-Inch dia face marked in 5-degree increments, a 1/4-Inch dia sight lens, 9/16-Inch dia bubble level, and a 1-1/2-Inch sight with crosshairs. Measures 3-1/4-Inch x 2-1/2-Inch x 1-1/8-Inch when folded and comes with an 18-Inch long cord and an olive drab belt pouch.


    Compass & Maps BSA Tour Compass - Cell Phone App

    This compass is a tool to search bearings(azimuth) using the built-in magnetic sensors. It has 3 significant features.

    • Although you may turn the phone into portrait or landscape mode, the heading is fixed.
    • The Camera's view is used for reality.
    • Metal Detector is included to verify the magnetic sensor.
    The compass app depends on the performance of your device exactly. If the compass works perfectly, it means that your sensors are perfect, too. If it is inaccurate, please check that you aren't being affected by a magnetic field. Also, there are several options to calibrate your device. Will not work if your phone case has magnetic parts (must remove first).

    Compass - GPS Phone App

    Lead the way with FREE GPS Navigation Compass for Android. Donít spend another dollar on expensive GPS devices or tracking systems. This app is a free, easy-to-use digital pocket compass. Itís one less thing to carry when going hiking, backpacking, fishing or whatever adventure you have in mind. Equip your droid device with GPS Navigation Compass.

    • Accurate GPS coordinates
    • Saves multiple GPS markers
    • GPS tracking made easy
    • Simple GPS maps
    • Cool, feature-rich compass picture
    • Instantly know your current GPS status and position
    • Itís FREE!

    The World's Largest Online Map Store!
    World's Largest Map Store

    • Over 10,000 Quality Map, Travel and Education Related Products.
    • Collected Wall Map Art - Popular Best Seller
    • National Geographic Supplementary Maps from past 100 years.
    • Library of Congress Reproductions
    • Online Maps Catalog
    • Backcountry Detail Terrain & Trail Maps has distinguished itself through its comprehensive range of high-quality products, its easy ordering system and its commitment to impeccable customer service. Individuals, schools and businesses can easily find what they need through's extensive online catalog. Those with more specific needs can make use of the site's first-rate custom mapping services to get the solutions that they need at affordable prices.

    NitroPak Preparedness Center

    This Emergency Preparedness Center has a giant selection of outdoor survival essentials - survival kits - food products - outdoor gear - first aid supplies.

    Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center

    Secrets of the BSA Outdoor Essentials
    What You Really Need to Know!

    Pack Lean / Pack Smart! - Important tips on how to prepare scouting in the wild outdoors. The BSA Outdoor Essentials lists ten important items to always have on every wilderness adventure beginning with a with useful daypack. What will you bring?

    Bass Pro Shops - Your Adventure Starts Here
    Outdoor Adventure Gear Supplier

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    Boy Scout Camping Gear

    Hobby Tron - Awesome Toys

Fireproof Scout Uniforms?

Putting The Fun into Scouting. filled with ideas for breaking out of doing 'the usual' for your troop meetings, camp outs, and while working on merit badges.

Nitro-Pak--The Emergency Preparedness Leader

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Scout Class B Uniforms

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