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Be Prepared for Adventure Fun

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    Outdoor Ten Essentials BSA Tour - Outdoor Ten Essentials BSA
    - Survival Kit Series
    - Pack Lean / Pack Smart!
    - Outdoor Day Pack Basics
    - Boy Scout Adventure
    - Bonus Features


    1: Utility Knife

    A pocket knife (presumably more than just a knife, a Swiss Army knife for example) can come in handy in a wide variety of situations. It is useful for tasks as large as building an emergency shelter or lighting a campfire with poor fuel, or as small as repairing a damaged backpack.

    More importantly, the unit contains all the classic Swiss Army tools, including a small blade for cutting, a pair of mini scissors, a nail file with a screwdriver tip, a toothpick, tweezers, and a key ring.


    2: First Aid Kit

    A first aid kit can be a lifesaver. A basic kit for first aid might include adhesive bandages, medical tape, sterile gauze, moleskin, soap, antiseptic, a mouth-barrier device for CPR, and scissors.

    First Aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury. The overriding aim of all medical care, including first aid, is to Save Lives and minimise the threat of death. Secondarily, it is Prevent Further Injury and to Promote Recovery.

    Be Prepared! - Every Scout, Family, and Group should always have an updated First Aid Kit handy on every adventure.

    3: Extra Clothing for the Season

    "Extra clothing to match the weather. Multiple layers are superior to a single massive jacket, because layered clothing is adaptable to a wide range of temperatures."

    See are suggestions on how to prioritize extra clothing needs. Dress Smart for the Outdoors.

    4: Rain Gear

    Rain gear is very important. Being wet from rain may result in hypothermia, a potentially fatal condition.

    Some of you might find this novelty item useful if hiking / working in a warm light rain and the moisture is annoying. Check out the camo version.


    5: Flashlight

    A flashlight is, of course, important for finding one's way at night. Hands Free Mini-LED Headlamp is a must for every scout. DON'T give him the old style giant clunker!

    The newer LED Flashlights are only about 1/3 the size and weight of the traditional ones that I had as a young lad. Furthermore, they are twice as bright and twice as long. Some have an emergency strobe light setting.

    6: Trail Food

    Trail food is good for maintaining your energy. However, the human body can reportedly survive for weeks without food, so starving to death should be the least of your worries if you become lost in the wilderness.

    Quality adventures require lots of energy. Additionally a well fed scout is a happy scout. Here are our important Trail Food tips.


    7: Water

    Water is probably the most important of the Essentials. Dehydration may develop into heat exhaustion and heatstroke. The human body may only survive for a few days without water.

    See our big list of water resources on personal purification systems, camelbaks, etc. Planning a major group outting? See how to put together exciting souvenir water bottles.

    8: Fire-Starter

    Matches and/or a firestarter may be used to light fires for heat, or for signalling purposes. (Publicly owned forests in the United States often have lookout stations for forest fires and signal fires.)

    Being able to reliably make a fire is vital for cooking, generating warmth, and in survival situations, making signal fires.


    9: Sun Protection

    Sun protection may include sunblock, sunglasses, lip balm and a wide-brimmed hat. Used properly, it will prevent sunburn and possibly heat exhaustion.

    Sunscreen is a lotion, spray, gel or other topical product that absorbs or reflects some of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the skin exposed to sunlight and thus helps protect against sunburn. Skin-lightening products have sunscreen to protect lightened skin because light skin is more susceptible to sun damage than darker skin.

    10: Compass & Maps

    Trail maps and compass are probably the most important tools one can carry in case of getting lost, but they won't be of any use to someone who does not know how to use them. In knowledgeable hands, they can be used to determine one's location and the best route to reach another location.

    Put that is so last century! Nowadays serious adventurers are GPS Equipped. Will show several options.

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    Bonus Section A: Best Day Packs

    Bonus Section B: Camping Gear

    Bonus Section C: Adventure Discounts

    Bonus Section D: Outdoor Travel Kit

    Bonus Section E: Survival Kits

    Bonus Section F: Other Outdoor Tools

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