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Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch
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BSA High Adventure Camp

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    Camp BTSR Texas Tour - BTSR Scout Reservation
    - Buffalo Trails Council
    - Davis Mountains
    - 9320-acre Wilderness
    - Horseback Treks
    - Shooting Sports
    - Many climbing formations
    - Texas Boy Scouts
    - Rugged OverNiters
    - Hi-Adventure Treks


    Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Davis Mountains in West Texas, this 9,320-acre ranch is one of America’s premier High-Adventure council camps. The camp is nationally recognized and fully accredited by the Boy Scouts of America. In operation since 1947, this beautiful ranch has met the needs of Scouts, Scouters, and their families for over 50 years.

    Millions of years ago, volcanic activity sent the Davis Mountains 6500+ feet above sea level. Erosion of the calderas left the rocky peaks 2000 feet above the valley floors. The igneous rocks formed some of the most beautiful canyons, highest peaks, and tallest cliffs in Texas. Tall century plants, Spanish dagger, pinion pine, juniper, big tooth maple, yucca plants, cacti, and all kinds of wildlife fill the valleys and peaks of this beautiful ranch.

    The climbing merit badge program at BTSR is second to none. The canyon walls and numerous rock formations create the perfect setting for a Scout to learn what it is like to climb “for real”. (No towers or climbing walls at our camp!)

    BTSR High Adventure Programs

    These programs are designed for older Scouts, Venturers, and Explorers who have achieved the necessary training.

    • Outback Hiking Adventure - weeklong guided hike on rugged, near-pristine trails with amazing views.
    • Trail Blazers - two week program at BTSR
    • Cavalcade Horseback Trek - weeklong horseback experience Fort Davis Historic Trail Ride
    • Mountain Man Camp - weeklong experience for older Scouts and Venturers who would like to experience the life of a Mountain Man in the fur trade era of the 1840s. Participants will experience the primitive lives of men like Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, and Daniel Boone. Dutch oven cooking, tomahawk and knife throwing, black powder shooting, atl-atl spear throwing, archery, tanning deer hides, flint knapping, making soap and rope from plants, and Mountain Man swimming.
    • Circle H Ranching Adventure - Week long trek to Circle H Ranch. Live, eat and sleep like the early 1900s.
    • Cavalry Adventure Program - Reenactment of of the 9th & 10th Cavalry troop stationed at Fort Davis in the late 1800s.
    • Road To Ranger
    • Scuba Programs
    • Fort Davis Historial Trail

    BTSR Summer Camp Adventure

    • Shooting Sports - Rifle and shotgun classes are very popular at BTSR.
    • Astronomy - taught in different locations around camp during to get different perspectives of the night sky.
    • Westward Ho Trail Rides - Free rides are available to all Scouts and leaders beginning immediately following breakfast
    • Wrangler Activities - Learn horsemanship, animal science and veterinary medicine.
    • Paul Bunyan Award - Younger scouts can earn Totin-chip, Firem'n Chit, and other related skills.

    BSA Camp BTSR
    Camp Website

    Camp Use Form / Tour Permit: - You should print and fill the form out and return it to the Scout Office at least two weeks prior to using the camp.

    BSA Buffalo Trails Council [BTC]
    Western Texas Boy Scouts

    The BSA Council oversees implementation of scouting facilities, programs and leadership training in each local area. Follow this link for info about more scouting programs and recreational activities in this area. They depend on your generous donations in both time and resources. Go here first for help to get started in scouting.

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    Rugged Overnighters - Camp BTSR

    Do Something Different On This Scout Overniter!

    A popular new trend in scouting is The Rugged-O. This is an overnight event where the scouts hike into a primitive campsite with the bare minimum of equipment (typically just a sleeping bag and pillow). Another twist on this activity is Bikepacking, where the scout patrol mountain bikes with their sleeping gear to a remote campsite. Contact the Campmaster for info about Rugged-O opportunities at Camp BTSR.

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    Hi Adventure Treks - Camp BTSR

    Hi Adv Treks - Texas
    Top 40 Outdoor Adventures
    Scouts & Families!

    Texas has many spectacular natural landmarks and attractions. Some are pretty popular well known, but there are many hidden treasures to explore. This is the extreme guide to fun for families and older youth groups.

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    Texas Scout Camps

    Check out our big list of Boy Scout Camps and High Adventure Bases in this region. Look for options such as shooting sports, aquatic facilities, horse treks, astronomy, wildlife, scoutcraft, or an opportunity to explore pristine remote wilderness tracts. Meet and share with other fine scouts, mentors and leaders. Are your scouting skills up for a major challenge?


    Secrets of the BSA Outdoor Essentials
    What You Really Need to Know!

    Pack Lean / Pack Smart! - Important tips on how to prepare scouting in the wild outdoors. The BSA Outdoor Essentials lists ten important items to always have on every wilderness adventure beginning with a with useful daypack. What will you bring?

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