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Camp Strake
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    - BSA Scout Camp
    - Camp Closure Dec 2014
    - MainTour Texas

    Camp Stake Closure Looms
    Historic Scout Camp Will Close Dec 2014

    A Houston-based developer this week (25-Nov-2013) had announced that they have purchased the 2,046-acre site of Camp Strake near Conroe, TX from the BSA Sam Houston Area Council for an undisclosed price.

    One of the largest available land parcels within the greater Houston area, Camp Strake is the longtime site of a flagship campground for Houston-area Boy Scouts. It sits on the southwest corner of Interstate 45 North and Loop 336, south of Conroe, with frontage on both I-45 and Loop 336.

    The BSA will continue to host scouts and their leaders at Camp Strake until December 2014, then it will move to a rural site between New Waverly and Coldspring. The organization announced it will “use the proceeds from the sale to fund its relocation, build a state-of-the-art high adventure camp and endow the operations and maintenance of the new Camp Strake in perpetuity.”

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