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Mile Swim Challenge

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World Conservation
BSA Award
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100 Nights
BSA Camper Award

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50 Miler Award
Afoot or Afloat
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    Texas Boy Scout High Adventure Tour - High Adventure Treks
    - Wilderness Survival Skills
    - Mountain Man Rendezvous
    - Remote Backcountry Camping
    - Bikepacking & Horse Treks
    - State Parks & Natural Landmarks
    - Natural Wildlife Preserves
    - Leave No Trace Territory
    - More Texas Scouting


    Planning an extra-ordinary weeklong high adventure course for youth group or family. Try this list of Extreme Texas Scouting Adventures.

    Brazos River Adventure
    Camp Worth Ranch

    Spend a week canoeing the Brazos River exploring all that it has to offer as you travel 50 miles down river from the Possum Kingdom Lake. Also check out the River Canoe Races here held for venturer scouts each April & September.

    14 mile Advanced Race for teams of experienced canoeists. Lunch, boats, equipment, awards, and supper provided. Open to Boy Scouts, Venturers, Explorers, and adults. All must be swimmers. Camping is open all weekend.


    Buffalo Trails Texas Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch
    BSA Buffalo Trails Council

    9,320 acre Camp B.T.S.R. is located in premier West Texas Wilderness. The camp features western trail rides, shooting sports, many rock climbing formations, and several specialty programs.

    Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Davis Mountains, this facility is one of America’s premier High-Adventure council camps. In operation since 1947, this beautiful ranch has met the needs of Scouts, Scouters, and their families for over 50 years.

    Tejas Historic Trail El Camino Real de los Tejas
    National Historic Trail

    Come on a journey that will carry you through 300 years of Louisiana and Texas frontier settlement and development on a Spanish colonial "royal road" that originally extended to Mexico City, Mexico.

    Long before Spanish entradas (first explorations) into the American Southwest, American Indian trails crossed Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana. Some of these same routes provided access for later traders, soldiers, and immigrants following El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail.

    Texas Sea Scout Base Sea Base Galveston
    BSA Summer Nautical Adventure

    Sea Scout Base Galveston (SSBG) is a place where youth will have an opportunity for discovery through aquatic based adventures. SSBG will be the launching point from which many will enjoy on-the-water programs for the very first time, find a means to reclaim their sense of independence, discover lifelong hobbies, or even uncover their vocation.

    • BSA Sea Scouts
    • Aquatics Programs & Facilities
    • Kayak / Sail / Fish
    • Maritime Education : 100-foot floating classroom
    • Youth Sailing Center

    Philmont Ranch New Mexico Philmont Scout Ranch
    BSA National Scout Ranch

    Since 1939, the Boy Scouts of America have operated a large outdoor high adventure base on this large, rugged, mountain ranch (137,500 acres) located near the town of Cimarron, New Mexico. It covers a wide stretch of wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of the Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico.

    Camp Possum Kingdom Lake
    Palo Pinto County [CTC]

    AKA: Camp Constantin / Furst Aquatic Base.
    This camp has over 385 acres and covers six miles of shoreline that look towards the majestic Castle Cliff on Possum Kingdom Lake. Activities include hiking, rifle, shotgun, archery, canoeing and swimming in one of the clearest lakes in Texas.

    Summer camp programs include one of Scouting's largest waterfront areas with sailboats, water skiing, canoeing, swimming, motor boating, snorkeling, and blobbing. Camp

    Dowling Aquatics Base BSA New Mexico Dowling Aquatic Base

    This BSA Adventure Camp is home of the popular Shipwreck Island and Fish Creek rugged summer camp scout adventures. It is located in Carlsbad NM near famous tourism attractions. Develop an appreciation for the feel of the cool water and warm breezes, seeing aquatic life up close and learning many unique outdoor skills. It is a great opportunity to learn BSA values by living them.

    Atchafalaya BSA Swamp Base
    Louisiana Bayou - Rugged Overniters

    A Wilderness far too intimidating for the casual outdoorsman, The Atchafalaya Swamp remains shrouded in mystery. But for the adventurous and the prepared, the swamp offers challenges to conquer and wonders to behold." - Swamp Base BSA.

    New Campsites - 2014 - Atchafalaya Basin in Central Louisiana now offers 30 remote bayou campsites on public lands. Most campsites are accessible only by watercraft.

    Atchafalaya Swamp, is the largest wetland and swamp in the United States. Located in south central Louisiana, it is a combination of wetlands and river delta area where the Atchafalaya River and the Gulf of Mexico converge. The river stretches from near Simmesport in the north through parts of eight parishes to the Morgan City area in the south. Campers get to experience a very unique chapter of our National Heritage.

    White River Canoe Race
    Scouting Championship Event

    In late July, some of the toughest Venturer Crews compete in one of the most unique, challenging and fun scouting events in the country. The National White River Canoe Race runs through some 120 miles of the scenic Ozarks backcountry.

    This three-day, 8-stage event feature multiple divisions for both male and female Venture Crews. Early Registration required.

    Black Range Cavalcade
    High Adventure Wilderness Tour

    A weeklong trailride adventure especially for older scouts/ventures ages 12-18 based on a working cattle ranch in Southern New Mexico's Black Range. Visit historic indian sites, ghost towns, underground mines, bubbling hot springs and panoramic scenery. Participants may get to participate in a genuine cattle drive, cattle branding, and other rigors of life on the range.

    Camp Horseshoe Bend [SHAC]
    El Rancho Cima Texas

    Horseshoe Bend at El Rancho Cima is one of the best Old West Style Scout Camps in the Country. With over 40 horses and one of the few summer scout camps that features a complete Horsemanship and Animal Science Merit Badge programs. It is also home 8 rifle ranges and 2 shotgun ranges. The stockade offers room for horseshoe playing and branding demonstrations. Scoutmasters regularly square off for a major Cook-Off featuring an exceptional array of unique dutch oven desserts. You will encounter many genuine cowboys here.

    The Rough Riders program has been designed for older Scouts (13+), coed Venture crew members and adult leaders. The program is located at Walter Horseshoe Bend Summer Camp and it is challenging our participants while offering them a fun and safe environment to grow as Scouts and people by allowing them to work on their leadership and teamwork skills, all the while learning and exercising Outdoor Ethics and Leave No Trace.

    Mormon Battalion Trail Award
    LDS BSA High Adventure Award

    Discover the history and path of the only religiously based unit in United States military history. Experience 1847 camplife and meals in this rugged outdoor adventure. The Mormon Battalion participated in the 1847 Mexican-American War and later helped to discover gold in California.

    Popular High Adventure Tours
    High Adventure provides older youth a unique setting to learn about their world and society. Many boys learn and grow more by doing things hands on in the outdoors.

    Mile Swim Challenge
    Special challenge for boys that love the water.
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    World Conservation Award
    World Awareness - think globally, act locally.
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    100 Night Camper Award
    Includes Night Hikes, Rugged-O's, Stargazing, Camporees and more.
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    50 Miler Award
    Afoot or Afloat - Trail Conservation and Exploration Tour
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    Historic Trails Award
    Help preserve our country's history on this tour.
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    BSA Kayaking
    Prepare for exciting float trips on the open water.
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    14495 Club
    Hike Mt Whitney, tallest peak in the continental USA.
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    NOTE: Most youth camps are available year around to all youth groups and family activities regardless of affiliation. In fact many want your business to support their core operations.

    Arizona Grand Canyon Scouts Grand Canyon Boy Scout Tour
    Hiking / Camping / Rafting / Exploring

    Another popular demand for many Boy Scout High Adventure Treks. Probably the single most amazing geological wonder in the world - over 3 million people come each year to view the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. An abyss more than one mile deep, from four to eighteen miles wide and over 150 miles long in bright desert colors. You will not be disappointed by its immense beauty.

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    Can you conquer the biggest challenge course in the state? How many Texas tall peak have you made it to the top of?

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