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    • Every summer our troop would stay at a different camp for a new and exciting adventure.
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    New Texas Scouting Adventures

    NOTE: Most youth camps are available year around to all youth groups and family activities regardless of affiliation. In fact many want your business to support their core operations.

    Camping Merit Badge Outdoor Adventure Tour

    Scout camp, with its wide of activities, staff and facilities, is the crowning experience of the Scouting Youth Program. Age appropriate programs include day camp for youngsters, resident camp for pre-teens and adventure treks for older youth.

    Each scout unit is encouraged to plan a monthly field trip adventure (day trip or overnighter) and at least once per year, a weekly long adventure camp.

    This program promotes valuable character growth in a great fun environment surrounded by strong peers and adult mentors. Scouts also learn important skills such as leadership, teamwork, planning, conquering challenges, and good citizenship.

    Camping Merit Badge

    Before planning major camping events, boy scouts and their leaders should carefully review the requirements of the camping merit badge and plan accordingly. All scouting events should be planned out by the boys under adult supervision.

    26-Nov-2013: Camp Strake is Moving
    Sam Houston Council announces the sale of their flagship campground property. They plan to open a new Camp Strake elsewhere by 2015.

    Camp Bear Creek
    BSA Alamo Area Council

    Offering Boy Scout Summer Camp since 1964, Bear Creek Scout Reservation has been a summer home to thousands of Scouts. Providing unforgettable camping memories, Bear Creek has afforded many boys their first opportunity to experience self reliance in a beautiful natural setting in the Texas Hill Country.

    Paddle boards in the lake and other water features like the water "Slide of Awesome" and a water trampoline were added in 2014.

    Camp Brown
    BSA Golden Spread Council

    The camp is heavily wooded with huge, old cottonwood trees. There are pear trees, wild plum shrubs, mulberry trees, and blackberry bushes located around the camp closer to the creek. Plant life away from the water is the usual yucca, mesquite, cactus, and prairie grasses local to the area. Wildlife includes turtle, rabbit, prairie dogs, coyotes, bobcat, deer, and pit vipers like rattlesnakes and water moccasins.

    Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch
    BSA Buffalo Trails Council

    9,320 acre Camp B.T.S.R. is located in premier West Texas Wilderness. The camp features western trail rides, shooting sports, many rock climbing formations, and several specialty programs.

    Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Davis Mountains, this facility is one of America’s premier High-Adventure council camps. In operation since 1947, this beautiful ranch has met the needs of Scouts, Scouters, and their families for over 50 years.

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    Clements Scout Ranch
    Jones / Meisenbach Camps

    The Clements Scout Ranch is home to Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp and Camp Meisenbach. The ranch has over 3,300 acres of towering pines and hardwoods with four well-stocked lakes.

    Several weekend campsites come with two large pavilions and 19 summer campsites complete with a dining hall, headquarters building, first aid lodge, swimming pool, waterfront, horses, the 60 ft. John Coffman Climbing Tower, the Roy & Frances Rea COPE Center, and many more traditional program areas. Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp is also home to a first class Museum of Natural History. A variety of wildlife trails, great fishing on all four lakes, rowboats, canoes, rifle, shotgun and archery ranges are available.

    Cockrell River Camp
    El Rancho Cima Texas

    Cockrell River Camp lies along the Blanco River which runs through the sprawling El Rancho Cima property. All program areas, except shooting sports, are located within 100 feet of the river. Navigating this compact camp proved to be a pleasure after some of the other sprawling, wide-open camps.

    Visit the Blanco River among native pecan and cypress trees. During summer camp, aquatics are the biggest draw to Cockrell River Camp offering swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing, just to name a few.

    Camp Don
    BSA Golden Spread Council

    Camp Don Harrington, commonly referred to as Camp Don, is an 800-acre Boy Scout camp in Randall County near Canyon, Texas. The original 640 acres were donated by oil man and investor Don Harrington in 1945. In 1994, Sybil Harrington, Don Harrington ' s wife, donated the money to refurbish the camp with repaving the roads, refurbishing the health lodge, a new quartermaster building, and building the new Cub Scout World. .

    Camp Green Dickson
    BSA Capitol Area Council

    335 acre facility located adjacent to the Texas History Trail. 15 campsites, 6 latrines and one central shower facility/shelter with power. Home of our summer and winter National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) courses. Fishing at Stocked pond: Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Sunfish, Crappie.

    Camp Dowling
    New Mexico Aquatic Base

    This BSA Adventure Camp is home of the popular Shipwreck Island and Fish Creek rugged summer camp scout adventures. It is located in Carlsbad NM near famous tourism attractions. Develop an appreciation for the feel of the cool water and warm breezes, seeing aquatic life up close and learning many unique outdoor skills. It is a great opportunity to learn BSA values by living them.


    Sea Base Galveston
    BSA Bay Area Council

    Sea Scout Base Galveston (SSBG) is a place where youth will have an opportunity for aquatic based adventures. SSBG will be the launching point from which many will enjoy on-the-water programs for the very first time, find a means to reclaim their sense of independence, discover lifelong hobbies, or even uncover their vocation.

    • BSA Sea Scouts
    • Aquatics Programs & Facilities
    • Kayak / Sail / Fish
    • Maritime Education : 100-foot floating classroom
    • Youth Sailing Center

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    Camp Billy Gibbons
    Texas Rugged Adveneture

    Camp Gibbons is famous for its run of wildlife including rabbits, wild turkey and really big catfish. Scouts always seem to be able to scare up a rattlesnake, wild pigs, armadillo or skunk in the most unlikely places and decide to do a “show and tell” with their Scoutmaster.

    The camp is considered the last of the summer wilderness camps in this area. One must drive down over a thirteen mile gravel road, over fourteen cattle guards, in order to get to the camp.

    Gorham Scout Ranch
    New Mexico Desert Adventure

    Gorham Scout Ranch is 2650 acres of high-desert beauty in the foothills of Sangre de Christo Mountains. Scouters can explore rolling hills of Pinon, Ponderosa, and Juniper forests that can enchant your imagination.


    Griffith League Scout Ranch
    Texas Bastrop County

    Nearly 5,000 acres on One of the few remaining intact land grants from the Republic of Texas. Federally designated habitat for the Houston Toad, an endangered species.

    Units must use Leave No Trace camping guidelines. 16 miles of casual and more rigorous hiking trails.

    Camp Horseshoe Bend [SHAC]
    El Rancho Cima Texas

    Horseshoe Bend at El Rancho Cima is one of the best Old West Style Scout Camps in the Country. With over 40 horses and one of the few summer scout camps that features a complete Horsemanship and Animal Science Merit Badge programs. It is also home 8 rifle ranges and 2 shotgun ranges. The stockade offers room for horseshoe playing and branding demonstrations. Scoutmasters regularly square off for a major Cook-Off featuring an exceptional array of unique dutch oven desserts. You will encounter many genuine cowboys here.

    Camp James Ray [CTC]
    Lake Texoma

    This 540 acre camp offers camping, hiking, canoeing, sailing, rifle, shotgun and archery ranges, swimming, and 11 year-round campsites. Weekend camping at Camp James Ray offers activities such as hiking, canoeing and rowing in the beautiful waterfront, and shooting sports.

    Camp James Ray is home to the Sanford Aquatics Center with a 160,000 gallon, one-of-a-kind swimming pool. This pool features a beach front entrance, two aqua jet systems, and a 141-foot water slide.

    Lake Texoma

    Lake Texoma is famous for sand bass and stripers.

    Camp Karankawa [BAC]
    San Bernard River

    Camp Karankawa boasts 450 acres of beautiful Texas wilderness located just West of West Columbia Texas in Sweeny. We've got a lake, a swimming pool, a horse corral, rifle and archery ranges, brand spanking new restroom and shower facilities, a state-of-the-art dining hall, campsites complete with fire rings and cooking pits, and of course a trading post! This camp is located on the shoreline of San Bernard River.


    Camp Lost Pines [CAC2]
    Lake Bastrop

    With Nearly 400 acres, on the northern shores of Lake Bastrop and home to the tallest climbing tower in Texas, DOK’s Tower. Camp Lost Pines hosts excellent Catfish and Largemouth Bass fishing.


    Camp McGimsey Park
    BSA Alamo Area Council

    McGimsey is a 140 acre Scout Park in North Central San Antonio. The area currently plays host to Cub Scout Day Camps, Cub-N-Ones, Tiger Cub Fun Days, and numerous adult leader training courses throughout the Scouting program. A full C.O.P.E. course is located in the Park. The site is also available for unit camping and events with reservations.

    Camp Alma McHenry
    BSA Capitol Area Council

    250 acres of pastureland, oak trees and several private stocked fishing ponds. About a 90 minute drive from Austin, near Giddings TX. Primitive-style camping; no defined campsites. Stocked ponds: Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Sunfish, Crappie.

    Mays Family River Ranch
    Medina River Greenway Trail
    New Scout Camp (2015)

    Located adjacent to the Medina River Nature Park in San Antonio TX, The May’s is a refreshing escape for Scout youth seeking a balance of a memorable Scouting Adventure with the serenity of the great outdoors all within a short drive from home. With large Cypress, Oak and Pecan trees along the flowing Medina River, traveling the trails and engaging in Scouting activity at the new Mays Family Scout Ranch will provide all a fun and exhilarating experience. The Mays is also located in proximity to the Medina River Natural Area Park, which provides additional miles of hiking trails and activities.

    Philmont Scout Ranch
    BSA National Adventure Base

    Since 1939, the Boy Scouts of America have operated a large outdoor high adventure base on this large, rugged, mountain ranch (137,500 acres) located near the town of Cimarron, New Mexico. It covers a wide stretch of wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of the Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico.


    Camp Pioneer
    Polk County Arkansas [CAC]

    Camp Pioneer is a facility of the Caddo Area Council and is located in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains. Mountain Fork River and Two Mile Creek converge at the camp, adding to its scenic beauty. The camp's hills are covered by pines and a large variety of hardwood trees.


    Camp Pirtle
    Lake Murval [ETAC]

    Nestled in the piney woods of East Texas, George W. Pirtle Scout Reservation is located on the banks of Lake Murval southwest of Carthage, TX. Camp Pirtle has facilities for a wide rage of activities from rifle, shotgun & archery ranges to a COPE course and climbing walls.

    Waterfront access to Lake Murval allows for a wide array of boating activities. Also available are a swimming pool, fire circle, outdoor chapel, Silver Circle Hiking Trail, 14 campsites, a Venturing base, and so much more! Camp Pirtle also offers accommodations for those with disabilities.

    Camp Possum Kingdom Lake
    Palo Pinto County [CTC]

    AKA: Camp Constantin / Furst Aquatic Base.
    This camp has over 385 acres and covers six miles of shoreline that look towards the majestic Castle Cliff on Possum Kingdom Lake. Activities include hiking, rifle, shotgun, archery, canoeing and swimming in one of the clearest lakes in Texas.

    Summer camp programs include one of Scouting's largest waterfront areas with sailboats, water skiing, canoeing, swimming, motor boating, snorkeling, and blobbing. Camp

    Camp Preston Hunt
    Texarkana [CAC]

    Camp Preston Hunt - Near Texarkana, Arkansas, a Cub Scout and Webelos Resident Camp, and year-round camping facility. Located outside Texarkana, Arkansas, Camp Preston Hunt is over 250 acres, with eleven campsites with cabins, as well as numerous areas for tent camping, swimming pool, large dining hall, lake with canoes, shower facilities, cub pirate ship, and COPE course.

    Camp Richardson
    1872 Cavalry Unit

    Located on the shores of Lake Bridgeport, a 10,000-acre freshwater lake, Sid Richardson Scout Ranch has over 16-miles of rugged shoreline, scenic cliffs, prairie and woodlands. Highlights of Camp Richardson include a working blacksmith flight simulator cockpits, new technology center, 1870's US Cavalry historic site, museum, saloon.

    Campers in the Cavalry program live and eat apart from the other scouts in frontier conditions simulating the 19th century period. After learning safety requirements of their black powder rifles and the basics of the 1872 army, they battle it out in the rocky underbrush with adult re-enactors.

    Rivers Wilderness Camp
    BSA Capitol Area Council

    Nearly 400 acres, Heavily forested, rugged terrain that is perfect for low impact wilderness camping and backpacking. Primitive-style camping, no defined campsites, where water is not available, no structures on the property. 60 minute drive from Austin.

    Camp Ross-Rhodes
    Lake DeGray - Arkansas

    The beautiful Arkansas outdoors, the lush green forest, the rolling mountain ranges, the fresh clean clear waterways and lakes, the fishing, the wild life. Nature in all of its glory is here at our camp for you and your scouts! Come and join us at Ross Rhodes Reservation, for the Scouting adventure that will leave you wanting more.

    Everything Arkansas outdoors has to offer… the lush green forest, the rolling mountain ranges, the fresh clean clear waterways and lakes, the fishing, and the wild life are all here. Nature in all of its glory awaits you and your organization! Come and join us at Ross Rhodes Reservation, for the outdoor adventure that will leave you wanting more.

    Camp Smilin V
    Capitol Area Council

    91 acres of improved Hill Country ranch land with Men's/Women's restrooms and shower facilities. Non potable well water; bring your own water. Magnificent pavilion with picnic table seating for 200, with serving kitchen.


    Camp Tonkawa East
    Holtzman Outdoor Learning Center

    In 2002 the Holtzman Family transformed a beautiful 35-acre outdoor tract into an outdoor learning center for use by scout troops and homeschool tour groups. Today, Camp Tonkawa is a nature awareness learning center for adults and children that gives hands-on experience in the great outdoors!

    Work on special interest projects or rank advancement. Special Merit Badge programs include Nature Awareness, Leatherwork, Fishing, Hiking, Backpacking and Horsemanship. Wilderness Survival is the most popular most popular merit badge of this camp.

    Camp Tonkawa West
    Adjacent to Abilene State Park

    Home to the shady banks of Elm Creek, where large trees arch overhead and deer and other critters wander by. Just 16 miles southwest of Abilene, the park has a lake and fishing pond, a historic swimming pool, trails, camping and more.

    This camp is also used by many Non-Scouting groups throughout the year. 4-H, YWCA, Big Brothers / Big Sisters, Hunter Safety Education, and other groups make use of our facilities

    Camp Urland
    East Texas Piney Woods

    Camp Urland Scout Reservation is approximately 715 acres of land located in the East Texas Piney Woods of Woodville Texas, about 50 miles north of Beaumont. We are open year-round for weekend camping and offer a several Council programs throughout the year.

    Facilities include 10 campsites with shelter pavilions, 8-acre lake, shooting ranges, archery range, chapel, boating facility, mountain bike trail and iron works.

    Wehinahpay Mountain Camp

    Located in the beautiful Sacramento Mountains of South Central New Mexico at 8,500 feet of elevation. Wehinahpay Mountain Camp is surrounded by the Lincoln National Forest and offers a wide and exciting variety of quality Scout camp programs. The camp is known for its beautiful wooded campsites, cool mountain weather, low humidity, lack of mosquitoes, good wholesome food, a fantastic camp staff, wildlife, and an exciting program of camp activities.

    Camp Wisdom
    Sowell Cub World

    Camp Wisdom is the home to Billy Sowell Scout Camp and Cub World. The camp is located 11 miles from downtown Dallas. With 371 acres there is plenty of room for a great camping experience close to Dallas. As one of the oldest camps in Texas, this camp is filled with lots of camping history. Many Dallas natives spent a week of their summer at Camp Wisdom. Because of its location, the Camp is ideal to host many district and council events.

    Camp Worth Ranch
    Brazos River Adventure

    Worth Ranch Summer Camp offering nearly 60 merit badges with a great program and over 85 years of tradition.

    Camp Facilities include four major adventure trails that tour waterfalls, Kyle Mountain, Hernia Hill and other natural formations. There are also shooting sports, astronomy, rock climbing and pioneering projects.

    NOTE: Most youth camps are available year around to all youth groups and family activities regardless of affiliation. In fact many want your business to support their core operations.

    Boy Scout Summer Camp Scoutmaster Troop Snoopy's Super Troop
    No Scout Should Miss Summer Camp

    No Scout should miss out on the fun and excitement of summer camp because he can’t participate with his own troop. Ask your local council about the Summer Camp Provisional Troop. It is also available for scouts who want to attend an additional week an opportunity to not miss out on the fun.

    This unique program groups Scouts from many different troops into a single patrol, thus offering them a similar experience as Scouts who attend summer camp with their traditional troop.

    Texas Boy Scout Councils

    BSA Alamo Council

    The Alamo Area Council, BSA, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, serves a 13 county area in Texas. [ Council Website ]

    BSA Golden Spread Council

    Based in Amarillo TX, this group serves over 5,300 youth in the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma. Its service area includes all or part of 23 counties in Texas and three counties in Oklahoma. Council Website ]

    BSA Capital Area Council

    Covering 15 Central Texas counties surrounding Austin. The Council currently serves 24,000 youth. [ Council Website ]

    BSA Circle Ten Council

    Based in Dallas, Circle 10 serves BSA units in North Texas and a portion of Oklahoma. Its service area encompasses the Dallas metropolitan.
    [ Council Website ]

    BSA East Texas Council

    Based in Tyler TX, this council is serving youth in 17 counties of East Texas with great outdoor adventures. [ Council Website ]

    BSA Bay Area Council

    Headquartered in Galveston, Texas, provides activities for over 6,000 youth in Galveston and Brazoria counties. [ Council Website ]

    BSA Buffalo Trail Council

    headquartered in Midland, Texas, serves more than 6,500 youth in 18 West Texas counties. [ Council Website ]

    BSA Caddo Area Council

    Headquartered in Texarkana, Texas, the Caddo Area Council serves Scouts in ten counties of Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas. [ Council Website ]

    BSA Texas Trails Council

    Serving scouts in the Abilene Texas Region. [ Council Website ]

    SouthWest USA Scout Camps

    Texas Lake Balloon Launch Texas Church Youth Camps
    A number of religious groups in the area operate some interest outdoor facilities especially for youth. If you are looking for something different, try this list.


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    Camp Fee Waiver / Credits

    Many BSA Camp Facilities will waive the camping fee for each participant in the group that completes a four-hour service project for the camp. [Need Ideas: Trail Repair / Camp Signage / Info Kiosk / Tent Repair / Painting and Maintenance / Weed Control / Road Repair / Donate Supplies]

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    San Antonio Scout Night
    Stadium Campout

    Scout Nights are exciting times of Scout participation with San Antonio's professional sports teams, and other council coordinated adventure offerings found within our local community. Many Scout Nights include "behind the scenes" adventure OR admission to a Camp Out right before or immediately following the event.
    San Antonio Scout Night

    • Spurs Basketball
    • Rampage Hockey
    • Silver Stars Basketball
    • Scorpions Soccer
    • Talons Football
    • Missions Baseball
    • San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo
    • UTSA Football
    • Historic Woodlawn Theatre
    • Paseo del Rio Association (Ford Canoe Challenge)

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