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Entrada High Adventure Scout Camp

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    Entrada High Adventure Base BSA Utah

    • Desert High Adventure Base
    • Location Near Moab Utah
    • Rock Climbing & Rappeling
    • Colorado River Whitewater
    • Mountain Bike - 7 Trails
    • Shooting Sports

    Camp Entrada is primarily a Boy Scout High Adventure Outpost for older scouts. Scouts must be 14 or older to participate in treks. While the main focus is for Varsity and Venturing scout units, this facility is also open to Girls' groups, LDS Stake encampments and youth conferences.

    This unique desert high adventure program has various areas of skill, training, and challenge in our activities which include: Mountain biking on Moab, Utah’s famous terrain, exciting and challenging Climbing and Rappelling activities including Canyoneering, River Rafting on the Colorado River, and a high adventure Shooting Sports program including hand guns (for registered Venturing youth only).

    We recommend you spend time with your youth preparing physically for camp. The Entrada program involves strenuous activities and conditions such as extreme weather, exposure, and fatigue. Temperatures are likely to reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and may drop substantially at night. Please do not bring soda, it is a high contributor to heat exhaustion plan on drinking a lot of water.

    Entrada Rock Climbing Adventure Rock Climbing Entrada

    Climbing and Rappelling stations on large standstone cliffs.

    Seven Mountain Bike Trails

    The current inventory of bikes in our fleet are hard tale mountain bikes. At the end of each season the camp sells several of its bikes.

    • 14-mile Metal Masher Jeep Trail - Camp Loop
    • Gemini Bridges Long - 23 mile downhill ride starts at camp and ends in Moab.
    • Gemini Bridges Short - 10 mile rock mogul trail
    • Longs Canyon Trail - 20 mile downhill jeep trail to the Colorado River.
    • Slick Rock Trail - famous bike trail for experienced bikers
    • Klondyke Bluffs - 15 mile trail north of Moab
    • La Sals Trail - cooler high country terrain

    Entrada Colorado River Trek Whitewater Trips

    Day-long trip down the Colorado, beginning at Castle Valley. More exclusive trips that offer more thrills are also available for an extra cost.

    River rafting conditions are relative to the moisture received per season. On low water years, participants have more water fight and swimming time; higher water times the rapids are very exciting.

    The river trip is a full-day trip that begins at Fisher Towers and concludes close to the pull-out near 191. This trip is mostly a float trip with class 1, 2 and a few class 3 rapids when water is high and will take about 5 or 6 hours. This is our most basic trip at $40, and for most groups this trip is recommended. For a more robust experience, you may call several river companies in Moab who offer class 3 and class 4 rapids. You can camp at Entrada, and book this trip through Worldwide or another river vender in Moab.

    Shooting Sports

    A day of shotguns, black powder, and action archery at base camp

    Hiking / Backpacking Trips

    Scenic wilderness excursions to Arches, Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point.

    Earn Camp Fee Credits

    Many BSA Camp Facilities will waive the camping fee for each participant in a group that completes a four-hour service project for the camp. [Need Ideas? Trail Repair / Camp Signage / Info Kiosk / Tent Repair / Painting and Maintenance / Weed Control / Road Repair / Donate Equipment]

    Arches National Park High Adventure Utah Arches National Park

    Home to hundreds of natural stone arches, soaring pinnacles, massive fins and giant balanced rocks. The contrasting colors and textures of these red rock formations are amazing. Millions of years of colorful geological history have been revealed by erosion.

    Popular adventure activities include hiking, rock climbing, camping, wilderness backpacking, horse treks, and wildlife viewing. Backcountry adventure permit required.


    NOTE: Most youth camps are available year around to all youth groups and family activities regardless of affiliation. In fact many want your business to support their core operations.

    Entrada Mountain Camp
    Utah National Parks Council

    Entrada UT; ;
    Summer Camp Dates: June - Aug
  • Location: Driving south on Highway 191, turn right (West) at the Dead Horse Point & Canyonlands exit (Highway 313, 12.5 miles north of Moab). Drive 12.8 miles and turn left (North East) at the Gemini Bridges Trail sign. Follow the Gemini Bridges trail signs until the sign for Crip’s Hole. Turn right (South) and drive into camp. It is approximately 6 miles from Hwy 313 to the Crips Hole base camp location.
    Utah High Adventure & Beyond
    Best Outdoor Activities in the Region

    Venturers Crews, Varsity Teams, Outdoorsmen - Find here our big list of exciting destinations and activities that you've been dreaming of.

    Utah Activity Guide
    Resources for your Favorite Outdoor Hobbies

    Interested in fast cars, aviation, museums, history, sports, mountain man, festivals, military, wildlife, etc, etc? Check out our super hobby resource page here. This is an excellent resource for planning merit badge activities.

    Utah Boy Scout & Youth Camps
    Aquatics / Shooting / Camping / Nature / Hiking

    A great weekend destination for active families and youth groups. Many locations to choose from.

BSA Fieldbook
BSA Fieldbook
Outdoor Trek Guide

Based on experiences of millions of Scouts and leaders, this book holds essential information for every outdoor enthusiast. A comprehensive reference, this handbook includes sections on trek, preparation and adventures, appreciating our environment, and more.

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