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    Utah Boy Scout High Adventure Tour - Backcountry Camping Anywhere
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    Tour Great Salt Lake
    Watersports & Exotic Widlife Tour

    Campout on the shores of the Great Salt Lake or sleep overnight with the Bison on Antelope Island...If You Dare!

    With its sudden storms and expansive spread, the lake is a great test of sailing skills. It is also a major wildlife refuge for antelope, bison and a great variety of migratory waterfowl. The lake attracts more than 257 species of birds, depending on the season.

    Tour Escalante Staircase
    U.S. National Monument

    Newly established in September 1996 is this 1.7 million acres of multi-colored cliffs and mesas in Southern Utah. Visitors can find a variety of recreational opportunities. From the solitude of lonesome canyons to the excitement of winding rugged backways, the Monument is truely a treasure. Many, many miles of scenic backpacking and horsepacking trails wind through red rock canyons, cliffs, rock formations, and land bridges that abound here...If You Dare!


    Are You Stuck in A Boring Youth Group?

    Aagh...You can change that now! Email your group leader the URL of this page today. Let's do a FUN Adventure This Month!

    Arches Park
    U.S. National Park

    Home to hundreds of natural stone arches, soaring pinnacles, massive fins and giant balanced rocks. The contrasting colors and textures of these red rock formations are amazing. Millions of years of colorful geological history have been revealed by erosion.

    Popular adventure activities include hiking, rock climbing, camping, wilderness backpacking, horse treks, and wildlife viewing. Backcountry adventure permit required.

    Bryce Canyon
    U.S. National Park

    Capturing some of the most colorful and unusual geological landforms of Southern Utah. Most of the park's highlights are easily visible from a leisurely drive along SR-63. You should allow about three hours to cover this scenic 34 mile route. There are many scenic overlooks and short trails along the way for you to explore.


    Fishlake Forest
    U.S. National Forest

    This forest preserve is name for Fish Lake, the largest natural mountain lake in the state of Utah. It is home to the 1000-mile Paiute ATV Trail as well as some of Southern Utah's best stream and lake fishing.

    This area is a paradise known for its beautiful aspen forests, scenic byways, motorized and non-motorized trails, elk hunting, and mackinaw and trout fishing. Recreational adventures include scenic drives, mountain biking, snowmobiling, ATV use, hiking, and camping.

    Utah Zip Line Course Utah Scout Camps

    Many scout camps have several venues available for unique rugged overnighter experiences.

    Mountain Camps, Wilderness Camps, Aquatic Camps, Popular Out-of-State Expeditions, Make Your Own Summer Camp, Webeloes Day Camps and more. COPE Zipline Course and more.


    Utah Lake Balloon Launch Utah Church Youth Camps

    Some church camps have venues available for unique rugged overnighter experiences.

    A number of religious groups in the area operate some interest outdoor facilities especially for youth. If you are looking for something different, try this list.


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