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    • Every summer our troop would stay at a different camp for a new and exciting adventure.
    • For more great Utah scouting adventures see also :
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    NOTE: Most youth camps are available year around to all youth groups and family activities regardless of affiliation. In fact many want your business to support their core operations.

    Camping Merit Badge Outdoor Adventure Tour

    Scout camp, with its wide of activities, staff and facilities, is the crowning experience of the Scouting Youth Program. Age appropriate programs include day camp for youngsters, resident camp for pre-teens and adventure treks for older youth.

    Each scout unit is encouraged to plan a monthly field trip adventure (day trip or overnighter) and at least once per year, a weekly long adventure camp.

    This program promotes valuable character growth in a great fun environment surrounded by strong peers and adult mentors. Scouts also learn important skills such as leadership, teamwork, planning, conquering challenges, and good citizenship.

    Camping Merit Badge

    Before planning major camping events, boy scouts and their leaders should carefully review the requirements of the camping merit badge and plan accordingly. All scouting events should be planned out by the boys under adult supervision.

    Camp Bartlett
    Bear Lake North Shore

    Experience outdoor adventure at Bartlett Scout Reservation. This facility is located on national forest lands with easy access to Bear Lake kayaking treks, a modern shooting sports center and rock climbing center.

    A well-designed, classic-set camp with campsites nestled among tall pines and quaking aspen trees surrounding a well-stocked lake and lots of wildlife. (Trapper Trails Council BSA)

    Bear Lake Aquatics Base
    Bear Lake East Shore

    Located on the eastern shore of Utah's Bear Lake, this camp features many watersport scouting activities not available anywhere else in Utah: large boat sailing, water skiing, catamarans, snorkeling or the ever popular canoe outpost!

    It also features helicopter rides and the opportunity for scouts to earn the Aviation Merit Badge. New program also include Robotics and Search & Rescue.

    Camp Browning
    Ogden River Canyon

    This secluded youth camp, operated by Trapper Trails Scout Council, sees frequent summer time use as a LDS Girls Camp featuring exciting 3-day / 4-day wilderness adventures. Canoeing, pistol Range, scenic trails, COPE, Rock Climbing courses.

    Canoeing is an important part of the wilderness experience and an enjoyable leisure activity that teaches communication, teamwork, and physical fitness.

    Camp Buck Hollow
    Camp for New Scouts

    Camp Buck Hollow is home to Utah's Scouting Adventure Park, an introductory program for new Boy Scouts working the trail to become a First Class Scout. This camp program typically runs two days with an one overnight experience. Other activities focus on many of the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class Scouting.

    Camp Buffalo Bill
    Yellowstone National Park

    Camp Buffalo Bill lies seven miles east of Yellowstone National Park in the Shoshone National Forest and has provided a quality summer camp experience for scouts from across the country since 1949.

    The camp is ideal for troops wishing to have both a Scout camp experience and tour the nation's first national park. Camp Buffalo Bill is also the home of the Yellowstone High Adventure Outpost, a high adventure program where scouts can participate in one of four core areas: Trek, Climbing, Paddlesports, and Winter.

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    Del Webb High Adventure Base BSA Utah Del Webb High Adventure Base
    BSA Las Vegas Council

    Del Webb High Adventure Base—located in the pines and aspens above Kolob Reservoir and Zion National Park in southern Utah. Activity areas feature Rappelling, Mountain Boarding, Mountain Biking, Shooting Sports and Canyoneering areas all have a different program. The High Adventure portion of the camp is open to 13 yr. olds and above per National Standards of the Boy Scouts of America. The Base Camp portion is open to 11 year olds and up. Large groups can also reserve the camps for popular encampments or other special programs that involve all ages of youth.

    Gorham Ranch New Mexico Gorham Scout Ranch
    Northern New Mexico

    Gorham Scout Ranch is 2650 acres of high-desert beauty in the foothills of Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Scouters can explore rolling hills of Pinon, Ponderosa, and Juniper forests that can enchant your imagination. Operated by Great Southwest Council.


    Camp High Uintah
    Ashley National Forest

    A unique mountain wilderness camp located near Vernal UT, Camp High Uintah features a traditional boy scout summer camp experience with many Merit Badge programs in handicrafts, scoutcraft, shooting sports, nature, and aquatics.


    When The Summer Is Over - What Memory Will You Keep?

    1 or 2 Week Full Adventure Treks or Junior Adventure Treks
    for Scouts, Troops, Families & Youth Groups.

    Hinckley Scout Ranch
    Uintah Mountains

    It is the largest boy scout camp in the State of Utah. Hinckley Scout Ranch actually consists of 3 major boy scout camps, each with its own summer program. It is operated by the BSA Great Salt Lake Council and is located off of SR-150, about 40 miles east of Kamas UT or 30 miles south of Evanston WY.

    These sub-camps are designed to offer a quality camping experience while delivering a more personalized service at the campsite level. Camp Hinckley is also home to the Utah Ranger Trek - a custom high adventure program for Varsity Teams and Venturer Crews that want to earn their Kodiak Award.

    Camp Hull Valley
    Wasatch Mountain Bike Trek

    High Adventure on the Mountain. Located 13 miles up scenic Cub River Valley is this great scout camp, nestled in a beautiful mountain valley. Elevated on the Highline Trail are breathtaking vistas and views of the surrounding valleys. While biking along these trails learn more about leadership and venturing scouts.


    Camp Hunt
    Bear Lake Aquatics Center

    Located on the west shore of Bear Lake, just 2 miles north of Garden City UT, is this recently renovated scout summer camp with all facilities for docks, boats, showers. Major activites include sailing, waterskiing, motorboating, snorkeling.

    Many Non-Aquatic Activities also available: Nature lodge, handicraft center, scoutcraft areas.

    Camp Levi-Levi
    Hualapai Mountains, Arizona

    Camp Levi-Levi is nestled in the Hualapai Mountains 14 miles south of Kingman, Arizona, at an elevation of 7,000 feet. Troops that attend Levi Levi provide their own food and do their own cooking. The program includes rifle shooting, archery, camp-wide games, special hikes, campfires, a First Class Trail, and over 20 merit badges. This is a Scout Camp operated by the Las Vegas Scout Council.


    Camp Loll
    Yellowstone Adventure Base

    Generations rave about Camp Loll, the camp tucked in middle of the brooding, old growth forest, nestled around the "Lake of the Woods". Not only do they run a popular traditional boy scout summer camp with many merit badges, but they also host three amazing backcountry hi-adventure treks directly into either one of these two awesome national parks, Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons.

    Rock climbing, beautiful lakes, majestic waterfalls, endless forest and a great variety of wildlife add to the magic of Camp Loll, operated by the Trapper Council of BSA.

    Camp Maple Dell
    Payson Canyon

    High COPE Ropes Challenge Course, Zip Lines over the Lake, Eccles Nature Center, Climbing Tower, Large lakefront aquatics area - Swimming, lifesaving, canoeing, rowing. Large lake obstacle course, Shooting sports - Rifle, shotgun, black powder, archery, Handicraft center, Scoutcraft center, Digital Media Arts center - photography and moviemaking, and Full service Trading Post.

    Camp Morrison
    Idaho's Payette National Forest

    A premiere camp in the Idaho Central Rocky Mountains.

      Camp Morrison - Traditional Summer Camp
      Cullimore High Adventure Base - Venturer Scout Activity Base

    Camp New Fork
    Central Wyoming Scouting

    This boy scout facility is set deep inside beautiful backcountry of the Wind River Mountain Range at 7800 foot elevation. Its large, secluded campsites are often visited by moose, deer, and elk.

    Popular camp events include the 40 foot climbing tower, rugged overnighter canoe trips acress Mile long New Fork Lake and the famous Bull Run relay that includes shooting sports and canoe racing. Start training early!

    Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch
    Summer Camp - Elbert CO

    Three great camps in one at 7,000 feet elevation in Central Colorado:

    1. Camp Cris Dobbins - Traditional Scout Summer Camp Program - Over 40 outdoor merit badge programs
    2. Camp Cortlandt Dietler - Hardcore Style of Camping for independent troops who want to do it all themselves.
    3. Magness Adventure Camp - Resident Cub Scout Camp for the younger boys - forestry, canoeing, fishing & BB Guns.

    While merit badges are an important part of the resident camp program, they are not the main purpose of Scout Camp. A Scout should have the opportunity to try new skills and activities, just to learn about or to have fun.

    The most important object in Boy Scout training, is to educate, not to instruct. - Lord Baden-Powell.

    Philmont Scout Ranch
    BSA National Scout Ranch

    Since 1939, the Boy Scouts of America have operated a large outdoor high adventure base on this large, rugged, mountain ranch (137,500 acres) located near the town of Cimarron, New Mexico. It covers a wide stretch of wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of the Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico.


    Camp Potasi
    BSA Las Vegas Council

    Camp Potosi (located within Spencer W. Kimball Scout Reservation) has over four miles of roads, eleven miles of hiking trails, 70 troop campsites, latrines, washstands, two shower buildings, swimming pool, well and water storage system, activity shelters, camp office trailer, trading post, large amphitheater, canoeing pond, rappelling tower, Indian Village, Trail to First Class Program Area, provisional Troop, and Serenity Hall.

    Red Cliff Ranch
    Huntsville Equestrian Base

    Featuring memorable horse rides through Utah’s majestic backcountry at the Red Cliff Ranch ( Huntsville UT). Enjoy a relaxing ride through the foothills of Monte Cristo - covered with pine and aspen trees, where the Beaver Creek and South Fork rivers join. Rides range from 1 hour (beginners) to all day adventures (experienced). VIP Rides, Overnighters, Pack Trips, and Drop Camps are also available. [ Horsemanship ]
    Ranch Website

    Camp Scofield
    Utah Aquatics Base

    Camp Scofield Aquatics Base uses the Adventure Track to group select boy scout merit badge programs into fun activity groups that will make your summer scouting resident camp a blast. Some of these tracks are great for beginners and others are quite a bit more challening.

    Created by a generous donation from Duane Frandsen, Camp Scofield opened its gates first in 1983. It has elements of both a aquatics base and a frontier base. Camp program features shooting sports, nature center, outdoor skills and handicraft, in addition to the well-established aquatics program.

    Steiner Scout Camp
    Highest Boy Scout Camp in America

    That's right! At 10,400 ft elevation in the majestic Uinta Mountain wilderness east of Kamas UT, Camp Steiner is ranked as the highest elevation boy scout camp in the USA and second highest camp in the world. Besides a full summer scout camp program, it is an excellent base for high adventure trekking into the surrounding wilderness.

    Founded in 1930, Camp Steiner is known for its many traditions including Mountain Man competitions and the Steiner Yell. The reenactment of the siege of Mafeking, followed by the Honor Trail, a dawn hike and the Polar Bear Plunge are all a part of Steiner's program.

    Camp Tahosa
    Colorado Indian Peaks

    True Mountaineering & Back-Country Adventure. Scouts get to explore 30-50 miles of remote wilderness trails, summit mountain peaks over 13,000 feet tall, rock climb, slide across snow fields and kayak pristine waterways.

    This high adventure program is geared towards older Scouts who are looking for a true mountaineering adventure.

    Camp Thunder Ridge
    Brian Head Utah

    Camp Thunder Ridge is built around a unique outdoors program called Adventure Tracks. Each track is a fun two-day experience that mixes fun experiences, skill games and merit badge learning activities. A typical boy scout would participate in two different tracks during his week-long stay at this summer residence camp. They are color coded based on difficulty level.

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    Camp Tifie
    Utah Adventure Tracks Camp

    Camp Tifie is the newest camping property for the council and features many great new facilities and program features. This camp features many unique scouting games and camp award programs.

    Camp Tifie uses a unique outdoors program called Adventure Tracks. Each track is a fun two-day experience that mixes fun experiences, skill games and merit badge learning activities.

    Camp Tracy
    Utah's "New Scout" Day Camp

    This boy scout camp is exclusive for 11-year old boy scouts working on rank advancement to Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class. Come as a patrol to anyone of 7 summer session each lasting three days. Optional overnighter opportunity.

    Activity stations including boating, swimming, archery, rifles, nature, knots, canoeing and many more.

    Tracy Winter Camp
    Utah's Mill Creek Canyon

    Scout units have the choice to stay overnight in either the big bunkhouses or their own tents. Cabins have eletrical outlets and woodburning stoves.

    However, if you want to go rough and camp outdoors, be forewarned that the ground will be frozen and you will need a sturdy hammer to drive in your tent stakes. Outdoor fires are usually permitted in the metal containers 18 inches off the ground. Do many activities like tubing, skiing, snow shoeing, rifle shooting, and rocket launching.

    NOTE: Most youth camps are available year around to all youth groups and family activities regardless of affiliation. In fact many want your business to support their core operations.

    Boy Scout Summer Camp Scoutmaster Troop Snoopy's Super Troop
    No Scout Should Miss Summer Camp

    No Scout should miss out on the fun and excitement of summer camp because he can’t participate with his own troop. Ask your local council about the Summer Camp Provisional Troop. It is also available for scouts who want to attend an additional week an opportunity to not miss out on the fun.

    This unique program groups Scouts from many different troops into a single patrol, thus offering them a similar experience as Scouts who attend summer camp with their traditional troop.

    Utah BSA Scout Councils

    BSA Trapper Trails Council

    Serving youth for over 100 years in southern Idaho, western Wyoming, and northern Utah areas with headquarters in Ogden, Utah. [ Council Website ]

    BSA Great Salt Lake Council

    Serving scouts for over 100 years in the Greater SLC Metropolitan area. [ Council Website ]

    BSA Utah National Parks Council

    This regional boy scout council administers scouting programs to all of Utah (south of Salt Lake County) and to remote parts of Nevada and Arizona. It is the largest of 273 local scouting councils. [ Council Website ]

    BSA Great Southwest Council [ Council Website ]

    The Great Southwest Council of the Boy Scouts of America is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and provides Scouting to youth in northern New Mexico, northeast Arizona, Utah south of the Colorado River, and the Durango and Mesa Verde areas of Colorado.

    Utah Order of the Arrow

    The Order of the Arrow (OA) is the national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and integrates many American Indian styled traditions into their activities.

    Western USA Scout Camps

    Utah Lake Balloon Launch Utah Church Youth Camps
    A number of religious groups in the area operate some interest outdoor facilities especially for youth. If you are looking for something different, try this list.


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    Camp Fee Waiver / Credits

    Many BSA Camp Facilities will waive the camping fee for each participant in the group that completes a four-hour service project for the camp. [Need Ideas: Trail Repair / Camp Signage / Info Kiosk / Tent Repair / Painting and Maintenance / Weed Control / Road Repair / Donate Supplies]

    Camp Utah

    42 Utah State Parks

    Utah operates 42 state parks, some with unique features like pink sand dunes and giant ancient Native American pueblos. All provide affordable family-friendly facilities and activities.
    Camp Utah State Parks

    Utah Scout Camp Favorites

    Scoutmasters with their special local lists:

    In 1920, Scout Executive, G.A. Goates, led 85 Utah boys and scoutmasters on a 14-day hike through Yellowstone National Park. According to the Department of the Interior, 3,800 feet of motion picture film was taken of the trip.

    LDS Trails to Testimony Trails to Testimony
    Guide for LDS Scouting

    For Parents / AP Leaders / Bishoprics / Stake Leaders

    Earlier this morning I finished one of the finest Scouting books I have ever read! Brother Harris, in just over a 100 pages, shares so many great insights and strong stories to really bring home the crucial points to doing Scouting right in an LDS Church setting.

    Trails to Testimony - order via Amazon - (2009) by Bradley Harris.
    On My Honor - by Thane J Packer (1998) a Guide to Scouting in the LDS Church
    12 Mormon Merit Badges - The most popular merit badges for LDS Boy Scouts.

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