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    Generations rave about Camp Loll, the camp tucked in middle of the brooding, old growth forest, nestled around the "Lake of the Woods".

    Camp Loll lies between very famous National Parks - Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. It hosts a very active summer camp program plus three major hi-adventure trek programs for older scouts.

    Located only two miles south of the Yellowstone Park boundary and four miles north of Grand Teton Park, Camp Loll is located on the scenic 1.5 mile long "Lake of the Woods", on of the most beautiful American wilderness areas. This area is home to many challenging backcountry and scouting adventure activities.

    Rock climbing, beautiful lakes, majestic waterfalls, endless forest and a great variety of wildlife and to the magic of Camp Loll, operated by the Trapper Council of BSA.

    Union Falls Wyoming Union Falls Tour

    Explore the second largest waterfall in Yellowstone National Park. At 265 feet high, Union Falls gets its name from two tributaries that join at the falls (Mountain Ash Creek and an unnamed).

    Then there is the small side trip also takes you to Scout Pool, a thermally warmed swimming hole about 25 feet in diameter and seven feet deep just below a five foot waterfall. Union Falls is located in the Bechler back country of Yellowstone, sometimes referred to as the Cascade Corner because of the abundance of waterfalls.

    Camp Loll
    Address: Camp Loll Rd, Alta WY;
    Directions: Use Grassey Lake Rd (SR-261) between Alta WY and Ashton ID. (Closed in Winter)
    GPS : 44°06'35.4"N / 110°51'27.3"W
    Contact: 801-475-8466; Camp Website; Camp Facebook;

    Yellowstone BSA Summer Camp Tour Loll Boy Scout Summer Camp

    • Entertaining, action-packed campfires
    • Well-trained staff
    • Hike day, a trademark activity at Loll
    • Nature Center
    • Handicraft Program
    • Pioneering Center
    • Shooting Sports
    • Archery Center
    • Waterfront - Aquatics Merit Badges

    A.C.E. Program

    A.C.E. program is available to those youth over the age of 14 years who want to be able to still do merit badges but also participate in high adventure activities. Simply sign up for regular scout camp and indicate that you’ll be participating in the ACE program upon check in.

    Union Falls Wyoming Tour Yellowstone Jedediah Smith Trek
    In-Camp High Adventure Program

    The In-Camp High Adventure program offers a variety of activities for youth 14 – 20 years of age to satisfy a diverse set of interests.

    Union Falls - Hike 18 miles to magnificent Union Falls in the Yellowstone Backcountry and swim in the warm water of Scout Pool.

    Survey Peak - Rugged Overnight backpacking experience. From top of this 9277 foot snow-covered mountain you can see Jackson Lake to the east, Yellowstone to the north, Tetons to the south and Idaho farmlands to thw est. Also includes a 200+ rappel drop alongside Phantom Falls.

    • Black Powder Rifle Shooting
    • Rock Climbing and Rappelling - 90 foot cliffs at CEYHO Basic
    • Sailing and Kayaking
    • Tomohawks
    • Fry-break Feast

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    Teton Crest Trek
    Weeklong High Adventure

    Experience Grand Teton National Park by hiking the Teton Crest. Participants must be ages 14-20 years of age. This unique backpack route takes trekkers from the east side of the Teton Range through majestic mountain passes and around the western face of the mountains and back again. Explore the great backcountry wilderness of the this parkland. Come prepared to hike, swim and study nature.

    This week long hi-adventure trek originates from Camp Loll and provides a true back-country experience for Venture age youth. Activities include 1 day trek planning and 4 day trek.

    Bechler Canyon Yellowstone Trek
    Weeklong High Adventure

    Experience Bechler Canyon in Yellowstone National Park. Participants must be ages 14-20 years of age. This backpack trek passes through one of the most pristine and untouched wilderness areas in America. Trail features include thermal bathing pools, teaming wildlife, swimming, nature study, great waterfalls and fishing. Group limit to 11 trekkers.

    This week long hi-adventure trek originates from Camp Loll and provides a true back-country experience for Venture age youth. Activities include 1 day trek planning and 4 day trek.

    Camping Merit Badge BSA Merit Badge Program

    This facility features resources for a great number of Boy Scout Merit Badge outdoor activity programs and high adventure campouts. A quality merit badge program is important for building character and valuable life skills.

    Off-Season Availability: - Families, scout troops and other youth groups may inquire about openings to camp during the off-season and use these facilities.

    Plan Your Adventure

    Yellowstone High Adventure Tour More National Park Tours

    Yellowstone Tour
    U.S. National Park

    Great nearby recreational activities include famous ski resorts, fishing, whitewater rafting, hunting, sightseeing at national parks, hiking, biking, snowmobiling and horseback riding.

    There are over 1,000 miles of safe, well-marked backcountry trails in the park. Many ranger/naturalist conducted hikes help you to enjoy these.

    Wyoming Tetons High Adventure Tour Grand Tetons Tour
    U.S. National Park

    The Grand Tetons are tall sharp peaks created by fault-block action. The mountains and valley show abundant evidence of glacial activity.

    What makes these peaks so inspiring is their lack of foothills which usually obscure the view. These peaks rise steeply some 5000 to 8000 feet from the valley floor. They consist primarily of granite rock.

    Mount Washburn Hike - 10,243 ft
    North of Lake Yellowstone

    6.2 mile round trip hike (10KM!) from Dunraven Pass.

    From an elevation of 10,243 feet (3,107 m), Mount Washburn offers panoramic views of about 20 to 50 miles (32 to 80 km) in all directions. During July, wildflowers carpet the slopes. Look for bighorn sheep. The southern trail starts at the Dunraven Pass Trailhead and the northern trail starts at the Chittenden Road parking area. Both climb steadily about 1,400 feet (425 m). Conditions at the summit are typically colder and windier than at the trailheads, and afternoon storms are common. Carry an extra layer of warm clothing and wind/rain gear.

    Uncle Tom's Trail
    Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

    Uncle Tom’s Trail is a wonderful trail that takes you from the top of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone to the base of the 308-foot-high Lower Falls. You can almost always see a rainbow cutting through the falls’ powerful splash and mist. Tackling the 328 steps on the way down is a breeze–just remember that you have to come back up.

    Natural Bridge Trail
    Yellowstone Lake

    Very popular 1.5 trail, easily accessible, crosses a rich landscape of the park. Here the waters have carved a small natural bridge - an opening 30 feet across, topped by a narrow span of dark-colored, lichen-covered rock, on which grows a lone pine tree.


    Scout Ranger
    BSA NPS Park Service Patch

    Boy Scouts can earn special recognition for service performed at any one of our National Parks. Scouts are also encouraged to submit a short narrative to the BSA Good Turn for America website describing their participation and lessons learned. 5 hours service for the certificate, 10 hours for their cool patch.
    Scout Ranger - See the NPS Website here for program details.

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    Boy Scout Camping Gear

    BSA Trapper Trails Council

    Serving youth for over 100 years in southern Idaho, western Wyoming, and northern Utah areas with headquarters in Ogden, Utah. While the LDS Church remains a major sponsor of scouting in Utah, however churches of other faiths, and other non profit organizations are sponsors of Utah scouting programs. Most, if not all troops welcome those of all faiths to their program. This Council is divided into 18 geographical districts.
    Council Website

    Camp Fee Waiver / Credits

    Many BSA Camp Facilities will waiver the camping fee for each participant in the group that completes a four-hour service project for the camp. [Need Ideas: Trail Repair / Camp Signage / Info Kiosk / Tent Repair / Painting and Maintenance / Weed Control / Road Repair / Donate Supplies]

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